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Following in the footsteps of the ancient swordsmith, who belonged to the glorious Toledo guilds of the XVI century, our craftsmen maintain the fervent desire to respect the dignity of Toledo sword.

Although the sword is no longer used in duels, Acero Toledano hope that the owner of one of their swords will feel proud to hang it on the walls of his home. It is a sword that has been forged to the tune of the clanging of hammers and the rushing waters of the tajo river.

Acero toledano Roman legion Sword

Roman legions Swords Acero Toledano


Rigorously investigating on models and traditional systems with an artisan criterion and applying the means to him which we can have in our days it supposes a factor that marks character Toledano the Steel

The human resources is made up of specially trained men and women meaning that every day in the XXI century we can pay homage to the medieval master who made the Toledan sword and armour famous with our own range of products.

Colada Sword Acero Toledano

Acero Toledano colada Sword


 Manufacture of Swords:

1 – Once the materials by the department of quality control have been recepcionado, begins the process of manufacture in the mechanical guillotine that has a production of 30 leaves per minute.

2 – Cut to the leaf, selected the end and shoulders according to the sword model that this being made, is straightened in the opportune maquina of of regulated pressure correcting therefore the deformation that takes place in the cut section, by the lack in the tenacity steel.

Sword Carlos V Acero Toledano

Carlos V Sword Acero Toledano


3 – When it has passed the process to temper the blade, the steel already has acquired the definitive hardness. It is necessary a grinder of high accuracy and power, for which ACERO TOLEDANO acquires the first grinder with numerical control for sword blades, that better quality confers to the leaf more and. In the manufacture of a sword it is important to pay attention to the union that later will compose the sword forming a whole, so that this union of grip and leaf assures the Maxima quality and security, ACERO TOLEDANO uses materials of identical mechanical and physical characteristics.

4 – Without forgetting the artisan origin the sword, it is necessary to mark the characteristics of the sword by hand in the grain band to accentuate the personality of each model.

Tonelete armour Acero Toledano

Tonelete armour Acero Toledano


5 – In order to conclude the process the sword polishes, for which ACERO TOLEDANO also is equipped with the first machine of existing numerical control in the market of swords and that has a capacity of polished of 180 leaves per hour with a superb quality produced by the precision of the numerical control. The identity of the sword has its Maxima expression in the engraving. ACERO TOLEDANO has recovered the original engraving of the "Toledana Sword", obtaining extraordinary bas-relief with atacer chemically to the steel.

6 – The assembly of the swords requires special care, having to fit one to one all the pieces that compose the sword, requiring a delicate manual labor, that can detect in previous controls of quality, obtaining so the final article arrives at its destiny with Maxima quality. The expedition concludes with the manufacture process and is as important as the own article, developed from the marketing department a design of attractive and practical packing.


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