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Muela knives is dedicated to make bowie knives, hunting knives, survival knives scuba diving knives, big knives, mount knives, luxe knives,...

One is located in Ciudad Real (Spain) with a experience in the sector of but of 50 years and its present production of Muela knives number in 350,000 pieces to the year.

Muela Knives  with presentation in box of wood and velvet

Once chosen the metal taps for the different models, generally, maraging steel of high quality alloyed to the vanadium chromium molybdenum, the necessary processes for the obtaining of each piece take I finish in own manufacture.

Muela Knives of mount 

From the cut of plates, the mechanized ones anticipated in each leaf, rectified and heat treatments or superficial are executed in modern machines, many attended by informatic technology and controlled by special technical personnel.

Muela knives remate

Numerous Muela knives and Muela pocket knives count on the attractive complement of the spear of red deer in their handles, material that also is selected, prepared and fit in its own manufacture. 

Muela knive to skin with handle of red deer horn

The factory counts on a department of guarnicionería, where they are designed, they cut, they sew and they finish off the skins that become the covers that accompany the different models.

Muela pocker-knives with great design and easy to handle

Muela  knives and Muela pocket knives are proud to conserve in the elaboration of many of their knives a high component craftsman, resorting to the ancestral one it files and the good one for making of the expert hands to obtain to great quality models.

Collection of Muela knives

In the luxe knives, produced in limited and numbered series, noble metal trimmings are included, being pieces executed by the best goldsmiths. In them handles or handle elaborated with selected spear of exotic red deer mount or wood, more difficult to work than the habitual ones, but whose affluent result compensates the effort and greater cost


If you want you can see our various and care selection of knives and pocket knives Muela in our web:

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