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The history of the company Maserin knives and pocket knives started in 1960, in a small village called Maniago (Italy), it also is know as the city of the knives, when the production of high quality knives and penknives began. Maserin, after several years of experience in another local cutlery, decided to create his own company. His first knives, that were to hunt, were of the German typical taste.

Since 1975 Maserin patented the mark Jaguar and their knives and penknives became in an example of robustness and sharpened.

Maserin continue managing the company like few people. The acquired experience for years with the objective to satisfy their needs clients has taken to the creation of robustness, of quality and trustworthy knives and pocket knives. The small factory that was built in Maniago during 1960 has became in a building of more than 3,000 squared meters in last forty years.

Maserin knives Company

The Maserin Company of knives and pocket knives was created in 1960 and has its seat in (Italy).


He has placed his children Claudia, Giafranco and Maurizio in the direction of the company. The company Maserin knives and penknives uses a laser to create its products. All this has helped to improve the quality and to investment in technology.

Today still is preserved the artisan tradition in the cutting weapons manufacture. The company Maserin continues growing and it had got the international recognition and while it maintains the familiar tradition it had reached careful high technological levels.

Every year, Maserin progresses to offer innovator security and resistance in his knives and penknives to assure the best operation of these cutting weapons.

Maserin works for those clients who love the free air and its knives and penknives have like objective become in the indispensable element for any adventure in the nature.

The company Maserin dedicates his production to multiple applications and his catalogue can be classified of the following way:

New: In this category the last creations of Maserin are gathered. In they, the last innovations in knives and penknives can be observed. An example of this series is the pocket knife Spider that has a removable pocket clip and is made with stainless steel.

Maserin pocket knife spider

The Spider penknife is one of the new features of the Maserin mark whose blade is made in stainless steel.


High technologic: In this range there are Maserin knives and pocket knives that include the last technologies in the mark. Among them we can find the penknife Poker, of Italian and modern design with a stainless steel blade.      

pocket knives maserin pocker

Poker knife is one of the Maserin cutting weapons that incorporates the new technologies.


Rescue: In this category of Maserin penknives, also in stainless steel, is dedicated to trips and rescue actions, where is needed the maximum efficacy of the penknife to get the best possible result. Pocket knife Trip, which has the aluminium handle to reduce the weight, belongs to this collection. 

Penknife trip maserin from rescue collection

Maserin knives and penknives of Rescue collection are very used by rescue teams.


Hunting: This series of knives, penknives and axes are dedicated to the haunting. These Maserin cutting weapons are characterized for being very light. The axes count on a handle that it avoids that it slips and with a leather sheath. The knives and pocket knives, also with cover, have handles made with different woods as cocobolo or olive, or also with ox horn.


hunter pocket knife maserin

Maserin cutlery is characterized by its lightness and the quality of his materials.


Outdoor: This collection of Maserin knives, penknives and cutlery, are orientated to activities in the mount or in the camp, like the search of mushroom, picnic… They count with a speed opening system.

pik nic kit made for maserin

The Outdoor collection of Maserin is right for those free air lovers.


Collection: A magnificent Maserin series of ideal Maserin pocket knives to give as a gift or simply to have like decoration. They are made with luxury materials: gold, nickel silver, horn, mother of pearl… In addition, these penknives include a case.

maserin colection

Collection is the most selected range of Maserin penknives and it is made with materials like gold, mother of pearl or nickel silver.

Hobby & Relax: This collection count with the corkscrew Vintage with a modern design in spite of its classic purpose. It is the right corkscrew for all wine connoisseurs, professional waiters and those who appreciate a finely crafted tool. It is completely cut by laser machine. Its ergonomic stainless steel handle assures a good grip. Its stainless steel components include a spiral-grooved tool for smooth cork removal, a very sharp serrated blade you can open with both hands and a lever to open bottle caps.

Also to this collection it belongs Cigar cutter, can include gift boxes.

maserin corscrewmaserin cigar cutter

The corkscrew Vintage is handmade and counts with a modern design. Cigar cutter is sophisticated and includes a gift box.

Furthermore, Maserin cutlery, has a high range of accessories, in its majority cover for pocket knives and knives made with leather or nylon.


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