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  • Pistola Bombeo Pump Action Crosman American Classi
REF: P1322

Pistola Bombeo Pump Action Crosman American Classic 5,5Mm

New grip and pump-lever configuration, same great pistol!
- Crosman P1377 air pistol
- Multi-pump pneumatic
- Bolt-action
- Single-shot
- Textured polymer grip and pump arm
- Ambidextrous grip and operation
- 3-10 pumps
- Manual safety
- Fixed front sight
- Fully adjustable rear sight
- Rear sight can be flipped from peep to notch
- Comes with shoulder stock (not installed)

This classic air gun combos comes with the shoulder stock.

If you want to buy a pistol that"s a "sure thing," then get this new 1377 American Classic. If ever there was a pistol that would please just about any shooter, this is it. Because it"s a multi-pump, you can use it at whatever effort level you"re at. Can"t pump it 10 times? That"s okay, because you can still have fun with just 3 pumps. With that type of variability, the 1377 is perfect for the family that shoots together. Every shooter can use the gun at his own level.

This pistol comes with a blade front sight and a fully adjustable rear. The clever rear sight can be turned 180 degrees (vertically) to switch between a peep sight and a notch sight. A screw secures the rear sight to the configuration you select.

Although the 1377 doesn"t come with dovetails for optics, you can mount a pistol scope or dot sight if you buy the 459MT intermount. If you upgrade your pistol with the steel breech option, then you"ll have 3/8" dovetails and won"t need the intermount. The upgrade removes your rear sight, but there"s a kit version that includes a 2-dot rear sight that fits on the 3/8" dovetails.

The grips and pump handle are textured to give you a firm grip. The newly designed pump handle has a handy concave indent for holding it, and that makes pumping just a touch easier.

With traditional Crosman reliability built into this pistol, you"ll be enjoying it for many years and passing it along to your heirs.

Your 1377 American Classic pistol is suitable for plinking, popping paper targets, hitting spinners and killing tin cans.

Crosman P1377 Specs
- Velocidad: 600 fps
- Longitud: 13.6"
- Buttplate: None
- Single Shot Or Repeater: Single-shot
- Weight: 1.88 lbs
- Gatillo: 5.5 lbs
- Scopeable: No
- Safety: Manual
- Uso recomendado: Plinking & target practice
- Calibre: .22" (4.5mm)
- Volumen: 3-Medium
- Longitud del cañón: 10.25"
- Capacidad: 1
- Esfuerzo para "cocking": 3-10 pumps
- Barril: Rifled
- Front Sights: Blade
- Rear Sights: Adjustable for windage & elevation
- Desencadenar: Single-stage
- Action: Bolt-action
- Power Plant: Multi-pump pneumatic
- Tipo de cuerpo: Pistol
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Pistola Bombeo Pump Action Crosman American Classic 5,5Mm
107,40 €

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