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The Marui soft-air company, also known as Tokyo Marui, thanks to its wholesalers, has arrived to all the world markets.

Tokyo Marui products stand out by its detail and accuracy, that have done that the airsoft guns appearing in numerous films and that their name is on the credits.

Toyio Marui created the first automatic electric gun (AEG), known as FAMAS F1, and it was the responsible of the system HopUp invention.

Marui has made a wide range of automatic electric guns, as well as automatic electric pistols (AEP). It also has been responsible of another big progress in soft-air. Although, due to the Japanese law, Tokyo Marui only is using plastics receptors ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) that have put it in a adjusted competition with CA and ICS, because of the fact that this companies of airsoft guns aren’t under any restriction.

Thanks to an important work together with a big inversion, Tokyo Marui airsoft guns have a longer time life than other of its competitors This reliability is obtained due to one of the best development platform.

Marui is the most important manufacturer of soft-air in the world, and it is seen as a example of maker of airsoft guns. All the rest of products of the market adapt themselves to Marui.

The catalogue of Tokyo Marui products is qualified of the following manner:

Automatic Electric Guns (AEG): Tokyo Marui was the first company that produced soft-air guns which work only with electric motors. The body of the airsoft automatic guns of Tokyo Marui is made with ABS plastic, due to the Japanese law, but also it has metallic parts. The internal gearbox is actioned by the recargable batteries.

The stock gearbox switch on 0.2g BBS near to 280 feets (85.34 meters) per second, aproximately between 0.8 and 1 J. of cinetic energy.

This Tokyo Marui box may be modified performance by aftermarket parts, but Japanese law limits the power to 0.98 J.

An example:


This soft-air weapon of Tokyo Marui was introduced in 1976. It is a short gun, practically the smallest of the MP5 series. It characterized itself by the lack of shoulder stock, the replacement of the MP5's handguard with a vertical foregrip, and the weapon's overall reduced size.

In spite of MP5K is much smaller than MP5, it keep up almost all features of MP5. however MP5K has a decreased effective range, but anyway it obtains to be up 50 metres.

Sighting is done through adjustable diopter iron sights, or using any optical sights compatible with the HK claw mount system.

The MP5K used the roller-locked delayed blowback system. This system sistema delays the weapon’s recoil until after the bullet is fired, increasing accuary when firing in simiautomatic mode.

The gun has usually a SEF trigger group (safe, single shot, full-auto).

The MP5K of Tokyo Marui accepts the most of the accessories of the rest of MP5s.

Its small size and low weigh allow MP5K to be easily to concealed under clothes, in a car, or in a suitcase, and allow for hichg mobility even in crowds.

Marui Mp5 air soft gun

MP5K of Tokyo Marui is the smallest of all the guns of the electric automatic series MP5K, in spite of it, accepts the most of the accesories of all them.

It has been deigned a special handbag and suitcase, not only to carry the gun on them, but in addition to shot from them. Both have a hole for the weapon's muzzle. The suitcase has a secundary trigger in the handle, but when using the bag, the operator must stick their hand inside and fire the weapon as they would normally.

Furthermore, thanks to its small size, the MP5K and its dervate are very used by law eforcement agencies, VIP protection and counter-terrorist units and paramilitary forces all aver the world. The weapon is used by some members of the protection detail of the United States Secret Service who are tasked with the protection of the president and first family, the vice president and second family, and visiting foreign heads of state.

Automatic Electric Pistols: These Tokyo Marui pistols work with recargable batteries of 7.2 V. These pistols are more reliable than gas pistols in conditions of cold weather. Their kinetic energy output is about 0.4-0.6J per BB. The magazines are as wide as normal magazines, but they are relatively thin.

An example:

Glock 18:

This Tokyo Marui handgun has a fire selector switch on its slide that enables it to fire in semi-automatic or fully automatic modes. Rotating the switch toward the bottom of the frame allows for fully automatic fire, while rotating it to the top switches the gun to semi-automatic.

It weighs only 620 grams and measures 18.6 cm. in total (11.4 cm. are of the barrel). It is of calibre 9 mm. Luger Parabellum and depending of the munition can fire between 1,100 and 1,300 bullets per minute.

Marui Glock airgun

The pistol Glock 18 manufactured by Tokyo Marui has different firing modes: semiautomatic or automatic, and fires between 1,100 y 1,300 bullets by minute.

Shotgun: Tokyo Marui makes several replicas that are powered by compressing a spring. Tokyo Marui shotguns fire three bullets at a time.

An example:

SPAS 12:

This soft-air shotgun was designed by Marui during the 1970’s decade as semiautomatic militar gun and also as shotgun of the security forces. Its producction began in october 1979.

SPAS 12 can function on two modes. The first is automatic or semiautomatic. The butt is locked forward and a gas system serves to load the next round without further effort from the operator. In this setting, Tokyo Marui gun can be shoot around 4 bullets per second, one round per trigger pull.

The second setting is pump-action, where the gun must be manually pumped back and forth after every shot to eject the spent shell and load a new round from the internal magazine. This is required to reliably fire low pressure ammunition such as tear gas round or less letal bean bags.

Switching between firing modes is done by pressing button under the foregrip, and sliding the foregrip slightly forwards or backwards until it clicks into position.

Marui SPAS12 air soft pistol

The Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 shotgun has the pump action setting where the gun is charged pumping back and forth after every shot to eject the spent shell and load a new round from the internal magazine.

SPAS 12 of Marui also has a characteristic aditional magazine that, when is actives, avoid the charge of a new bullet from the internal magazine when the charger is open. It allows to the operator of the Tokyo Marui soft-air, to charge a specialized bullet in the magazine without to go first to the principal magazine.

It can be incorporated tatctical tactical flashlights and laser sights. Some versions of the shotgun SPAS 12 come with a magazine for 5 bullets instead of 8 usual bullets.

Tokyo Marui accessories: The series of accesories of soft-air has a wide range of accessories: grenade launchers, silencers, chargers, supports for double charger, guides and rings for viewfinder, ammunition…

Marui Grenade launcher

Grenade launcher M-16 A4/A2 R.I.S.

Marui Silencer

Silencer M16/STEYR/AK/H&K/P90

Marui Charger

Charger M16/190 BB

Marui Ring

Ring for viewfinder

Tokyo Marui retro illuminated reticle

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