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  • Dianas Pulsar Thermal Zeroing Targets
REF: 09_92550

Targets and Shooting Ranges Pulsar Thermal Zeroing Targets

These thermal targets were especially designed for zeroing of thermal scopes.

Please follow these 10 steps to use the targets correctly:
- Thermal targets get activated when they come in contact with air so don’t open the package until you want to use them.
- Open the package and take out the thermal target.
- Make sure that you don’t damage the target while taking it out.
- Remove the paper strip to access the surface with adhesive coating.
- Stick the thermal target to the center of the included paper target.
- The thermal target will heat itself up after 3-5 minutes. There is no need to shake it.
- Place the paper target to your desired location.
- Take aim and adjust your scope so that the thermal target is clearly visible.
- Zero your scope.
- The circular shape and small diameter of these targets make them perfect for zeroing your scope.
- The thermal target will last for about 10-20 minutes on a cold surface (it is dependent on surrounding weather conditions).
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Targets and Shooting Ranges Pulsar Thermal Zeroing Targets

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