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Umarex company was founded in year 1972 under the name of "UMA Mayer & Ussfeller GMBH". The first products the company developed were tear gases, signal guns and air rifles. Shortly Umarex aquired Reck Sportwaffenfabrik kart Arndt company and the name of the company was changed from UMA to UMAREK and later to UMAREX.

UMAREX redefined the company development objectives and convert quickly in the king of compressed air real weapons reply.

The first UMAREX success came with the PK RECK 800 which has converted in an acclaimed product worldwide. The PK RECK 800 is a tear gas and signal pistol thar appear as a Walther PPK reply and quickly gain recognition of the market.

Umarex airguns and air pistols logo.

Umarex airguns and air pistols manufacturer logo

Today UMAREX is the biggest european airgun importer and markets brands as Crosman, Marksman and Norica, among many. UMAREX is also one of the biggest reply developers of Smith&Wesson, Colt, Beretta, FN Browning, Magnum, Walther airguns of which have manufacturing licenses of airguns and Co2 air rifles.

UMAREX have a wide catalog of air rifles and air pistols available in Co2 versions and in compressed air versions.

Then we can see the models of Co2 air rifles that are currently in the market. Many of these models have become in market references by the quality of its finished and the power they demonstrate.


Umarex 850 Airmagnum Classic is made of beechwood and has a smart design. Chance to include two Co2 bottles thus incrementing the autonomy.

Umarex 850 airmagnum Classic air rifle.

UMAREX 850 Airmagnum Classic Co2 Airgun

Umarex 850 Airmagnum Hunter Co2 air rifle includes a novel rotatation system that allows to change the Co2 bottle quickly and easily. Checkered beechwood stock.

Umarex Airgmagnum Hunter 850 air rifle.

UMAREX 850 Airmagnum Hunter Co2 airgun

Umarex 850 Airmagnum Co2 is the evolution of the two models discussed above. Ventilated rubber recoil provides a tactical design to the airgun. Shoot up to 400 times with a single Co2 charge.

Umarex 850 Co2 air carbine.

UMAREX 850 Airmagnum Co2 air rifle

Umarex Walther Lever Action characterized by a design that recalls the classic american rifles, unless it is made in Germany. Incorporates a new system that guarantees the maximum power.

Co2 Umarex Walther Lever Action airgun.

UMAREX Walther Lever Action long Co2 air rifle

Hammerli 850 Airmagnum ZG30 Co2 airgun combines the maximum power and precision. The barrel is made of dull plated crhome.

Umarex Hammerli 850 Airmagnum ZG30 airgun.

UMAREX Hammerli 850 Airmagnum ZG30 Co2 airgun

Beretta CX4 Storm Co2 airgun is a world new in Co2 air rifles with repeater system. Its rotative loader of 30 pellets its included into the Co2 airgun world elite.

Umarex Beretta CX4 Storm Co2 airgun.

UMAREX Beretta CX4 Storm Co2 airgun


Smith & Wesson Military & Police Co2 airgun is a reply of the american police official weapons. Easily usage and high performance.

The name says it all, its the Combat Special Model with four scope rails and accessories. Viewfinder included.

Smith & Wesson Military & Police air gun.

Co2 airgun Umarex Colt Special Combat Xtreme.

Smith&Wesson Military & Police Co2 airgun

Umarex Colt Special Combat Xtreme Co2 airgun

Co2 airgun made of stainless steel. Two stage triger and safety.

The gun includes the red dot sight integrated and a new RS compensator that improves the precision.

Colt Special Combat Classic Airgun .

Umarex Red storm Co2 airgun.

Colt Special Combat Classic Co2 airgun

Umarex Red Storm Co2 airgun

Red Hawk Co2 airgun is recognized immediately by its silhouette. Includes a red dot sight inside the airgun.

Umarex CP Sport co2 airgun is a fast shooting gun.

Includes a quickly and easily Co2 bottle change system.

Umarex red hawk co2 airgun with red dot scope incorporated.

Umarex CP Sport Co2 airgun reply.

Red Hawk Co2 airgun

Umarex CP Sport Co2 airgun

Tactical design Co2 airgun with repetition system. The mount system allow to incorporate several scopes.

The new Walther Co2 CP99 airgun is creating new standards. Ergonomic and compact shape.

Umarex Walther Nighthawk tactical airgun with scope and sound reducer.

Umarex Walther CP99 Co2 airgun with slip grip.

Umarex Walther NightHawk Co2 airgun

Umarex Walther CP99 Co2 airgun

Walther CP88 Co2 Airgun its a new generation of Co2 air pistols. Recomended for beginners and training.

Small, compact and manageable airgun. This new model offers precision and functionality.

Umarex CP88 Walther Co2 airgun.

Walther CP99 compact Co2 air gun.

Umarex Walther CP88 Co2 airgun

Walther CP 99 Compact Co2 airgun

This is the gun of known agent of Her Majesty's Secret Service. Made entirely of metal.

Unmistakable designed airgun. Includes a high quality red dot sight in a powerful mount. Also includes a barrel compensator.

Co2 airgun Umarex Walther PPK/S.

Tactical design airgun Beretta XX-TREME co2 airgun.

Umarex Walther PPK/S Co2 airgun

Beretta XX-TREME Co2 airgun

Beretta M92 FS Co2 airgun version. The M92 is the gun used by the policeman all over the world.

Double action system. 19 pellet loader. Includes shooting safety.

Beretta M92-FS Co2 airgun. Beretta M-92 FS reply.

Beretta Elite II Co2 airgun.

Beretta M 92 FS Co2 airgun

Beretta Elite II Co2 airgun

Single and double action system. 16 pellet loader. Repetition system.

Colt Government Co2 airgun is one of the most successful airguns in the world. Combine all charecteristics of an action gun.

Co2 airgun Beretta PX4 Storm airgun.

Colt Government 1911 A1 Co2 airgun.

Umarex Beretta Px4 Storm Co2 airgun

Colt Government 1911 A1 Co2 airgun

Famous in all over the wold the Magnum Desert Eagle is performance synonymous. Viewfinder mounts included. Safety.

The smaller sister of the Magnum Desert Eagle. The Baby desert eagle is equal in benefits and quality.

Umarex Magnum Desert Eagle Co2 airgun. Umarex Magnum Baby desert eagle Co2 airgun.
Umarex Magnum Desert Eagle Co2 airgun Magnum Baby Desert Eagle Co2 airgun

This Co2 Revolver is a perfect reply of the legendary Magnum 357 revolver. 8 pellets loader.

Magnum 357 reply in 6 pellet loader version.

Smith&Wesson 586 6 Co2 airgun revolver. Revolver Co2 Smith&Wesson 586 6 airgun.
Smith & Wesson 586 8 Co2 revolver airgun Smith & Wesson 586 6 Co2 revolver airgun

Magnum 357 Co2 revolver with 4 pellet loader.

Magnum 586 revolver airgun in its nickel version.

Magnum Smith&Wesson 586 4 airgun revolver. Co2 Revolver Magnum Smith&Wesson 586 6 airgun.
Magnum Smith&Wesson 586 4 Co2 airgun Magnum Smith&Wesson 586 6 Co2 airgun


The Longbow A airgun has a practical stock design. Lothar Walther high precision barrel. Two stage trigger and checkered grip.

Webley&Scott Longbow A airguns.

Webley & Scott Longbow A airgun

Umarex Webley & Scott Stingray II break barrel airgun has all characteristics you could wait from a Webley air rifle. This airgun maintains the best english weapon manufacturing tradition.

Webley Scott Stingray II airguns and air rifles.

Webley & Scott Stingray II air rifle

Ruger is an airgun manufacturer well known by its high quality air rifles. Adjustable two stage trigger. Fiber optic sights. Scope not included.

Ruger air hawk umarex airgun.
Ruger Air Hawk air rifle

Ambidiextrous smart designed stock. Two stage trigger. Scope included. Checkered design grip with american hardwood stock.

Ruger Air Hawk elite air rifle.
Ruger Air Hawk Elite airgun

Tactical designed airgun with rubber stock. Automatic safety system and optic fiber sights.

Norica Titanium A air rifle.
Norica Titanium A air rifle

Smart and simple design. Norica Massima airgun allow to shoot small pellet cartidges. American hardwood stock with chequered grip design.

Norica Massimo high precision airgun.
Norica Massimo air rifle

Umarex China 21 air rifle with single action trigger. Adjustable sights and scope mounts. Viewfinder not included.

Umarex China 21 airgun made in american hardwood.
Umarex China 21 airgun

Simple and economic design. Wood stock.

Umarex CHina 22 spring power air rifle.
Umarex China 22 spring airgun

Checkered grip design and wood stock. Optic fiber sights adjustable in elevation and windage. Scope included.

Hammerli Hunter Force 600 combo airgun with break barrel.
Hammerli Hunter Force 600 Combo air rifle

Optic fiber sights adjustable in windage and elevation. Wood stock with slip grip design. Scope 4x32 included.

Break barrel hammerli hunter force 750 combo airgun.
Hammerli Hunter Force 750 Combo spring air rifle

Wood stock airgun with chequered grip design. Elevation and windage adjustable optic fiber sights. Viewfinder included.

Hammerli hunter 900 combo air rifle.
Umarex Hammerli Hunter Force 900 Combo airgun

Umarex Hammerli Hunter Force 1000 combo air rifle has a slip grip design and a wood stock. 6x42 scope included.

Umarex hammerli hunter force 1000 combo break barrel air rifle.
Umarex Hammerli Hunter Force 1000 Combo air rifle

Tactical and ergonomic design. Adjustable optic fiber sights. 2,8 kg weight. Barrel compensator included. Ventilated recoil.

Spring air rifle Hammerli Firefox.
Hammerli Firefox air rifle

The Norica top seller airgun. Beechwood stock. Norica 56 air rifle is perfect for sport shooting and it is equipped with double run trigger and adjustable sights. Scope not included.

Umarex Norica 56 high precision air rifle.
Umarex Norica 56 airgun

Light and with a tactical design. Ventilated rubber recoil.

Norica Dragon air rifle with rubber stock.
Norica Dragon airgun

Single shot air rifle with adjustable trigger and automatic safety system. Beechwood stock with slip grip design. Rubber recoil. Smart design.

Norica Krono airgun with hardwood american stock and slip grip.
Norica Krono air rifle

Smart designed airgun with beechwood stock. High precision barrel. Automatic safety system. Adjustable two stage trigger.

Norica Marvic airgun with classic design.
Norica Marvic airgun

Chequered wood stock design. High precision air rifle. Safety load system. Scope not included.

Norica Quick airgun with checkered stock design.
Norica Quick airgun

Simple and sport. The Umarex Perfecta 45 airgun has a simple wood stock design.

Umarex Perfecta 45 air rifle.
Umarex Perfecta 45 air rifle

Perfecta 47 air rifle with AK-47 similar design. Micrometric sights.

Perfecta 47 airgun with AK-47 design.
Perfecta 47 airgun

Break barrel high precision air rifle. Wood stock. Micrometric sights.

Break barrel Perfecta 55 airgun.
Perfecta 55 air rifle


Ambidiextrous grip airgun. Synthetic stock. Practical, comfortable and attractive air pistol.

Perfecta S3 LP break barrel airgun. Polymer grip.

Hammerli firehornet air gun. Break barrel Perfecta S3 LP air gun.
Hammerli Firehornet air gun Perfecta S3 LP spring gun

Sigle shot airgun. Ergonomic design. Adjustable sights. Break barrel airgun.

Perfecta XS break barrel airgun.
Perfecta XS spring air gun


Designed with high quality components. Practical scale to mesaure distances. Ideal for long distances.
Pneumatic Walther 1250 Dominator FT Pro Field pump airgun.
WALTHER 1250 Dominator FT Pro Field pneumatic airgun
8 pellet rotation magazine. Designed for a perfect aim in long distances. 300 bar pressure cylinder.
Walther 1250 Dominator pneumatic air rifle.
Walther 1250 Dominator pump air rifle
8 pellet rotation magazine. High precision in long distance shots. Designed with ambidiextrous stock.
Walther 1250 Dominator Ft pneumatic pump airgun.
Walther 1250 Dominator FT air rifle

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