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History of Excalibur sword.

Long time ago, when England was just a couple of reigns that fought between them, Arturo, King Uther´s son, was born.

The child´s mother died just after giving birth, and his father gave the child to the magician Merlin in order to be educated by him. The magician Merlin decided to take the child to the castle of a nobel, who had also a little son called Kay. Although, to guarantee Prince Arthur´s security, Merlin didn´t discover his origins.

Picture of King Arturo.

Every day, Merlin teached all the known sciences to the little Arthur, and as a magician, Merlin teached also him something about the sciences of the future and several magic formules.

The magician Merlín with the King Arturo.

Years were going on, and King Uther died while nobody could find any descendent of him. Then, the nobles went to ask Merlin to find his succesor monarch. Then Merlin made appear a sword sticked on an iron anvil over a rock, with a legend that said:

"This is Excalibur sword. The man capable to take it from this anvil, will be King of England" 

Excalibur sword.

The nobels tried fortune, but in spite of their efforts, they couldn´t move the sword an inch. Arthur and Kay, who were two formed youths, had gone to the city to see a tounament in which Kay thought to participate.

When the hour of the tournament was coming, Arthur realized that he had forgotten Kay´s sword in the guest house. He run to the guest house, but when he arrived there, the door was closed.

Arthur didn´t know what to do. Without sword, Kay couldn´t participate in the tournament. Desperated, he looked round and he discovered the Excalibur sword. Going next to the rock, he pulled the sword. At that moment, a white light shaft pointed at him, and Arthur took the sword from the anvil without effort. He run to Kay, and he offered it to him. Kay was surprised seeing that it was not his sword.

Arthur explained what had happen. Kay saw the inscription of "Excalibur" in the sword and he told his father. He order Arthur to replace the sword to the anvil. All the nobels tried again to take it, but none of them could do it. So then, Arthur took the holding of the sword with his hands. A white light shaft pointed to him again and Arthur pulled the sword without effort.

Arturo removing the sword excalibur from the stone.

They all admited that that youth without any known tittle should have the crown of England, and they parade before his thrown, promising him fidelity. Merlin, thinking that Arthur didn´t need him any more, he retired to his dweling.

But short after, some nobels rebolt against King Arthur. Then Merlin declared that Arthur was King Uther´s son, so he was the legitimated king, but the nobels continued the rebolt till they were finally defeated thanks to Arthur´s bravery, always helped with Merlin´s magic.

To avoid that this would happen again, Arthur created the Round Table, that was formed by the royal nobels of the kingdom. Then he got married Prince Ginebra, and then they followed years of prosperity and happyness for England and for Arthur.

Picture of the horsemen of the round table and King


If you want you can see the Excalibur sword with a various selection of historic swords

Excalibur sword, Aceros de Hispania.



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