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The knife is an essential piece of diving equipment, not only to use as a weapon but also as a tool that can help us in dangerous situations. Underwater sport is an activity that can be very exciting because it gives you the opportunity to explore new horizons within reach of very few. However, the sea is a largely unknown field so the diver must be well equipped to avoid any mishap that may arise.

The Extrema Ratio Ultramarine knife is very functional

The Extrema Ratio company manufactures their knives with quality materials and modern treatments.

The Italian knife company Extrema Ratio offers excellent knives models for divers. Extrema Ratio has spent four years of effort to develop its technology in collaboration with the Military Dive Teams of the Italian Special Forcesm, Civilian Underwather Operation Experts and Law Enforcement Dive Teams. The result has been the Ultramarine diving knife. This is a knife made of stainless steel N690 as well as the majority of manufactured Extrema Ratio knives. It?s very hard steel, resistant to oxidation due to the cobalt content it has. The knife blade of 6,3 mm. thick, has a length of 150 mm. together with the handle reaches a total length of 298 mm. The handle is made of polyamide (nylon) to facilitate retention.


The Ultramarine knife was specially designed for diving activities

The Extrema Ratio Ultramarine knife has a unique design that makes it perfect for use in diving activities.

Ultramarine diving knife combines quality and versatility. The aim of Extrema Ratio has been to produce a functional tool for professionals to avoid having to wear diving multiple utensils with varied functions. Thus, the Ultramarine submarine knife can serve for multiple functions.

This is an ideal knife for use in scuba diving activities. The material on the handle means that it is easy to grip the knife even when wearing neoprene gloves. It also incorporates a groove which allows you to use it on through bolts on shackles. The Ultramarine knife includes a mooring rope which allows you to moor the knife when you are working with it, without having to keep it in the cover.

Extrema Ratio Ultramarine knife to cut rope

The serrated section of the knife allows you to cut cords or other materials

It is a useful tool for use in the countryside, in forests or woodlands. The Ultramarine knife´s Extrema Ratio blade is hard enough to cut through branches, shrubs and thicket, and can come in useful for building refuges in the case of emergency, making fire, or fashioning stretchers to transport someone who is injured. In addition, as shown in the image above, the saw located at the end closest to the handle makes it easy to perform tasks such as cutting cords or similar materials in the event that the distal end of the blade becomes damaged. Furthermore, the sharp part of the blade close to the handle can be used to make precise cuts or even to carve.

The Extrema Ratio Ultramarine submarine knife is useful in the country, sea and air (especially useful thanks to its design which avoids tangles in air operations), but can also be of use to us in emergency situations thanks to its characteristics. The hydrodynamic design of its sheath attaches it perfectly to the body, thereby reducing the risk of tangles, and the design itself also allows the user to decipher the orientation of the blade by touch in surroundings of reduced visibility. On the other hand, the cover also has a fast opening system which enables the extraction of the knife in seconds. In situations of risk, thanks to the conical design of the Ultramarine knife, it can be used as a device for breaking glass.

 Notch screw shackle pins

The knife's inside groove allows you to use it on through bolts on shackles

The Extrema Ratio Ultramarine knife comes in very useful in combat situations thanks to its pointed steel blade. The Ultramarine knife can also be handy in survival situations thanks to the design of its handle. It can be dismantled to attach the blade to a pole and use the knife as if it were a lance. For this purpose, the blade has also been made with a matt finish allowing us to hide from strangers and threats. In addition, the knife´s cover incorporates two sheets of diamond to sharpen both the main blade and the cutter.

Recently, two new versions of the Extrema Ratio Ultramarine knife have been manufactured. One of these is the Jagdkommando version which includes a guard. The other is the Ultramarine Nedu version. This is a knife with similar features to the traditional model; however it incorporates a blunt point which comes in very handy for use as a screwdriver. Furthermore, the handle is flat which allows you to use it as a hammer.

How the Ultramarine submarine knife works has now been demonstrated. Not only is a useful tool underwater, but it can also be of great help to us in many situations in which our lives are in danger.

Extrema Ratio company manufactures high quality knives

The Extrema Ratio Ultramarine knife has multiple functions to be used in different natural areas

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