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The Selvans knife, made bythe Italian company Extrema Ratio, has been designed following the guidelines of the Italian Federation of Survival(FISS). Hischief instructor, DanieledalCanto, has established the design parameters of the knife, as well as the accessories that include its full survival kit.

Faced with the challenge of designing a survival knife, Extrema Ratio intends to innovate in the design, the use and to improve the structure of the knife. One of the challenges during the design process was to achieve a knife that could be used by an inexperienced person in matters of survival. Therefore, the Selvans is not only a knife but it also has a complete survival kit.

The sheath knife is a compatible platform with the MOLLE system and has two vertical straps for attachment; it also has two horizontal straps of 38mm disposed to embrace the leg of the person who wears it and one to set the knife.

The sheath knife has the MOLLE attachment system

The sheath knife has the MOLLE attachment system

The survival kit is designed to be used not as an only resource but also to support when its owner is a way from the campin exploration work, collecting or hunting, all contained in a pocket with the MOLLE system impeccably organized, like the trunk of a legionary. We can find inside a whistle high volume,portable chain saw, water purification tablets, compass for large maps, copper wire to make small moorings, a small led flash light, two meters and a half cord and a diamond sharpener.

Composition of the Survival Kit Knife Selvans

The knife is unique in its kind. Any other survival knife can be used for other purposes, they are versatile. The design of Selvans, however, is specifically designed for survival. And although the blade width easily allows it to be used as a knife, spear or punch, the geometry achieved in the angle of the blade related to the handle makes it maximize the energy for cutting the trunk of a tree. Its handle, about 155mm (unusually long compared to other ExtremaRatio), has a cavity for the index and middle finger, close to the leaf blade, to embrace deeper and to have more control for more delicate work. It widens to be caught far from the leaf shape and be used for cutting as a small ax. It has a double screw to be secured to the spike and a hole for positioning a rope clamping and improving the movement of the knife during the fanning.

Detail of the shape of the Selvans handle and rope for fastening

Detail of the shape of the Selvans handle and rope for fastening

The leaf design is the high light of Selvans. It is similar to a curved spine falling without edging, which exposes evidently 6.3mm. thickness of the blade at the point and with it the possibility of be used as a blunt tool, to pierce, leverage and other functions that require a high resistance point.

Selvans sheet has a length of 155 mm.

Selvans sheet has a length of 155 mm.

The leaf design also enables the processing of hunting pieces, while the hatchet design with a sheet of 155mm. will allow you to cope up with bones. The grip on the frontedge is completely natural and because it has more than 55mm blade width is as manageable as a chef's knife. The blade sharpening is done manually. The manufacturer claims that no machine performs that job with the same care as the human eye. The edge begins close to the handle to be able to do delicate tasks.

The sharpening of Selvans is done by hand

The sharpening of Selvans is done by hand

The total weight of the knife is 424 grams. It is, like the rest of Extrema Ratio knives, manufactured with quality standards required by NATO in terms of resistance to oxidation.

The name Extrema Ratio has been chosen to name this survival knife, Selvans comes from the Etruscan mythology, tutelary spirit of fields and forests.

Both the sheath knife as the case containing the kit are available in twocolors: green and "desert".

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