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Bueno Hermanos company is, for 75 years now, the only Spanish manufacturer of fine cutlery. In its products we can emphasize the scissors, pliers and accessories for the personal cleanliness, for professional and domestic use. They are the only cut pieces of the Spanish market made by forged in hot, besides they are controlled individually by specialized craftsmen. 3 claveles mark is the first Spanish mark and one of the most important mark at international level, the products of this mark are made from year 1.930. All the 3 claveles cleanliness products are forged in hot, all its production is automated and artisan, all are made by a total control of quality. With all this characteristics we can see the importance that have these cleanliness products, how they are controlled meticulously, and made with the best technology.

In 3 claveles products have a control of artisan quality

3 claveles cleanliness accesories are controlled of artisan form one by one

Also is necessary say that besides 3 claveles mark, within the cleanliness pliers, scissors and accessories we can find other marks in Bueno Hermanos company:

- Gaor: we can find pliers for nails and skins. These products are also of first quality, forged in hot, and made by automated production, with surface finish automated, and finished control of quality. 

- Sol: we can see pliers for nails, manicure scissors and nails scissors. The products of this mark are made since 1.945, they are of standard quality, and the pieces are forged and printed in cold, the totally production is automated, with surface finish automated, and finished control of quality.

- 2 claveles: there are manicure scissors and nails scissors. These cleanliness scissors are of the first quality, they are forged in hot, its production is automated, with surface finish automated, and finished control of quality.

Each person have different types of skins and differents nails, for that reason there are much variety of pliers, scissors, and manicure or chiropodist accessories. The nails of a person can say much of the same one, for that reason is more important the cleanliness accessories that we used, and this accessories can helps us to have nails in good health. A good manicure or chiropodist treatment could help us to maintain the nails clean and healthy. For it we must consider several products. Bueno Hermano can help us to obtain this accessories.

3 claveles pliers constructed by machiembrado

3 claveles stainless pliers with anchorage and wharf

In Bueno Hermanos company we can find differents types of manicure accesories:

     * Pliers: there are professionals, for skins, american pliers, pliers for nails... Besides we can find nickel-plated pliers, stainless pliers, with or without anchorage, with different types of wharves... The pliers are used to cut the nails, but also they are used to clear small skins. The manicure pliers are forged in hot, they have a great sharpened durability, and maximum power of cut. The pliers, like the scissors, have different phases from production: everything begins with a cut rod, then the forged piece is made, the part that excel and dont serve are trimming, later the necessary holes are drilled, the two pieces of the pliers are united, and the piece is temper, then the pliers are polished and all the complements are put to finish the piece (in case of take anchorage, wharf...) Also its necessary say that they can take different types of wharves.

Elaboration phases of 3 claveles pliers

Phases of production of 3 claveles pliers for chiropodist and manicure

Manicure and chiropodist pliers have 48 HRc Rockwell of hardness. Besides the stainless pliers are made by heat treatment to a temperature of 1050º C- 2282º F. One of the characteristics of the pliers is that they can made by machiembrado or superposed.

- Machiembrado: system of construction more precise, that allows maintain aligned the edges of the cut mouth, therefore guaranteeing a greater stability and durability of the pliers.

- Superposed: construction system like the scissors. This construction system is good for the majority of the professionals, but the people who twist handles when cutting, slacken the scissors and lose the precision of the cut.

Pliers can made by machiembrado or superposed

One of the most cleanliness accesories using for the manicure and chiropodist

     * Manicure scissors: manicure scissors are of small size for a better stingy, so we can make a meticulous action with this scissors. There are manicure scissors with curved or straight leaf, also there are nickel-plated and stainless.

     * Scissors for cut-skins-nails: special scissors for the skins that excel of the nails. These scissors have a leaf more fine for a better handling and cut the skin.

     * "Cut-skins-nails" (there are with or without file, stainless...): as the same word says, this manicure accessory serves to cut or push skins-nails. "Skin-nail" is a tissue that covers the nails and surrounds the principle of the nail. It arrangement offers a better aspect for our nails and hands.  

     * Cut-nails: they are like tweezers with curved blade that are used for cut nails. It has a handle that can folded, this handle when it turns on himself uses like a lever on the blades. The tweezers are separated with a wharf so that they return to its starting point whenever we made a cut. There are in different sizes, the greatest size usually is used for domestic use, and the smallest size is used for trips. Also we can find cut-nails with file. The nails must be cut preferredly after the bath.

     * Push-skins: they serve to slightly push the skin-nails towards inside by a stick, giving form to the nail. This manicure accessory is made with wood of orange tree.

     * File for manicure: we can find very diverse files: rigid, soft, of corundum, of crystal, chromed, of different reasons and colors... With the aid of it files we can give the most suitable form to the nails. In the case of not cutting the nails also its very good filing them. Files usually are used to equal and give form to the nails.

Also we can find chiropodist accesories, in order to obtain a good health and beauty of the feet. Its necessary consider that the feet are the support of the body, therefore we must have them in account always. If the feet are deteriorate and suffer damages, it could repel to all the body. In addition with the arrival to the good time, we began the completion of the body, including the maintenance of the feet.

3 claveles accessories to make a good chiropodist

3 claveles blades for cut-calluses, cut-calluses and scrape-calluses

     * Cut-calluses: we can find with ABS handles, stainless, nickel plates... With the cut-calluses we will clear hardnesses of the feet. The cut-calluses have a interchangeable sharpened leaf. Its an instrument that usually uses the professionals of the chiropodist.

     * Blades for cut-calluses: they are interchangeable blades for the cut-calluses. These blades are flat sheet of little thickness and rhomboid contour.

     * Scrape-calluses: they serve, as its word says, to scrape callosities of the foot, or some part of the body. This accessory that usually is used for the chiropodist has a rough base with wich the skin is scraped, and the hardnesses take off. This accessory can be used in dry an humid. The rough surface maintains the sharpened of the calluses scraper, and its not much probable that accidents take place.

     * Clean-hardnesses stone: we can find clear-hardnesses stone with or without handle. The one that takes handle its more easier to use, although the two stones go well. A chiropodist accessory very seemed is the scraper-hardnesses.

     * Scalpel: usually they are used to make the chiropodist. This scalpel has two parts, the handle and the blades, they are interchangeable, and they can be straight and curved.

     * File for chiropodist: its a file more greater with oval form and ABS handle, for a better takes hold. Its used to file the hardnesses of the feet, but with a form less abrasive than the cut-calluses and the scrape-calluses.

    * Pliers for chiropodist: special pliers for the nails of the feet. They are stronger than the pliers for the nails of the hands, since the nails of the feet are enough harder than the nails of the hands.

- Brushes to shave (of tejon hair, horse hair, bristle hair, with meth-acrylate handles, wood handles...) The brushes to shave are an accessory well known and popular, little by little the idea that the brushed to shave are only for greater people is taking off. Young people also begins to use these cleanliness accessories. The use of the brushes allows to produce a foam far better, in order to smooth and elevate the hair of the beard, reason why it improves the general shaved. In addition the brushes to shave avoid that the hairs in the skin become engraved and provides a massage in the face. A very useful accesory to have well placed the brush to shave is the support for brushes, and have them in an accessible place.

3 claveles brushes to shave

Brushes to shave (with bristle hair and wood handle) and 3 claveles supported

- Scissors for nose: this type of scissors has the round end for not damage the nose, and work more comfortably, without risks of damaging the skin.

- Moustache scissors: are scissors specialized for the cut of the hair of the moustache, they are smaller for a better mobility and comfort.

- Nails scisors for babies: scissors with the cleared end to avoid damage the baby when cutting his nails, and scissors with curved leaf (there are nickel-plated, stainless, with ABS handles...)

- Cleanliness cases: these cases have all necessary for your nails and cleanliness, scissors, pliers, files, blades to shave, comb, cut-nails, tweezers... There are cases of skin, of differents colors, differents sizes, composed of different accessories. These manicure cases are very useful to make gifts.

- Cleanliness tweezers: we can see professionals stainless tweezers, tweezers decorated with different reasons, wide tweezers, narrow tweezers, nickel-plated tweezers, black tweezers, tweezers of gold color, tweezers with the gold end, slanted tweezers... There are three main types os tweezers: with acute end, with straigh end, or inclined end. With acute end they are very useful to clear small chips or pieces of glass, that have been able to put within the skin. With straigh end they are used to clear small hairs. And with inclined end they can be used perfectly for the two actions. The mouth of the tweezers must agree perfectly so that they work well.

We can find great variety of tweezers within 3 claveles mark

3 claveles tweezers and clean-pimples 

- Clean-pimples: this cleanliness accessory, is a product formed by two pieces, with cleared form in the corners, with nonsharp edge. The size of the pieces of the corners is small and allows locate it in the contours of the pimples. This accessory serves, therefore, to cleaning the face, and eliminating the black pores and pimples.

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