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The airsoft pistols and carbins mean a great inversion, and because of this it is important checking it regularly to avoid that the performance of the replica is negatively affected. 

Remember reading the instruction manual of its airsoft gun

Before doing any revision don't forget removing the charger, shooting the bullets which are left inside it (shoot several times until there aren’t bullets into the feeder or the internal chamber), and removing the battery or the gas. 

Firstly start cleaning the replica and trying not scratch its surface. It is advisable that you utilise a soft paper or a cloth and a water/soap mix. Also eliminate any dirt of the mechanism or of the barrel.  

After cleaning the airpistol is the moment to lubricate it. In the airsoft guns you must use only silicone lubricants, as aerosol silicone, or grease silicone, since the oil lubricants would damage the rubber joint. It also can damage the surface of any airsoft guns. Therefore the only valid oil to clean your gun is the oil silicone, because the rest of the oils, as 3in1 oils can damage your pistol



The care of the airsoft carbins and pistols is very simple because the fact of they are assembled of a simple way. The only serious problems that can arise are due to the cylinders and the damaged or used up mechanisms. If its barrel has been blocked will be probably caused because you have used low quality bullets or a different improved barrel. The dirt in the barrel will cause a worse performance in the operation of your airsoft carbin or pistol.

To clean your airsoft gun and keep it in good conditions you can follow the next stages: if the replica is assembled, dismantle it and clean it of dust or other kind of particles. Then you have to lubricate it. For it use firstly an aerosol to apply a fine coat of lubricant in the pieces that slide one over other and, mainly, don’t forget to lubricate the Hop Up system and the rubber ring that support the pellet for they don’t dry up.

To clean the charger don’t lubricate it, although if you want you can lubricate it, but not much. Of this way the pellets won’t be sticky and won’t there are jams.

With a soft cloth eliminate the rest of lubricant when you have finished of lubricate the airsoft spring gun. The Hop Up system will work quit unstable until the lubricant that has been in excess has been eliminated completely.


Maintenance of airsoft guns.


MP5 A3 of Tokyo Marui is a spring pistol easy to dismantle and to clean.



The no Blow Black (NBB) gas replicas are more difficult of maintain, although its assembly is very simple. To maintain gas replicas in good conditions only are needed some periodical small touching up.

Practically, all the gas guns come with a valve, whether it is in the charger or in the own replica. To maintain this valve in a good state, it is advisable that firstly remove it with a screwdriver.  At end fling the spare gas through the charge valve. Put a few drops of fine silicone oil in the gas deposit (as well in the incoming valve and in the exit to the barrel), and place again the valve with care. Try not press the valve very strong, simply let it settle. Anyway, it exists gas mixed with silicone oil with which is able to avoid this operation.

The gas normal airsoft pistols of series only use HFC 134ª gas.

The internally modified airsoft replicas can use Top Gas o Green Gas.

The Blow Back (GBB) gas guns are one of the most complicated of maintaining. But the steps to follow are the same than in other replicas, and carefully and a bit of information anybody can revise a Block Back.

It is very advisable using the instruction manual to dismantle and to assemble the airsoft replica of right way. First of all lubricate the gas deposit, and after dismantle the gun locate Blow Back joint, that it is locate in the superior part, under the back sight. To continue with the maintenance of the apparatus lubricate the rubbish ring. Try not to stretch very strong the pieces, because someone could be coupled with a spring and, because of that, the spring could fall down. 

When the chargers are filled up, the best way of doing it is with the gas bottle put downwards. The instruction manual of your gun has some explanatory pictures.

A charge of 2 or 3 seconds with any kind of gas is enough, since too much gas can damage the charger and the rubbish joints, and it also could have gas losses.

After this clean and lubricate the surfaces that slide both in the superior part and the inferior part.

Finally you only have to assemble the gun.

The performance of the gas guns is directly related with the temperature. The more it is the more will be its performance.

After a repetitive use of the charger, it can become very cold. This would cause a decrease in the power because of the gas is not expanding properly. Allow it to take some minutes to permit that the charger gets hot a little at ambient temperature.


Airsoft gun with easy maintenance


The Silver Dragon Blow Back gas pistol has gas deposits that are very easy to maintain, only it is needed silicone oil.



There is not much that it can be done to maintain an AEG, but you could clean the barrel and occasionally lubricate the Hop Up system.

Firstly dismantle the charger and put the selector in Semiautomatic mode to release the spring inside the gearbox.

Then dismantle the battery.

This is the moment to lubricate your AEG. Start cleaning the internal of the barrel and sprinkle it with silicone oil through the Hop Up after an intense use.

Use the stick that is incorporated with the gun to clean the barrel. An end of the bar is bevelled, and it is used to quit those pellets that have been blocked in the barrel. If it happens, first put the secure to remove the charger. Next insert softly the bar through the angular side until the ball fall down in through the pellets feeder. Then do the same operation in the opposite side. Remember that all the stuck pellets have to fall down through the balls feeder when are pushed by the stick. 

Now this is the turn of the internal part cleaning of the barrel of your AEG. Put in the other side of the stick a piece of cotton that doesn’t give off fluff. Apply some alcohol drops to clean some possible dirt rests. Then replace the cotton piece with a cloth or a soft paper and coil it around the bar. Lubricate the cloth or the paper with some silicone oil drops and softly push the stick through the barrel until it is up to the red marks (before reach the Hop Up). Take out the stick; replace the cloth or the paper and repeat the process until the paper or the cloth goes out clean again. Finally sprinkle the interior of the barrel with silicone spray.

Tokio Marui AEG pistol.  Airsoft guns.


MP5 of Tokyo Marui is an example of AEG easy to dismantle and to clean. Remember to clean the barrel with the stick that the pistol incorporates every 2000 shots approximately.


This cleaning process has to be done every 2000 fires, but it the pistol or carbin has been used during the game in a setting very dirty; you have to clean the barrel when the match is finished. Remember that the clean barrel is very important in the airsoft gun performance.

The airsoft AEG guns are the only that have the option of using HI CAP chargers. These chargers has to be revised every 5000 shots approximately, but while the charger grows old will be needed the revisions every less time. It is advisable that an experienced person does the revision of HI CAP charger. Anyway to avoid breakdowns and to prolong the lifespan of your HI CAP charger, don’t utilise broken pellets.


Remember therefore checking your airsoft gun, whether it is spring, gas, or electrical, periodically or after those matches where the gun has suffered a lot of effort or has got dirty considerably. While your airsoft pistol is used the revisions has to be done every less times.

If you carry out a good maintenance of your airsoft gun this one will last and you will be convinced that have carried out a good inversion.

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