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Hunting firearms Laurona have more than half past century making firearms twe put to your interest, the product of a great works of investigation and constant tests, vanguard technology and formation for weapons.

So then, you will find a cared selection of guns Laurona, which incorporate all the important technologycal , for the bullets and of design advances, till the moment, which make weapons Laurona the ideal ones in any type of hunting or shooting, and which offer you:

-A great strenght and fiability

-Great precission

-Nice manageability

-Solemn and armonious lines

-Perfect ajustations

-Black chrome which makes the inox. gun for ever

Also, over order and with recamera of 76 mm. Magnum, can have from the origin the new branches "Steel shot" which acredit the following:

-The oficial proof as it procced is has been realize to 1370 bars of precission and with steel pellet cartridges.

-In consequence, if because of any legislative change, like in other countries, you are obliged to shoot these type of cartridges, you can do with full effectiveness and without danger nor for you nor for your gun.

Because of the trust we deposit in our guns Laurona, we can offer a three years guarantee for all types of defects of manufacture and materials.


K N I V E S    S E C T I O N:

From the origins, the main objective has been the manufacture of knives of maxima quality, using the more suitable materials with the most modern equipment of production and the most rigorous control in the manufacture of such.

For the elaboration diverse materials are used like, spear of red deer, horn of bull, horn of goat, bone of cow, red deer and other many things

All the used materials are of natural origin reason why they must be put under a process of preparation with ancestral techniques so that they adopt the wished properties, process that lasts several months in many cases.

Some of these knives are officials in the Spanish, German, Dutch Army, Indonesio and Estón, as well as in the Spanish and French Police, and Official Organisms like the ONU and UNESCO

With a set of new creations, and a still more precise harmonization between artisan experience, nobility of materials and technology of vanguard, it is tried to strengthen the mighty position that professional and markets, national as as much International has granted to him lately.

These knives are created to make the delights of most expert and of the collector, since as it can verify are a great exponent as far as technical perfection, aesthetic and finished.


P O C K E T   K N I V E S   S E C T I O N:

Again, Aceros de Hispania put before you the result of years of work and dedication with this ample collection of penknives.

With a great number of new creations, and a still more precise harmonization between artisan experience, nobility of materials and technology of vanguard, it is tried to strengthen the mighty position that professional and markets, national as as much International, has granted to him lately.

We offer next a selection to them of knives made with noble materials, like horn and wood, all of them with steel 440c and a perfect one finished.

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pocket knives

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S W O R D S   S E C T I O N:

The swords of Toledo began to make, according to archaeological rest that we conserved, carving silex to be able to use it like weapon or tool.

Toledo is famous by their historical character, its art and its steel. It is difficult to need the date in that one began, in the historical city of the concilios, the manufacture of the cutting weapons, industry that can make sure that it is, as old as the same city.

Centuries XV, XVI and XVII mark the greater splendor of this industry and is when the Union of Espaderos begins to constitute itself, coming to Toledo craftsmen of all Europe and even of East, to learn of those creators the secrets of the manufacture of the inimitables leaves that elevated the name of the Toledo and their River Tajo to a height that no other city has been able to reach through the centuries

Those first craftsmen could not imagine the development and the height that that fact was going to have many centuries later, until getting to turn to the espaderos craftsmen of Toledo most prestigious of the world, helped by waters of the Tajo river and sands of their borders.

Next they will be able to contemplate a great diversity of swords, foils, rapieras and other arms as much of fantastic inspiration as historical, like the sword Tizona of the Cid, Colada of the Cid, the sword Excalibur, the sword of Isabel the Catholic, the sword of Robin Hood.

Some of them are reproductions of arms that conserve in collections and museums, others are fruit of the imagination of the craftsman or models appeared in the cinema.

The evident demonstration of the art of the sword is this made reality, with modern equipments and a team of prepared men who spare no efforts in the eagerness of every day to obtain products of the highest quality.


S A B E R S   S E C T I O N:

The Spanish tradition of swords, has its center in Toledo which has known to take advantage of very well our manufacturing teachers of the saber, since at the moment they occupy the first place of the world in the field of the swords and military sabers.

Armies of the five continents adorn their uniforms with these sabers like the Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican and even the American among others.

The respect to the traditional procedures of manufacture, the experience of their manufacturers in the work of steel and the special attention to the quality, are the secret of this great collection of sabers that Aceros de Hispania presents to them next.


D A G G E R S   S E C T I O N:

Aceros de Hispania as much present one complete collection to him of daggers of character historical as fantastic that will leave by satisfied to all loving collector or with these products.

Between the daggers of historical origin it will be able to contemplate the dagger of Aquilles, the dagger of Merlin, and a great amount of daggers used by our ancestors the Romans.

And between the daggers inspired by fantasies it will appreciate the dagger of Terminator, the one of Robin Hood and some other dagger that has seen in some film or possibly remembers of some book that has read.

All it maintaining technical and aesthetic the quality to which it has customary the line to him of Aceros de Hispania.

historical daggers

fantasy daggers


A X E S   S E C T I O N:

Again we have combined the technology and the crafts to offer are selection of axes that fulfill the expectations as much of understood as of collectors.

Mount axes specially designed for hunters and activities outdoors always with a perfect one finished and a unsurpaasable quality.



hunting axes


A I R G U N S   S E C T I O N:

The airguns, pistols, revolvers and carbines, have experienced constant improvements throughout the time, always incorporating the last developments in raw material, design and technology.

When this elements are combinated with an estrict atention control, not be any doubt to confirm that the aircarabins, airpistols and airrevolvers and accesories, they win the great reputation that in the actually have in the large of world.

In the next Aceros de Hispania it offerer one extensive collection of aircarabins, airpistols, airrevólvers and wheapon of Co2 to be make by Gamo, Norica and other, that we think that they are ideal for the shoters of this type of wheapons.

If you have one of this weapons, we want to say it that we have the pieces of reparation in our factories,  as same as  all clase of accesories and items of clear and maintenance for your wheapons.




view point



A R M O U R S   S EC T I O N:

The armors of infantry and to horse have their splendor in Europe throughout centuries XV, XVI and XVII and these have been reproduced meticulously, to real size and in form of decorativas figures by our expert Spanish craftsmen.

A sample of these pieces is conserved in the Real Armory of Madrid being this one of the richest and ample collections of the world.

Aceros de Hispania present a collection of armors, petos, shields, guanteles, halberds, rodelas, panoplies, figures,…to them. Following the tradition craftswoman and without haggling over average nor efforts.



gauntelets, breastplates


Most of the products that we arrange, we can send them with its full name recorded of a gratuitous form.

If you need any additional information you can contact with us in:

Aceros de Hispania
C/ Subida al Cabezo, 2
44630 – Castelserás
Teruel      España
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