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The Swiss company Victorinox began operating in 1884 when its founder, Karl Elsener, opened the doors of his knife making workshop. It achieved accreditation in 1897 when Victorinox successfully created the infamous “Swiss knife for officials and sports” for the Swiss Army. Since then and up to the present day: quality, functionality, effectiveness, reliability, inventiveness, design and research have been the values which have governed the actions undertaken by Victorinox.

Throughout its history spanning over 125 years, this knife company has fought to maintain its Swiss mark on all the items it has designed and manufactured. Without a doubt, Victorinox is the Swiss knife manufacturer par excellence, and it is from these origins that it derives its fame. However, its production has not been limited to knife making, but also, putting into practice the ideals of inventiveness and design, they have created a range of products including the following: watches, fashion, perfumery and luggage. Thanks to its persistent work, the company has continued to grow to reach almost every corner of the planet.

The luggage range has been one of the most recent incorporations to the Victorinox catalogue. The Swiss knife company has launched a wide and varied range of products onto the market: bags, laptop briefcases, briefcases, business, vanity cases, waist packs, bags of day, travel bags, backpacks, handbags and other accessories necessary for our trips as umbrellas, bags for laptops, mobile phone covers or cases for sunglasses.

The suitcases and travel accessories are characterised by their functionality and durability. They are designed to cater for the differing needs, tastes and lifestyles of travellers. The luggage items are sold in over 86 countries worldwide, and have successfully found a niche in the market thanks to their high quality and design.

Victorinox has developed over fifteen collections of travel products. In these collections, modernity and innovation play a key role. Victorinox uses the latest technology in the manufacture of its suitcases, launching new ideas captured in different models. 


TOURBACH 2.0 COLLECTION – TOURBACH 2.0 BUSINESS CASES: Functionality and luxury define this collection of Victorinox luggage and briefcases. The appearance of the luggage is elegant and sophisticated to meet the needs of the most discerning travelers. The luggage is also perfectly protected by the Preformas Plus fabric patented by Victorinox.Victorinox luggage











MOBILIZER NXT 5.0 COLLECTION: This suitcase collection is noted for having a frame which gives the product durability and resistance. The suitcases are manufactured in thermoplastic material which offers greater protection to the most delicate areas or those which are more prone to damage when travelling.

Mobilizer collection by Victorinox

CH-97 COLLECTION: "Navigate the road less traveled". This is the slogan used by Victorinox to define its CH-97 suitcase collection. This series of suitcases caters for the needs of the most adventurous travellers. These suitcases are very spacious and durable. In addition, thanks to the material used, these suitcases are ultra-lightweight making them easier to carry when travelling.

CH-97 for adventuress people by Victorinox

SEEFELD COLLECTION: This travel collection combines versatility and style. The design of this suitcase collection strives to respond to the many needs of the traveller as its storage compartments are personalisable.

Seefeld Collection by Victorinox

WERKS TRAVELER 4.0 COLLECTION – WERKS TRAVELER 3.0 BUSINESS CASES: The suitcases, briefcases and backpacks in this collection are characterised by their spacious interior, which larger than other cases of the same category. Its design with asymmetric lines offers it a progressive look. The suitcase that is very easy to use thanks to the ergonomic design of its rotating handle.

Werks Traveler bussines cases and suitcases by Victorinox

ARCHITURE 3.0 COLLECTION: This collection includes backpacks and briefcases for executives and business travellers who like to travel fully equipped with a functional and stylish work tool. The "Architure" briefcase enables you to bring your own office to any part of the world and stay connected. In addition, this collection also includes briefcases with wheels to make it easier to transport office equipment.

Laptop cases for bussines men

CURB COLLECTION: Victorinox presents this collection of briefcases, backpacks and bags designed for transporting your laptop, an indispensable work tool for many, from the office to home. These products have an urban look and offer extensive storage capacity. Modernity and refinement are the features which these briefcases offer to those who carry them.

Bags of Curb Collection

ALMONT 2.0 COLLECTION: Bags and backpacks are the protagonists of this collection of Victorinox which claim to offer maximum comfort to passengers. In them, you can store your computer or electronic devices such as MP3, MP4, i-Phone, mobile phone, all of which are indispensible in the modern world. They are also perfect for young people who carry their books and notes to college or university. They are functional travel items, in fresh and youthful colours, ideal for daily use in both the city and when travelling further afield.

Almont collection with travel bags made by Victorinox

ALTIUS 2.0 COLLECTION: This collection consists of leather articles with an elegant and functional. It includes wallets, card cases and briefcases that provides a unique personality who owns one of these pieces. All of them made of leather from Europe combined with organic materials.

Altius: wallet and purses

LIFESTYLE ACCESORIES 3.0:  Cases, vanity cases, purses, bags, protective bags, locks, straps and belts are some of the products that make the collection Lifestyle by Victorinox. Victorinox has designed a collection of products which are useful for both travel and daily life, all of which are created based on the values functionality, design and modernity.

Accesories for travel by Victorinox

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