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Gamo PT-80 high power airgun parts breakdown.

Gamo PT-80 airgun parts breakdown

Gamo PT-80 airpistol.

Gamo PT-80 airgun

  • Calibers: .177 in (4,5 mm).
  • Initial Velocity: 394 ft/s (120 m/s).
  • Barrel made of precision rifled steel (4" size).
  • Simple and double action.
  • Loading in cylinder with 8-shot capacity (ammunition of all shapes).
  • Manual Safety.
  • 12 gr Co2 cartridge with 60-shot capacity.
  • Maximum shot velocity: 8 shots in 1,6 seconds (semi-automatic mode).
  • Semi automatic mechanism.
  • Laser installation ready.
  • Three dot positioning aiming, that enables the shooter to quickly align the sight.
  • Adjustable sight for windage.
  • Padded hard case included.
  • Weight: 1,1 lb (0,50 kg).
  • Length: 7,02 in (18 cm).
  • Ammunition: pellets of all shapes.



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