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The brilliant idea and prescribes of the success of multipurpose knives VICTORINOX was the multiple advantage of each one of the wharves; one is six leaves on two wharves, which makes a so slight and elegant form possible.

"Swiss knife official type", of VICTORINOX of small stature. Its handle is of red cell and its length of 84 mm Between its tools has can opener, screwdriver, wire stripper and clamps.

For the two sharp leaves of the Swiss knife multipurpose and pocketknives a stainless steel for knives is used special, made up of an alloy of chromium and molybdenum. That after tempering it to 1.040° and of dissolve it to 160°, the leaves obtain a hardness of RC 56 (RC it is Rockwell C, the unit of the hardness).

The mountain ranges of wood, scissors and you file of nails of the multipurpose knives have a hardness of RC 53. The mountain ranges and you file for metals are warmed up by cementation and hard chromed, with them iron and steel can be cut and be filed until. The screwdrivers, can openers and awls have a hardness of RC 52, whereas the corkscrews and wharves of RC 49.

"Swiss knife Multi-Tools", of VICTORINOX of long blade. In addition to his typical characteristics it counts on mountain range for wood, corkscrew and can opener.

For the wood mountain range of knife multipurpose VICTORINOX obtaining considered the maximum possible length. All their teeth very are sharpened and thanks to a greater superficial tempering, the sharpened one of the mountain range and files for metals is conserved by more time.

The mini screwdriver of the multipurpose knife integrated in the corkscrew (for example the one of the small screws of the glasses) is a development patented by VICTORINOX.

"Cyber Tool", of VICTORINOX. With a weight of only 157 grams he is very resistant and versatile. With 34 functions and screwdrivers that can be used in computers and any equipment electrónico.

The intermediate layers (plates) of the knives multipurpose VICTORINOX, from 1951, are done of an aluminum alignment that was able to lighten its weight and to do them easier to take in the pocket of the trousers. The rivets and rosettes of the multipurpose knives VICTORINOX are done of brass, and the handles of Cellidor.

On the great leaf of the knife multipurpose VICTORINOX the wharf exerts a pressure of almost 12 kilos, whereas in the side opposed of the knife multipurpose, on the small leaf the wharf exerts a pressure of 8 kilos. The high tension of the wharf is perceivable in the typical expression of the click that is heard at the time of unite the open leaf. The tension of the wharf does not yield with the use of the knife throughout the years.

"SwissTooll", of VICTORINOX. This designed by multipurpose people that I create ours first knife "Swiss Army Knife". This tool of pocket, thanks to its integrity in the design, its functionality and versatility, has become a standard knife through the years.

No other can opener of knife reaches the quality of can opener VICTORINOX, patented in 1951. This can opener has a small appropriate screwdriver to screws of grooved head and in cross of Philips.

Only knives multipurpose VICTORINOX have the intermediate aluminum layer that is contiguous with the corkscrew equipped with a surface of vitreous and resistant weather to abrasion. This valuable superficial treatment causes that the pieces are three more expensive times.

"Swiss knife of trip", VICTORINOX. Between its characteristic additional tools account with clock of Swiss precision, scissors, a hook multipurpose and screwdriver.

The reel and the awl are equipped with an efficient edge thanks to two passages of additional works with the striker pin.

In order to sharpen the leaves of knives multipurpose VICTORINOX it recommends the use of a leaf to smooth.

In order to guarantee the perfect state of each one of the knives multipurpose VICTORINOX there are 90 people destined to the final control. In that final control of the perfect elaboration of the knives each leaf of each one of the knives is controlled by hand that leave the production. The knives and pocketknives VICTORINOX guarantee includes by a limitless time any type of manufacture and material defect


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