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Crosman airguns and air pistols


Crosman was founded in year 1923 in Rochester, New York. Crosman was founded by the Crosman Arms Company. The main values of Crosman company has been always quality and innovation. Since its beginning, Crosman has dedicated to airgun, air rifles and ammunition manufacturing. In the 50 decade Crosman grew up thanks to the national accounts that sell Crosman products under its own brands. In 1966 Crosman presents its first air gun under its own brand, it was the Crosman Pumpmaster 760. Currently the Crosman Pumpmaster 760 is still in market and has sold more than 11 million units around the world.

In the year 1071 the Coleman Company acquired Crosman and the company was moved to its actual place in East Bloomfield in New York, 30 miles from Rochester. During 70 and 80 decades, the apparition of massive merchants like WallMart or Kmart multiplies Crosman growth.


In the year 1990 the Pexco Holdings acquired Crosman, consequently to this acquisition Crosman implemented a long term strategic plan to preserve its position as airgun manufacturer while impelled the company to the “world class” manufacturers.

With these strategies Crosman has achieved the expanding of the world market of its air rifles and air guns.

Crosman acquired the Visible Impact Target Company in July 1991 and the Benjamin Sheridan Corporation in February next year.

Benjamin was and is one of the dominant brands in the American airguns, PCP airguns and Co2 market. Sheridan was one of the world manufacturers of high quality paintball airguns.


In 1994 Benjamin Sheridan factory in Wisconsin was closed and moved to Crosman central installation in Rochester, New York. During years 1995 and 1996 Crosman developed news air rifles and air guns with spring power to complement its Co2 airgun catalog.

In January 1997 Crosman was acquired by a invest group that put renewed emphasis in the market expansion. Developed new products and bring new energies to the company. Later, in 1997 Crosman began to develop new products with steel and in year 1998 launched its first camping accessory. It was called Crosman Pressuremate and consists in a pressurization system to be used with gas lamps and camping stoves.

In 1998 Crosman created the Sheridan Paintball Division that was the responsible for the design of new paintball markers.

With the new millennium arrival came the Crosman Challenger 2000, a competition Co2 air rifle.

In December 2001 Crosman convert in Walther and Smith & Wesson airguns exclusive distributor. In June 2002 Crosman launch to market its first airsoft guns line.


In 2003 Crosman continued with its strategy to become in the airgun and air rifles retail sales reference and become the United States distributor of Umarex airguns.

Also in the year 2003 Crosman designed the first airgun rifle, the Benjamin Legacy 1000 with a speed output of 305 m/s.

In 2005 Crosman launch the first semiautomatic airgun rifle, the Nightstalker.

Nowadays Crosman is a designer, manufacturer and worldwide seller of Crosman pellets, BB’s, airguns and air rifles, paintball markers, ammunition and PCP and Co2 airguns.


Crosman NPSS airgun with nitrogen piston

crosman-nitrogen-airguns.jpg The Crosman NPSS airgun includes the new nitrogen piston technology. Instead the spring and the air piston this airgun includes a nitrogen piston. The nitro piston can operate at high temperatures and the strenght necessary to break barrel is lower. The nitrogen piston allows the airgun to work continuosly and during long term time periods without degrade or lose energy.

Crosman NPSS Kamouflage airgun version. Includes Nitro Piston.

kamo-crosman-airgun.jpg Crosman NPSS airgun with the new Nitro Piston technology that replaces the traditional spring piston. The Nitro Piston does no deteriorates of loses power with the continuous usage. Supports high temperatures. Kamouflage version.

Crosman Pink Raven airgun designed for beginners

beginners-airgun-crosman.jpg Crosma airgun designed for beginners and young shooters. Young design in tough rubber. Endurable to all kind of meteorological conditions. Ambidiextrous stock. Minimal strengh for break barrel. Included rails form scope mount.

Crosman Raven spring gun

airguns-crosman-co2.jpg Crosman Raven spring airgun made of rubber. Compact and tough design perfect for beginners. Ambidiextrous stock. It is not necessary to do a lot of force to load. Design endurable in all climate conditions.

Benjamin Super Streak spring airgun

crosman-spring-guns.jpg Crosman Benjamin Super Streak airgun with spring power. Long distance shot airgun. Chequered airgun stock. Nickel barrel. Sound reducer. Tunnel sight.

Crosman Phantom 1000 spring airgun

crosman-air-carbines.jpg Crosman Phantom 1000 spring airgun with new smart design. Synthetic rubber stock resistant to all kind of climates. Slip chequered stock. High out speed up to 305 m/s. Micrometric sights with fiber optic adjustable in elevation and windage. Adjustable two stage trigger.

Crosman Quest 1000 air rifle

pellets-airguns-crosman.jpg If you are looking for power, Crosman Quest 1000 is your airgun. With a small load force you can reach 305 m/s output speed. Two stage adjustable trigger.

Crosman Remington Genesis 1000 X spring gun

carbines-guns-crosman.jpg Crosman Remington Genesis 1000 has been designed with a new slip grip. Stock made completely in synthetic materials. 3-9x40 scope included. Maximum power airgun (305 m/s)

Crosman Remington Summit airgun

spring-airgun-crosman.jpg Maximum power airgun with a output speed of 305 m/s. Maximum precission thanks to its incorporated scope. Two stage trigger. Slip grip design.

Crosman Storm XT spring airgun

air-gun-carbine.jpg Crosman Storm XT maximum power airgun. Output speed up to 305 m/s. Minimum load force needed. Two stage trigger. 3-9x40 scope included.

Crosman TAC 1 Extreme spring air carbine

sniper-crosman-airgun.jpg Maximum power airgun with tactical design. Output speed of 304 m/s. Synthetic stock resistant to all kind of weather conditions. Two stage adjustable trigger. Totally ambidiextrous grip. 3-9x32 scope, light, laser and tripod included.


Crosman PCP Challenger PCP airgun

crosman-pcp-airguns.jpg Crosman PCP Challenger competition airgun. Ambidiextrous grip. Adjustable stock in elevation and length for a comfortable shoot position. Two stage adjustable trigger. High precision Lothar Walther barrel. This airgun can be used with Co2 and compressed air.

Crosman Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle

pcp-airrifle-crosman.jpgCrosman Benjamin Marauder PCP airgun. Maximum power airgun with an output speed of 335 m/s. High precision barrel designed to reduce the shot vibrations. Adjustable metal two stage trigger. 10 pellet loader. The Crosman Benjamin Marauder PCP airgun operates with a pressure between 2000 and 300 psi.

Crosman Benjamin Discovery PCP airgun

pcp-airgun-benjamin.jpg Crosman Benjamin Discovery PCP airgun. This airguns works with 2000 psi pressure. The simple and smart design avoids most of the problems. With an adaptor you can use the airgun both with Co2 and compressed air.


Crosman Recruit pump air rifle

Crosman-recruit-airgun.jpg Pneumatic Crosman Recruit air rifle with adjustable stock. Pump airgun designed for beginners. Supports BB balls and pellets. Output speed up to 207 m/s.

Crosman Pink Pumpmaster 760 pump air rifle

Crosman-pinkpumpmaster-airgun.jpg Pump Crosman Pink Pumpmaster 760 air rifle. The Pink pumpaster is an airgun ideal for beginners. Proven effectiveness with more than 12 million units sold in all the world.

Crosman Pumpmaster 760 pump air rifle

Crosman-pumpmaster-760.jpg Crosman Pumpmaster 760 pump airgun. This airgun is ideal for beginner shooters. Simple design, available in various colors. Works with BB balls and normal pellets.

Carabina Crosman 760 XLS

pumpmaster-760-xls.jpg Pneumatic Crosman 760 XLS pump air rifle. 11 million units sold in all the world guarantees its performance. Repetition shooting with BB pellets, single shot with normal pellets. Windage and elevation adjustable sights. The pneumatic Crosman 760 XLS pump airgun has been designed for beginners. American hardwood finishes.

Pneumatic Crosman Powermaster 664SB pump air rifle

pump-airgun-powermaster-664sb.jpg Crosman Powermaster 664 SB pneumatic pump airgun. 5 shot ammunition clip. "Monte Carlo" grip design. Nickel barrel. Works with BB balls and pellets.

Crosman Benjamin 392 pneumatic airgun

benjamin-392-airgun.jpg Crosman Benjamin 392 pump airgun. Lightweight and hardwood finished pneumatic air rifle. "Monte Carlo" grip design. Output speed of 208 m/s. Adjustable sights.

Crosman Classic 2100 pump airgun

Crosman-2100b-2-airgun.jpg Crosman Classic 2100 pneumatic airgun. High power and precision airgun. Output speed of 230 m/s. Included sights.

Crosman Sheridan Blue Streak pneumatic airgun

sheridan-blue-streak.jpg Pneumatic Crosman Sheridan Blue Streak pump air rifle. Includes high quality sights and high precision trigger. Clasic design. Crosman Sheridan Silver Streak pump airgunsheridan-silver-streak.jpg Crosman Sheridan Silver Streak pneumatic pump airgun with classic design. High quality sights included. This air rifle combines the classic design of the old rifles with the precision and power of modern.


Crosman C41 Co2 Airgun

co2-Crosman-airgun.jpg Crosman C41 Co2 airgun. Realistic weight and sensations. Ambidiextrous slip grip. Second World War guns recreation. The Crosman C41 airgun works with 12 Co2 gr. bottle. Output speed up to 150 m/s. 18 pellets magazine. Fast Co2 bottle change mechanism.

Crosman American Classic Pump Pistol

american-clasic-pump-pistol.jpg Pneumatic Crosman American Classic pump pistol. Single shot system. Back sight adjustable in windage and elevation. The manual pumping allows to select the shooting power.

Crosman Benjamin Pump Pistol

Crosman-pneumatic-airgun.jpg Pneumatic Crosman Benjamin pump airgun with american hardwood finished. High precision barrel. Variable power depending the pumping action. Easy pellet load mechanism.

Crosman Benjamin pump airgun

Crosman-benjamin-airgun.jpg Crosman Benjamin Co2 airgun. This airgun has the same characteristics than Crosman Benjamin Pump Pistol but works with Co2 bottle. Multiple shot without recharge. Single shot system. Works with 12 gr. Co2 bottles.

Crosman 2300 S Co2 airgun

Crosman-co2-2300s.jpg Crosman 2300 S Co2 airgun. Classic design. Lothar Walther high precision barrel. Complies with the IHMSA regulations for target shooting competitions. Adjustable trigger. Adjustable power. 60 shots with one single Co2 charge.

Crosman 2240 Co2 pistol

compessed-air-guns.jpg Crosman 2240 Co2 airgun has been designed for an easy load and aim. Output speed up to 150 m/s. Ambidiextrous grip.

Crosman 1088 CO2 airgun

Crosman-1088-airgun.jpg Crosman 1088 Co2 air gun with 8 pellets magazine. Works with BB balls or with pellets. Single or repetition shot system. Accepts all types of viewers and laser sights. Uses 12 gr. Co2 bottles.

Crosman 2300T CO2 airgun

Crosman-air-rifle.jpg Crosman 2300 T Co2 airgun with classic design. More than 40 shots with one Co2 charge. Sights included. Back sight adjustable in windage and elevation. Micrometric sights.

Crosman 3576 Co2 Revolver

Crosman-3576-airgun-stir.jpg Crosman 3576 Co2 Revolver with 10 shot magazine. Power provided by 12 gr. Co2 bottles.

Crosman C11 Co2 airgun

pneumatic-crosman-airgun.jpgSemiautomatic Crosman C11 Co2 airgun. Combines an ergonomic grip with quality components at a reduced price. Output speed up to 146 m/s. Rotary pellet magazine. Silp grip.

Crosman T4 airgun

Crosman-t4-airgun.jpg Crosman T4 Co2 airgun with compact design and a high quality pressure system. Easy Co2 load system to avoid losses during charge. Windage adjustable sight.

Crosman Pro77 Co2 pistol

air-gun-pro77.jpg Crosman Pro 77 Co2 airgun with realistic weight and design. Semiautomatic Co2 pistol. Output speed of 106 m/s. 17 BB balls loader. Sight rails included.

Crosman C31 Co2 airgun

Crosman-airgun-sheat.jpg Crosman C31 Co2 air pistol with easy and fast Co2 load system. Easy BB load system. Fiber optics sights. Rails for mounting scopes. Sheath included.

Crosman C21 Co2 pistol

Crosman-c21-co2.jpg High power Crosman C21 Co2 airgun. Fast Co2 load system under the grip. Rails for mounting scopes.

Crosman T4 OPTS Tactical design airgun

co2-t4opt-airgun.jpg Crosman T4 OPTS Co2 airgun with tactical design. 8 BB balls loader. Includes red dot scope, light and a system to compensate the barrel.


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