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  • SH2312 Lanza Yari Hanwei
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SH2312 Launches Yari Hanwei

"Paul Chen"s Yari was an essential weapon of Samurai on the battlefields of feudal Japan, and due to its size and length requires great skill to guide and maneuver.

This piece is for the Su-Yari, or built-in design & "straight launches & quot ;.

The triangular double-edged blade was forged in carbon steel and T10 equipped with a deep groove in the flat side of the blade.

Through heat treatment, a clear hardening line (leaves Hamon) on each cutter to recognize.

The spike is held long in order to ensure better shock absorption.

The axis (EBU) has a black lacquered surface and has a flat part on the lower part for a better recognition of the position of the blade.

The durability of the spear is exacerbated by the construction of the rod in one piece.

This version has about 11 inches (28 cm.

) Long blade, which makes the spear to a quick weapon.

The upper handle is also wrapped with rattan, to give it an impressive look.

From the Hanwei house.

Special features: - Carbon steel blade - genuine rattan details: - Blade material: carbon T10 steel - Total length: approx 186 cm - Length of the sheet: 28 cm - Length: approximately 158,1 cm - Weight: 1389 g - Thickness of the leaf in parler: approximately 10 mm "
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SH2312 Launches Yari Hanwei

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