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Eickhorn knives, penknives and toolsrepresents a continuous tradition of 140 years of German engineering, quality and design. Manufactured 100% in Solingen, Germany, our products combine advanced robotic production technology, state of the art innovation ,traditional German workmanship and a quality control system that exceeds international industry standards.

Eickhorn Solingen Story

Founded in Solingen, Germany, by the Eickhorn family. The 1st company, Eickhorn GmbH to bear the name was established in 1864.

This company, and a subsequent Eickhorn knives, pocket knives and tools company failed when owned and managed by members of the Eickhorn family.

Rescue penknives PRT Eickhorn Solingen

Eickhorn Solingen PRT Rescue penknives.


Wuppertal sold the Eickhorn assets, trademarks, name, patents and intellectual property rights, stock and work in progress to the UK group, LBA Systems Limited.

Joerg Eickhorn and a company called Waffentechnik Borkott+Eickhorn with which he is associated, has no connection whatsoever with Eickhorn-Solingen Limited.

Eickhorn Solingen RT100 knife

Eickhorn Solingen RT100 rescue knives.

LBA Systems Ltd, an established UK company is the 100% shareholder of Eickhorn-Solingen Limited, and as such is the exclusive owner of the original Eickhorn business, trademarks, designs and all intellectual property rights that were previously owned by the bankrupt company.


Rescue Eickhorn Solingen RT I knife


Eickhorn-Solingen Limited retained the existing workforce, engineers and staff, so ensuring the continuity of traditional crafts-manship skills associated with the Eickhorn and Solingen names.

Eickhorn-Solingen Limited has invested capital and expertise in state of the art CNC machinery and the complete modernisation of the company. Today Eickhorn knife, pocket knife and tools is internationally recognised as being one of the foremost ‘state of the art’ design and production industrial units in the Ruhr valley. The previous bankruptcies considerably affected the good name of the company, however under the dynamic new management the company’s reputation has fully recovered.

 Eickhorn knife Limited is again profitable and continues to consolidate its position in the international market as the world leader in this competitive industrial sector.



Military Eickhorn Solingen knives


Eickhorn-Solingen continues the 140-year tradition of excellence in the design and manufacturer of state of the art military bayonets and combats knives. The range of equipment is comprehensive, different operational requirements demand specifically designed equipment. Throughout the range the legendary Eickhorn-Solingen quality is standard.



Eickhorn Solingen Rescue pocket knives.


Having established themselves as a world leader in the manufacturer of knives for the toughest military needs, Eickhorn knife has now developed rescue tools and rescue knives for professional firefighters and police officers where lives may rely on a quality rescue tool.

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