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The Italian company Extrema Ratio, one of the main blade weapons producers on the market, has manufactured a knife that is both high in quality and sophistication. We are referring to the Suppressor model. Thanks to its anatomy, more than just a knife, the Suppressor can be considered as a dagger designed for fighting.

Suppressor dagger de Extrema Ratio 

Suppressor dagger of Extrema Ratio made of excellent fabrics and unique desing

This piece was manufactured by Extrema Ratio to convey their pride and thanks to the anti-terrorist unit of the Corps of Carabinieri (military police) on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of the G. I. S. (Gruppo Intervento Speciale). This special unit of the Carabinieri was created in the year 1978, at the start of the difficult years of violence and street uprisings taking place in Italy. This social and political crisis was subsequently given the name Anni di Piombo ("years of lead"). In response to the constant changes of government, some of which lasted only days, the radical left-wing groups launched violent terrorist attacks to overthrow the existing institutions. For this reason, the G.I.S. was created with the objective of having a department with high operational capacity prepared to act quickly, effectively and professionally against these armed terrorist groups, especially for the purposes of hostage taking, escorting VIPs and protection in international meetings.

The Italian G.I.S. also operates abroad, some of its postings have been the Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. All the agents within this unit have very special preparation and are highly qualified, in addition to going through a hard training programme which equips them for tackling situations of risk and tension in which the mind must remain cold to maintain control.

 Suppressor knife was disegned for the italian Gruppo de Intervento Speciale

Photo of terrorist attacks in Italy in the 70´s that prompted the creation of the Gruppo Intervento Speciale

The Suppressor dagger was designed as a combat and elimination knife, although its unique and elegant design make it a piece of great beauty. Its pointed profile means that it is not designed for use as a knife for general use, but rather as a lethal weapon.
It is a weapon that is very light (300g) and effective in combat. Its excellent double edged blade allows for cutting in a single strike even when a turning movement is applied. It is 180mm in length, which along with the handle comes to 320mm. The measurements of this unique piece are completed with its 6.3mm of thickness similar to other Extrema Ratio models. The material this knife is made from is N690 (58HRC), an exclusive combination of stainless steel with cobalt which offers the metal maximum hardness thereby avoiding breakages. It also has maximum cutting capacity, and its centre of gravity is towards the handle, thanks to which it boasts optimum penetration capacity.

Extrema ratio knife has an efficient design for combat

Extrema Ratio daggers and knives supplied to the Italian forces

On the other hand, the embossed design of its handle made from polyamide has a high grip capacity, which means the dagger clings perfectly to the hand of the person holding the weapon. The guard of the knife is staggered. The piece is completed with a rigid cover with automatic attachment and which is fully compatible with the MOLLE system. These letters derive from the English term Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. This is a standard attachment system implemented by the US government to attach all types of tactical items on the clothing of the soldier through the use of PALS straps, which are highly resistant nylon straps, sewn to vests or backpacks. This system has been gaining ground in the market in replacement of the "click" system used on the first modular vests and which is still used today by security forces in some countries.

 GIS logo dagger users Suppressor

Italian G.I.S logo who made weapons like the dagger Supressor

At Extrema Ratio, they have continued innovating to launch new versions of the Suppressor knife onto the market. One of these is the Suppressor Operativo dagger model which has a polished surface, comes with a cover and doesn't display the engraved insignia of the G.I.S. Another of the models is the Suppressor Ordinanza G. I. S. dagger. This is the same dagger that Extrema Ratio supplies to the Italian special forces. This model displays the engraved logo of the special unit and has a polished surface. Finally, another model is the Suppressor Trentennale (the name of which derives from the Italian adjective trentennali which means "thirty"). This model comes presented in a transparent box made from methacrylate. These daggers are a limited edition with one thousand pieces in a numbered series. Like the previous model, it also displays the logotype of the G.I.S. special unit.

Suppressor Trentennale dagger of Extrema Ratio

The dagger Suppressor Trentennale Extrema Ratio is an effective combat weapon

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