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The factory Herbertz of knives and penknives was founded in 1925 in the German city of Renscheid. For over than 75 years Herbertz has been elaborating knives for almost all the areas. Due to its experience, tradition, investigation and constant development, Herbertz has became in one of the most efficient and modern companies in the sector.

During the passing of the years, thanks to the high quality of its knives and pocket knives, Herbertz has achieved to establish into all the world as tool for the use to cut paper and plastic, in the woodworking, in the food industry and in the steel industry.

Herbertz cutlery has been selling tools for the wood industry since its beginnings, in 1925. Its work tools are well known in the world trade. The range of Herbertz products includes brushing knives, saw blades, also carbide tipped, for the building and furniture industry, cleavers, and peeling knives.

Herbertz paper knives guarantee the perfect longitudinal as well as cross cutters. Best results of quality and lifetime are observed day by day in the Herbertz sharp weapons. Its catalogue covers slitter and cross cutters, knives for tissue, toilet paper and foil.

For the cutting and finishing of metal, the choice of material is essential. Herbertz produce knives for almost every application such as profiling, punching… Herbertz knives and pocket knives have the quality of adhere to the most narrow tolerances.

Herbertz is specialist in tools for several branches of the plastics industry. The Herbertz products are perfects for the grinding and granulation of plastics. With these knives the professional recycling is guaranteed.

For the food industry, Herbertz produces circular saws; circular knives; circular carbide saws; cutter knives; scraper knives; band saws; blades and rasp saw blades for the starch industry. All products are made of best quality tool steel or stainless steel, as required.

Some of the most outstanding Herbertz knives are:


This knife for men is ready to be put on the belt. The blade of this Herbertz knife is made with stainless steel AISI 420. The handle, which is elaborated with Cocobolo wood, has a slight prominent and four hollows appointed for the fingers. The knife includes a brown leather handle. Its weighs 363 grams, and its total long is 27.4 centimetres (12.1 cm of the handle and 15.3 cm the blade).

Knife with cocobolo wood handle


The knife Cocobolo Bowie has a stainless steel blade and the handle made with cocobolo wood.



This hunting successful Herbertz knife has a stainless steel blade 440 C that supplies stability and resistance for the blade. The handle is elaborated with wood sections separated by nickel silver strips. The handle is slightly curved to simulate the design of the bamboo. El mango está ligeramente curvado para simular el diseño del bambú. It is supplied also of a leather sheath.

Penknife with handle of bamboo wood

The knife Bamboo Wood Hunter is a hunting knife because of that it has a resistant and stabilised blade.



A fantastic Herbertz knife with 35 layers of Damascus. The blade, of stainless steel, is took out thanks to a bottom. The handle is made with strong wood and with nickel silver heads. It has printed the Herbertz coat of arms. It comes with a wood gift box whit the form of a knife inside.

Pocket knife with damascus steel blade

The knife Herbertz Damascus Burl Wood Lockback has 35 Damascus layers and has printed the Herbertz coat of arms.



This is the most famous combat advanced knife made by Herbertz. This knife is the election of a lot of military forces in the world. It is a military knife of survival very slim that is made with the best materials. The blade is of high carbon steel, and the handle and the sheath are elaborated with polyamide and glass fibre. The knife is characterize for its capacity to cut cable, to unscrew, to sharpen knives blades, to saw, for its waterproof handle and for its bottle-opener. 

Military knife

The handle of the knife Black Magic Tactical Folder is resistant to water and this sharp weapon has a bottle-opener.


The total length is 12 centimetres (5 cm of handle and 7 cm of blade).



This Herbertz box made carefully serves to the smart conservation and presentation of the Herbertz knife. Its weigh is 172 grams and its length is 19,8 centimetres.

Luxe knife with damascus steel blade

This Herbertz knife box contributes elegance to the knife that keeps.


This Herbertz stand is made absolutely with wood and it is a great scenario for quality knives. Weighs 345 grams and measures 21 cm.


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