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Air compressed airguns from the spanish brand Gamo

The Spanish company " Gamo Precision Airguns" does not need a lot of presentation already, since during the 60 years of history as manufacturer of bullets, rifles and pistols of compressed air has gained an impeccable reputation among its customers and users for always offering innovative products, quality and with very good benefits.

As a result of technological advances in everything related to compressed air and globalization, there is a need to continue innovating and reinventing the products to meet the demands of the customers. As they say: "Being the leading brand means not only being the best-selling brand, nor the most recognized brand worldwide, being a leader means maximum demands in all areas. Innovation, technology, safety and quality are key factors in GAMO’s success."

In "Aceros de Hispania" we like to inform and offer our customers new, quality and innovative products and just about the innovation and new technologies that have developed and incorporated into the GAMO guns and carbines we want to talk about. That is why we are going to make a brief description of the latest advances in technology that "Gamo" has incorporated.


It is the fastest charge system for airguns, patented exclusively by GAMO. It allows to shoot 10 times without having to recharge; you only need to lower the barrel and pull the trigger. The rifles equipped with this technology are perfect to compete against the clock or simply to have fun. To make 10 shots It takes about 32 seconds, the time that before could be done only 4. This new technology is available only in select Gamo airguns airguns like REPLAY X MAXXIM..

10x quick shot gamo new technology for airguns Speed loader 10x quick shot gamo new technology for airguns Speed loader 10x quick shot gamo new technology for airguns


It is a technology designed for high powered Gamo compressed air rifles, to attenuate the stresses that support the sight due to recoil. A two-piece aluminum structure is used separated by double polymer posts that absorb shock waves. This advancement confers a vibration reduction, reliability of the sight, absolute precision and also extends the life of the sight. It is incorporated in several models of rifles:BLACK 1000 IGT, WHISPER MAXXIM IGT, SHADOW IGT, G-MAGNUM IGT MACH 1, GRIZZLY, BLACK MAXXIM IGT MACH 1, etc.

RRR – RECOIL REDUCING RAIL for airguns from Gamo RRR – RECOIL REDUCING RAIL for airguns from Gamo RRR – RECOIL REDUCING RAIL for airguns from Gamo


It is a sound suppressor fully integrated over the rifled steel barrel resulting in a very light fluted polymer Bull Barrel. It consists of two noise dampening chambers, providing quieter performance as well as a best in class muzzle break design. . The system is very efficient and light and is already incorporated in the models of air rifles WHISPER MAXXIM IGT, REPLAY X MAXXIM, BLACK MAXXIM IGT MACH 1, BLACK MAXXIM, etc.

whisper maxxim technology for Gamo airguns whisper maxxim technology for Gamo airguns whisper maxxim technology for Gamo airguns


It is a customized action trigger for air rifles, in 2 stages. Trigger stages 1 and 2 can be set independently. Simply tighten or loosen the screw afferent to each stage to reduce or increase the trigger travel. Among the models of carbines that incorporate this technology are: REPLAY-10 MAXXIM, BLACK MAXXIM IGT MACH 1, BLACK KNIGHT IGT MACH1, G-MAGNUM 1250 WHISPER IGT MACH 1, COYOTE, etc.

CAT - CUSTOM ACTION TRIGGER Gam technology for airguns CAT - CUSTOM ACTION TRIGGER Gam technology for airguns


It is the maximum power in a standard carbine, provided by a cylindrical chamber with a diameter of 33 mm, spring and larger pistons, allowing a higher volume of air to be moved.

Gas power Technology with 33mm cylinder for gamo airguns


INERT GAS TECHNOLOGY added to the Gamo Power Airguns form a new system, the IGT Mach1 and that is to replace the classic spring by a special loading system. This way is achieved improving performance by 20% more speed and 37% more energy compared to the conventional piston gas system. It also increases precision thanks to a double shock absorber system in the piston that reduces vibrations. The Airguns that are equipped with this revolutionary system are BLACK MAXXIM IGT MACH 1, G-MAGNUM 1250 IGT MACH 1 y BLACK KNIGHT IGT MACH1

IGT MACH 1 technology for Gamo airguns


It is to modify the power source of the carbine, replacing the spring by a new pneumatic system of load, of piston. This change gives a greater regularity in shooting power, lower vibration and greater precision. In addition, because there is no spring friction, we can enjoy it for many years as the low friction reduces fatigue of the parts and increases the overall life expectancy of the product compared to traditional dock technology. Among the models of carbines with this system we name WHISPER IGT, BLACK 1000 IGT y ELITE WHISPER IGT.



It is a new exclusive Gamo recoil pad, with 3 removable pads to improve the absorption ratio (kilograms) and the recoil distance (millimeters). The user can adjust the degrees of absorption depending on his preferences. This innovation allows to absorb the recoil with up to 74% respect to a standard recoil pad.

SWA (SHOCK WAVE ABSORBER) new technology for Gamo airguns SWA


It is the latest in sound suppresser and is the technical advance developed by the creators of Whisper and Bull Whisper technologies. The latest two Whisper technologies are combined. When the pellet reaches the end of the barrel, it accedes to a first technological innovation that moderates the sound by means of different air chambers and finally arrives at the second phase, that moderates the sound using acoustic cameras. It is the quietest. ELITE FUSION, WHISPER FUSION , BLACK FUSION y BLACK FUSION IGT MACH1 are the Gamo Airguns that already incorporate this innovation.

WHISPER FUSION technology for Gamo airguns

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