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The company of airsoft I Chih Shivan (ICS) was founded in 1983. In its beginnings the firm was principally focused on airsoft weapons and gas pistols. Until few years, the automatic electric guns (AEG) were, without question, the principal source of his trade market, and the related products of the actual market were import in its most from Japan, because of this fact were extremely highs but also the sales services posed a problem for the soft-air lovers.

It is in 1998 when ICS decided to focus totally on investigation and development of AEG to get the best quality and an affordable price for the airsoft weapons fans.

The improvements of the parts thanks to the investigation and the development have been continuous. ICS is working to offer to public more and better products.

The following soft-air guns are products created by ICS:

MP5 SD5: This ICS soft-air has a Navy trigger and it is totally identical as the original. It owns a high quality and a low price.

In addition the motor has a cooling system and reinforced gears

It has the Hop Hup system and can be connected to it a lot of accessories.

It can keep until 230 bullets in the magazine. It includes a barrel cleaner.

Its calibre is 6 mm. BB. The muzzle velocity is 95 m/s. It is able to fire 950 bullets per minute. It measures 78 cm. and the barrel 23 cm. This ICS AEG weighs 2.3 Kg. And its shots reach 30 meters.

ICS MP5 airsoft gun

The gun MP5 SD5 of ICS can keep until 230 bullets in its chamber.


M4A1 Retractable Stock: This ICS weapon has passed the best controls of quality. The use of high precision and the hard work allows ICS to get a stronger structure and also gives the perfect weight and balance. It includes 6 different retractable positions and fixed position of rifle.

The principal feature of M4A1 is its perfect metallic finishing, continuing with the brand tradition. This metallic construction affects from the butt to the barrel.

This ICS gun of soft-air is designed to make the most of space available inside of its butt and fixed to adapt a wide range of batteries depending the use, the game or training duration, or the modification that is applied in the airsoft gun.

The retractable Stock of six positions is made with aluminium steel and nylon materials of high quality. The spacious body of the M4A1 Retractable Stock is prepared to adapt bigger batteries.

It weighs 2,950 grams and measures 77.8 cm. reduced y 87.3 cm. extended. The bullets are shot at a muzzle velocity of 100 m/s. The barrel measures 36.3 cm. and has a calibre of 6 mm. BB and the magazine can keep until 450 bullets.


Airgun M4 A1 ICS

M4A1 Retractable Stock has been made with materials of the best quality, among them aluminium and nylon.


A1 RIS: This ICS soft-air gun has a perfect finishing in metallic that is the basic symbol of ICS. The retractile butt of 6 positions of A1 RIS is high quality made with nylon and offers a solid sensation.

The control panels, which also are made with nylon of a high quality, have the best technology.

In addition, A1 RIS includes box battery AN/PEQ 2 ICS, which can keep the next batteries: 8.4V - 600m Ah, 9.6 V –600 m Ah, 9.6 V – 1100 m Ah, 9.6V – 1700 m Ah, 12 V – 1100 m Ah. Furthermore it can incorporate the ICS laser in the AN/PEQ 2.

Its weight is 3340 grams and its length 778 mm. hidden and 873 mm. extended. The muzzle velocity is between 90 and 100 metres per second and it can shot until 920 shells per minute. The barrel measures 375 mm.

A1 Ris gun made by ICS manufacture

M16 A3: This ICS soft-air weapon has the highest level in the quality controls. The use of high precision in the manufacturing and in the work by machine in the aluminium elaboration allow guns to be stronger, giving to M16 the correct weight and the balance, in addition of a more realist look and sensation. The butt is retractile of 6 positions and also has the fixed position.

It has been made with metal (body, barrel, magazine, trigger, aim elements, etc.).

The upper part can be dismantled.

The ICS range M16 is designed to use the maximum available space both inside its front handle and the but to keep a width range of batteries depending the use of the airsoft gun, the modifications that it will suffer or the game or training duration.

The M16 has a really strong, precise and aluminium reinforced barrel.

Its weight is 3,370 grams and its length 1.025 metres. It can shot 920 bullets per minute in a velocity between 90 and 100 metres per second. The barrel length is 51.5 cm.

Airsoft gun made with the best materials

The magazine of the soft-air gun M16 A3 can keep until 450 shells.


Equally M16 A3 has several accessories, as flashlight and laser adaptors, silencers, etc.

Moreover, the soft-air company ICS offers spare pieces for M16 A3.


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