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Throughout history they have been gotten to know many towns and civilizations by its art and characteristics in the manufacture knives, like for example Malayan Kris, Scottish Dirk, Kukris of the Nepal, So many Japanese, etc.

The knives battle As much and Returned are of an exceptional quality. The knife As much is a piece indispensable for the collectors who continue making with the same specifications that made it famous, length 30.5 cm. leaf 17.5 cm. The Returned knife has the unbreakable nylon grip, the cover of skin and a thickness of leaf of almost 5 mm.

With the discovery of the iron the knives or cutting weapons began have to be resistant and have to provide more lasting edges. But the manufacture of knives and cutting weapons has changed and at the moment the iron is used along with steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, etc. Although, nowadays, there is a great tendency in the manufacture of cutting weapons (like the knife of self-defense, etc.) in material PVC possible not to detect in the metal controls, that can only be detected by means of control.

The knives battle of the marine series are designed for aquatic use, with stainless steel leaves with molybdenum-vanadium alloy, of 120 or 140 mm in length. Its rigid synthetic case has a system of blockade of un holsters.

A knife is a very important piece in the daily life like in situations of survival, combat operations, self-defense, when we eat and we needed to cut the food, etc., which turns to the knife a multipurpose tool. But it is important to stand out that in certain societies taking certain type of knife represents to belong to certain Social Hierarchy.

A great difference in the modalities of the knife exists; those of leaf fix or the knives. The leaf knives arms with edge fix are, being able to have one or double edge (only allowed in military cutting weapons), they are of solid structure from the end of the leaf to the grip, that is to say, they cannot bend.

Survival knife Jungle Desert King made by Aitor.

The fundamental parts of a knife or cutting weapon are divided in: leaf, that is perhaps the most important part of the knife, with different forms and materials, resistant but with certain degree of flexibility, with multitude of forms like the Bowie type, Japanese type, of double edge, of survival, battle, Bolo type and Skinner type (they are the main ones), within the leaf of the knife there are other parts as they are the end, the end of the same one, the edge and against edge of the leaf. Guard or protection is the piece that separates the leaf of the grip of the knife. Grip is the part by where the knife is taken hold.

The best knife is the one than it is practical, resistant, easy to sharpen and, coverall, the one that adapts to the use for which it has been chosen.

If the election is a knife battle they must consider certain characteristic: its weight must be between 400 and 550 gr.; the leaf of the knife must be of very resistant steel (to resist a strong lateral pressure without breaking itself), the black covering of some leaves of knife is for pro weaving them of corrosive substances and to eliminate the reflections non wished; the point of balance of the leaf must be to about 3 cm of the grip of the knife; the end of the leaf of the knife must be sharpened and located in the center of the axis of the grip, simultaneously that if she is smooth allows one better penetration; the hand guards must are narrowed themselves at the most close this of the leaf and must be the sufficiently long thing so that the fingers do not touch the leaf; the form, hardness and the material of the grip of the knife assure the ergonomics and it takes hold, for that reason it is used the wood or another material that not slipping when this wet cold or and; finally, the cover dictates the accessibility of the knife and for that reason it must be very functional, easy to clear and quiet.

Knives battle Tactical, all the grips measure 110 mm, whereas their leaves oscillate between 140 mm (smallest) and 180 mm (greatest). Its weight is equivalent to the size of the leaf and oscillates between the 250 gr.. and the 290 gr.

The survival knife has become an object very appreciated between the Army Officer's Clubs, because they need a strong knife, trustworthy, safe and without heavy additional details. For that reason, the survival knife always has been associated to the military use, used mainly in cases of treatment and preparation of explosives.

The survival knife also is used in cases of location, signaling and explosive decontamination of mines and traps, for the powder extraction of the ammunition, for shut up and elimination of sentries, in operations of infiltration, evasion and defense for attacks of trained dogs escapes, as, like cutting weapon to defend themselves and to attack, etc.

Military knife Jungle King II Camo. Its handle this compound of peralumal camo and its polyamide cover camo. Their measures are of 135 mm the leaf, of 140 mm the handle and its 460 weight is of gr.

As tactical uses with the knife can be emphasized; the police use in which a police agent can face situations where will need knives to cut different materials (clothes, canvases, cords...), in order to open to doors and windows, etc. Another use can take place in rescue situations, where a good knife or knife is essential having, coverall with accessories, because they do not know with which they are possible to be found. Another use of the knife or knife can be produced in situations of necessity of first aid to cut bandage, to make bells crank, etc.

Military knife Black Wineskin maker. Its handle this compound of black peralumal and its black leather cover. Their measures are of 125 mm the leaf, of 115 mm the handle and its 230 weight is of gr.

The way simplest and better to take care of a clean and dry knife in maintaining it. When the knife is soiled must wash or with hot water and a little detergent, drying it or. One is not due to lubricate or to grease with oil. In order to wash the knives of kitchen of it advises to wash them by hand and not in the dishwasher.

¡Have the sharpened knife! It is very important to maintain affluent the knife sharpened because if is not it it can slip and cause serious damages. The best way to sharpen a knife is by means of a fine and flat diamond knife grinder


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