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The Victorinox swiss army knife can be difficult to define, although there is no doubt that they is recognized anywhere in the world like a symbol of talent, reliability and quality and they are known like Swiss army knives.

The Museum of Modern Art of New York has designated the multi-tool knife of the Swiss army as an example of elegant design and adaptation to its function

Swiss army knife made by Victorinox

Victorinox pocket knife with 9 tools.

This multi-tool pocket knives are made by the manufacture Victorinox located in Ibach (Swiss) for but of a century.

The success of these knives must to that the workers of Victorinox pay attention to each detail, making every day:

  • 34.000 Swiss army knives with 100 differents models
  • 43.000 Pocket knives with 300 differents models.
  • 43.000 Kitchen knives and professional knives.

Classic swiss army knife with 3 tools

"Classic" knife, one of the simple swiss army knife made by Victorinox.

In order to do an idea to us of the complexity of manufacture of each one of the Swiss knives we know that the manufacture of the model of knife for the Swiss army knife "Swiss Champ" of 33 functions, requires a total of 450 processes.

Victorinox is the company of Swiss knife of greater number of employees of Schwyz.  It exports 90% of its production of multi tool knives everywhere, which provides to Victorinox one double position as it bases of the local community and like ambassador nonofficial of Switzerland. Widely recognized inside and outside Switzerland, this company of knives and pocket knives have a solid commitment with the nature and look for of systematic way the technical innovation with the purpose of permanently guaranteeing the quality and attractive of the its pocket knives and knives

Swiss army knife. Swiss Champ Victorinox knife

Swiss army knife "Swiss Champ" with 33 functions and luxe case.

The history of Victorinox knife began in 1891. The cutler Karl Elsener founded the Swiss Association of cutlers with the purpose of creating jobs and to make the knife for soldiers destined the Swiss Army, after he himself, introduced new foods tinned for cases of emergency and adopted rifle that required a screwdriver to mount and to dismount, a basic task that they have to do all soldiers.

Therefore the first activity of the Victorinox Swiss factory was the manufacture of the "Knife of the Soldier", who incorporated a blade, a screwdriver for rifle, a can opener for the food and punches for the chairs and leather harnesses.

Victorinox swiss army knife

Swiss knife as well as the first knives made by Victorinox "The knife of the soldier".

In the beginning, Karl had to fight to maintain his small business of Swiss knives and lost money in his first contract with the swiss army and after the first year their colleagues cutlers resigned because an industrial company of Solingen, Germany, could make this knife most cheap.

Only Karl Elsener continued, but he lost all its savings.  Although with the help of its relatives and friends it followed ahead with the company.

The "Knife of the Soldier" was very robust but relatively heavy, for that reason it developed and it made the "Knife of the Official", lighter, more elegant and than in addition it included more functions legally, registering it the 12 of June of 1897. Although this Swiss army knife was not gotten up to the official equipment of the Swiss army, was an immediate successful and was acquired of particular form by the officials in the stores.

Multi-tool pocket knife. Victorinox swiss army knife

Victorinox Climber pocket knife.  This swiss army knife can appear with the red handle, blue handle or transparent handle.

In 1909 and after the death of its mother, call Victory, Karl Elsener chose its name as trade name. When the stainless steel, invented in 1921, began to be used, to the primitive mark of knives and pocket knives "Victory" added "Inox", international designation of the stainless steel, being from the union of both words the designation of the company of Swiss knives "Victorinox"

The descendants of Karl have been adding functions and improving the system of manufacture of the knives since then, with a gladly innovating spirit. They exist more than one hundred different models, so loaded of intelligent devices that the people of "Victorinox" are lost the track of whom invented each thing.

Swiss army knife with a lot of tools.

Victorinox Cibertool knife.  One of the knives with but tools of the market.

The second use that usually occurs to the swiss army knife is the medical urgencies, like accomplishments of drainages, etc.  There is even one who, in the War of the Falklands saved his life thanks to that its Victorinox knife stopped a bullet, as Diego F. Garcia Quiroga is the case of the commander of the Argentine Navy. Its knife is exposed in a plate in Naval Base of Sea of the Silver.

Functions in these very peculiar and perhaps not so habitual knives exist in which we have views in our day to day. There are Victorinox knives that incorporate altimeter, chronometer with incorporated awakener, ball-point pen, lantern and the "Tool Cybernetics", that makes possible the connection to a computer, because with the miniaturization of the electronics new, new possibilities exist to add functions.

Swiss memory pocket knife.  Swiss army knife with USB conection

Swiss Memory knife.  One of the last new features of Victorinox swiss army knives that includes a memory with USB connection for the computer.

This incredible world of the Victorinox swiss army knife seems not to have limits.


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