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Guay Guay (G & G) company was founded in 1986.  After more than  20 years of experience in airsoft guns, the G & G products have got a high degree of quality and an important reputation.

This high quality in its products has been achieved thanks to own design and manufacturing of the company and the covering of the parts of gun with nylon among other features of this airsoft brand.

G & G is especialized in internal and external improvements and also in accessories. G & G have launched for the market imortant airsoft weapons as RK103, UMG and M 14.

One of the outstanding G & G airsoft gun, which exists in several versions (UGM, UGM SUPRESOR, UGM 530 RDS MAGAZINE...). The weight of all them is the same, 2,365 grams. Although differ from their materials: nylon; fiber; zinc; and steel. Also from its total lenght, of 452 mm. or 695 mm. and from the material of the charger and the gearbox, nylon or fiber. 

Of other manner, all the UMG share the same length (20.5 cm.) and the same diameter (6.04 mm.) of the barrel. The muzzle velocity is between 80 y 90 m/s and it has a calibre 0.2g BB. The magazine is able to keep until 450 bullets.

They  have a totally realist appearance and a comfortable form for the hand.

UMG gun G & G

The gun UMG  of G & G  has several versions, that differ from their materials and their sizes.


In addition, other of the soft-air weapons more known of G & G is the M-14. It is characterized by its long life time, thanks to its spectacular resistance. Its outer is absolutely realist but it is inside where are the improvements with regard for other soft-air, due to it has a unique gearbox among another features. Its magazine can keep until 470 bullets and the diameter of the barrel is 6 mm. The muzzy velocity is very high: 103 m/s.

Its total length is of 1,120 mm. and its barrels measures 515 mm. The batteries are big and the material of the body is made of metal and ABS. With the M-14 of G & G is included an instruction manual and an aditional magazine.

M-14 Gun of G&G with a large resistance

M-14 of G & G  has a large resistance as its best characteristic.


By the other hand, other of the important airsoft gun of G & G is the S.O.C.16. This limited edition G & G SOCOM 16 talks by itself.

It is a shorter versión of the M-14, that already has a magazine of great capacity. It is ideal for tactical situations when is needed a quick response.

The S.O.C.16. of G & G weighs 3,800 grams and has a total length of 1,120 meters. Its parts are done with aluminium (the charger); ABS (the stock charger and the foregrip); zinc (the gearbox); steel (gearst); metal (the chamber HOP HUP); and nylon and fiber (the trigger).

The magazine has a capacity for 470 bullets. The barrel measures 520 mm. And its diameter is of 6.04 mm. The muzzy velocity of S.O.C.16 is of 80-90 m/s. The bullet used by this gun is 0.2 g BB.

SOC 16 of G&G Gun

The S.O.C.16 of G & G  is a shorter versión of M-14 and it is ideal to be used with the maximun velocity in punctual moments.

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