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The Fulcrum knife has already become a symbol of the Italian company Extrema Ratio. It is a very well-known model, especially amongst military and policing units, which has been gaining ground in the blade weapons field in recent years.

The Fulcrum knife is a multi-purpose weapon which can be categorised between combat knives and field knives. It can be used effectively as a combat weapon; in hand-to-hand combat it can successfully penetrate and cut targets protected with bulletproof clothing. In addition, thanks to the more frontal location of its centre of gravity, it is perfect for performing tasks in the field. Thanks to its highly versatile and functional nature, it is an indispensable knife for standard military equipment.

 Fulcrum knife geocamo finish or testudo

Fulcrum knife is available in two finishes and coating. The top of the image is finished "geocamo", while the knife at the bottom shows a finished "testudo"

The Fulcrum knife was designed as part of a project carried out by an Italian infantry division called the Alpini to renew its equipment. They were trying to create a knife that could be used in all situations to confront any type of problem that may arise. The Alpini are elite soldiers whose field of action is the mountains. They are the oldest mountain infantry troops in action in the world, and more specifically, are a corps which was created in 1872 with the objective of defending the mountainous Italian borders conjoining Italy with France and Switzerland. These troops played a key role in the two world wars and nowadays maintain a significant commitment in Afghanistan, the main stage for their operations nowadays.

 Fulcrum knife was a project conducted by Extrema Ratio

Italian Alpini troops, Fulcrum knife users, are working mainly in Afghanistan today

The anatomy of the Fulcrum knife is very characteristic thanks to its Tanto style blade. It is a large strong knife, which is easy and fast to grab even with only one hand, and can also support loads of more than 150 kilos without breaking. The material the Fulcrum knife's blade is made from is similar to that used by Extrema Ratio for most of its products: N690 stainless steel (58HRC) enriched with cobalt, giving the piece an extreme hardness. The length of its blade varies depending on the model between 110mm (Fulcrum C Model) and 180mm (Fulcrum Model). In all of them, the width of the blade is 6.3mm. On the final third of the knife, close to the handle, there is a serrated section which is very useful for using the knife for sawing tasks. The handle is made from forprene, a high quality material which enables a comfortable and safe grip. The knife comes in two different blade finishes. One of these called "testudo" displays an open blade with a layer of black nitrate which conceals the blade for when the weapon's user needs to go unnoticed. The other finish is given the name "geocamo". This blade displays a series of shiny engravings done by laser.

 Alpini troops enter the Fulcrum knife in military equipment

The knife Extrema Ratio Fulcrum is employed by the Italian Army and U. S. among others


There are many different varieties of the Fulcrum knife. From the original more traditional model which introduced the Fulcrum name, to the Fulcrum K9 designed to protect military dogs from attacks by other animals.

The traditional model has a blade length of 180mm and the full size of the knife along with the handle is 310mm. The rest of the features are similar to those indicated above. They are all shared by all the knives of the Fulcrum model. The Fulcrum C (Compact) model is the compact version of the traditional Fulcrum knife. It has the same features as its predecessor, however the size of its blade is smaller, i.e. 110mm blade length, which combined with the handle results in a full length of 210mm. Meanwhile, it has a weight of 200 grams. This characteristic makes the Fulcrum C knife a tool that is easy to transport and conceal. There is a variety of the Fulcrum C which Extrema Ratio has named the Fulcrum C Desert Warfare, with a finish for use in one of the most inhospitable terrains on the planet: the desert.

 Fulcrum knife desert warfare of Extrema Ratio

Fulcrum knife compact version for Desert Warfare

Another model is the Fulcrum S, which is the shortest version of the traditional Fulcrum. This knife shares the same characteristics as its bigger brother, only its size is different. The Fulcrum S has a blade length of 150mm. The total measurement of the blade plus the handle amounts to 280mm. The success of the Fulcrum knife gave rise to its use as a bayonet. The knife was modified in such a way that it could be attached to a rifle without losing its essential characteristics, and this was how the Fulcrum Bayonet was created. This knife has similar characteristics to the traditional Fulcrum but incorporates some innovative systems. The knife has a double edged blade and an effective wire cutter. It also includes a rapid extraction system; in addition it has a security system to attach it to the body during a parachute jumps.

 Fulcrum Bayonet shotguns to suit special

There is a Fulcrum model prepared for adaptation to a rifle and performing the function of a bayonet

As a final model, we have the Fulcrum K9. The design of this knife responds to the specific needs of the soldiers who work with guide dogs from the Canine Unit of the Italian Army. Hence the name K9, homophonic with the English word ?canine? (K-nine). Canine policing units are present in most countries. They are formed of dogs usually of the German shepherd, doberman pinscher, bloodhound and boxer breeds amongst others, which receive specific training to help the police officer and other forces of order. The tasks usually performed by these dogs are searching for people who have disappeared, detecting explosives or drugs and the persecution of suspects, amongst other activities. The work of these dogs within the policing and military units is so important that in many cases it is a crime to attack these exceptional dogs.

 K9 Fulcrum knife for use in canine units

K-9 unit police dogs helped


As regards the characteristics of the Fulcrum K9, its distinguishing feature is that it has a single guard unlike other knives manufactured by Extrema Ratio which have the traditional two guards of combat knives. In relation to the length of its blade, it is shorter than the traditional Fulcrum knife blade. The Fulcrum K9 knife has a 125mm blade. According to opinions from users of this specific model of knives, the K9 must not be limited to its use for defending dogs, but can also be used as a combat or survival knife.

Basically, the Fulcrum knife is designed as an effective weapon that can be adapted to different needs depending on the model of the knife we select.

Fulcrum k-9 knife of Extrema Ratio

  Fulcrum K-9 knife specially designed for use in military and police canine units

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