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Cometa air guns and air rifles.

Cometa airguns has been manufacturing rifles and pistols since XIX century. Currently Cometa its only manufacturing air rifles and air pistols. All airguns, spring pistols and other Cometa manufactured weapons are done by hand.

Cometa airguns have a wide tradition and experience in the airgun manufacturing market, this together with the innovation effort guarantees that the Cometa air rifles have the maximum quality. In Cometa company all airgun pieces pass rigorous quality controls. All Cometa air rifles are calibrated individually and tested to guarantee the quality a Cometa airgun must have.

Cometa is a spanish high quality airguns and air pistols manufacturer.

In Cometa airguns know that the success of an airgun is largely in the quality of its most important element, the barrel. For this reason in Cometa airguns all the manufacturing process is strictly controlled, from materials election, barrel manufacturing, to airgun finishes. All this process will mark the final quality of the airgun. Cometa barrels are drilled with high precision process and are cold hammered to provide better precision. The cold hammered process provides extra strength and a mirror finish inside the barrel. To finish, all Cometa barrels are carefully straightened by hand.

This process in addition to the veteran of its manufacturers makes Cometa airguns to be recognized in the market by the high quality of its barrels.

Then we present some Cometa air rifles, airguns and air pistols that can be found in the market.

Cometa 50 air rifle
Cometa 50 air rifle with simple design and wood stock.

Cometa 50 airgun with high precision cold hammered barrel. Automatic safety system. Micrometric sights.

Cometa 100 airgun
Break barrel Cometa air rifle with micrometric sights.

Cometa 100 air rifle with high quality barrel. Micrometric sights adjustable in windage and elevation. Beechwood varnished with oil stock. Automatic shot safety.ceite. Seguro automático.

Cometa 220 airgun
Cometa 220 airgun with cold hammered barrel.

Cometa 220 airgun with cold hammered barrel. Two stage adjustable trigger. Automatic safety system. Beechwood varnished stock.

Cometa 220 Compact airgun
Cometa airguns are known by the high quality of its barrels.

Cometa 220 Compact airgun includes a sound reducer in the barrel and rubber recoil. Automatic shot safety system and two stage trigger, adjustable in pressure. Scope not included.

Cometa 300 Standardair rifle
Cometa 300 standard airgun with slip grip design.

Cometa 300 airgun with smart design and slip grip. Wood stock with rubber recoil. Safety shot system. Cold hammered barrel to increase precision.

Cometa 300 Nickel air rifle
Cometa 300 Nickel airgun with rubber stock.

Cometa 300 Nickel airgun with smart design. Rubber stock and recoil. Cold hammered barrel. Safety shot system.

Cometa 300 Kamo airgun
Cometa 300 Kamo airgun with kamouflage stock.

Tactical designed airgun with safety system and rubber recoil. High precision cold hammered barrel. Cometa airguns are known in the market by the high quality of its barrels.

Cometa Fenix 400 rifle
Cometa Fenix 400 airgun is the top seller cometa airgun.

Cometa Fenix 400 is the Cometa airgun top seller. It is available in several models. High precision cold hammered barrel. Two stage adjustable trigger. Automatic safety. Rubber recoil.

Cometa Fenix 400 Star airgun
Cometa 400 star air rifle with sound reducer and adjustable stock.

Cometa Fenix 400 Star airgun with sound reducer. Adjustable in elevation stock for a perfect alignment eye - scope. Safety shot system. Chequered designed slip grip. Optional scope. Two stage adjustable trigger in pressure and range.

Cometa Fenix 400 Compact rifle
Cometa Fenix 400 Compact air rifle with cold hammered barrel.

Cometa Fenix 400 Compact airgun with compact design. Includes sound moderator and rubber recoil. Slip designed grip. Micrometric sights. High precision cold hammered barrel.

Cometa Fenix 400 Compact Star rifle
Cometa 400 Compact Star airgun with adjustable stock.

Cometa Fenix 400 Compact Star with adjustable stock for a perfect alignment eye-scope. Silencer incorporated. Chequered slip designed grip. Scope not included. Automatic safety system. Rubber recoil. Micrometric sights.

Cometa Fusion Star airgun
Cometa airgun with air stripper system that reduces the air interferences in barrel mouth.

Maximum power air rifle with Air Stripper system in the nozzle. The Air stripper system reduces the turbulences in the nozzle to acquire better precision. Adjustable in elevation stock for a comfortable aim action. Scope not included.Two stage adjustable trigger both in pressure and distance. Slip grip design.

Cometa Fusion airgun
Cometa Fusion Como air rifle with cold hammered barrel for high precision shots.

Maximum power Cometa Fusion airgun. This air rifle includes Air Stripper system that reduces the air turbulences in the barrel. Chequered slip designed grip. High precision cold hammered Cometa barrel. Automatic shot safety system. Rubber recoil. Viewfinder not included.

Cometa Fusion Black air rifle
Cometa fusion black air rifle with tactical design.

Cometa Fusion Black air rifle made of synthetic rubber. Rubber design provides a tactical aspect to the airgun. Slip grip design. Air stripper system reduces air turbulences in the muzzle. Scope not included.

Cometa Indian Black spring gun
Cometa indian black high power spring gun.

Cometa Indian Black spring airgun. High precision Cometa cold hammered barrel. Adjustable in elevation sight. Safety shot system. Cometa Indian black airgun is one of the most powerful airguns in the market.

Cometa Indian Nickel spring gun
Cometa indian nickel spring airgun.

Maximum power Cometa Indian Nickel spring airgun. Cometa Indian plated model. Safety shot system. Elevation adjustable sights. Safety system. Cold hammered barrel for a high shot precision.

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