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  • Monoculares Térmicos Night Pearl SEER 50 Monocular
REF: 2NPSEER50_384

Thermal Monoculars Night Pearl SEER 50 Thermal Monocular

Night Pearl SEER 50 is a versatile thermal device. You can use it as a thermal monocular or mount it in front of your scope. This model offers a clear picture and can detect a human being from up to 1800 meters.

Mounting it in front of your riflescope has one big advantage and that is you don’t have to change your eye relief, reticle or zero your rifle again. This model also has Ciel colour display technology, which will color the target you are aiming for according to its surroundings. This is one big advantage over classical thermal scopes, which have limited colour palettes.

Night Pearl SEER has a 2x and 4x digital zoom. PiP function - picture-in-picture is not available for the unit in the Clip-on mode. Thermal core Ceramic ASi 17 µm has a resolution of 384x288 px. OLED display with a resolution of 1024x769 px and refresh rate of 60 Hz ensures a clear and precise picture. Thanks to these features it can detect targets with the height of 1,7 m (average human height) from up to 1800 m. Target is positively recognizable at 600 m. Integrated rangefinder will help you determine the distance.

Thermovison has one big advantage over night vision. And that is the option to use it during the day. Not even an unfavourable weather conditions like mist, rain or snow can stop it.

Thermovision will allow you to observe animals hidden in high grass or in the bushes. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night. It functions flawlessly at temperatures from -40°C up to +60°C. You can also track a trail of warm blood with this model.

Focus controls are intuitive and easily reachable by your fingers. This model is powered by two CR123 batteries with a lifespan of up to 5 hours, according to the surrounding conditions.

Key features
- Option to mount it before you daytime scope
- Easy mount on your riflescope
- Lightweight and sturdy construction
- PiP function
- Large 50mm objective lens
- Ciel colour display technology
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Thermal Monoculars Night Pearl SEER 50 Thermal Monocular

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