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Fällkniven sharpened

Fällkniven sharpened

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dc4 fallkniven sharpener
(ref.: DC4)
Immediate shipping
Stock: 4

-Measures: 32x100 mm.
Made of: Diamond and ceramic.
-Sheath: Leather.

Length: 15 Cm.
High: 1 Cm.
Width: 9 Cm.
€ 18,18 Euros
($ 21,68 USD)

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fallkniven sharpener dc3
(ref.: DC3)
Immediate shipping
Stock: 2

- Whith 25mm and 75 mm length.

- Sharpene consists in faces of diamond/ceramic.
- Leather cover.

Length: 18 Cm.
High: 1,5 Cm.
Width: 9 Cm.
€ 12,40 Euros
($ 14,79 USD)

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fallkniven sharpener d12
(ref.: D12)
Shipping 8-10 days

-Total length: 300mm

- Sharpene of diamond.

Length: 44 Cm.
High: 5 Cm.
Width: 5 Cm.
€ 37,19 Euros
($ 44,35 USD)

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fallkniven ceramics sharpener c10
(ref.: C10)
Shipping 8-10 days

- Ceramic Sharpener Kitchen Knife 

- Get an extraordinary edge, especially chef knives high quality. 

- Presents improvements such as anti-tear qualities and shock absorption 

- The surface hardness reaches 9 on Mohs scale 

- Bar length 270 mm 

- Overall length 410 mm

€ 23,97 Euros
($ 28,59 USD)

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fallkniven sharpener dc521
(ref.: DC521)
Shipping 8-10 days

- Sharpener table with two types of surface.

- The yellow part is an area of rapid and aggressive diamond, while the dark side is ceramic, slower, very fine grain.

- The diamond roughs lot and should be used if the edge is grueso.a, slower, very fine grain.

- The ceramic stone works much more slowly and when necessary, provides a softer sharp shaving.

- Dimensions: 55x210mm

- Presented in gift box

Length: 26 Cm.
High: 2,5 Cm.
Width: 11,5 Cm.
€ 64,47 Euros
($ 76,89 USD)

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fallkniven df24 sharpener
(ref.: DF24)
Shipping 8-10 days

- The diamond provides a very good edge to any steel sheet.

- No oil or water is not needed

- Wash it with warm water and soap

- Measures: 5x20x150mm

- Area diamond: 61mm

- Weight: 24 grams

Length: 18 Cm.
High: 0,5 Cm.
Width: 9 Cm.
€ 6,19 Euros
($ 7,38 USD)

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fallkniven sharpener fs3
(ref.: FS3)
Shipping 8-10 days

- The diamond part is coated with titanium nitride and aluminum.

- The ceramic part is made with synthetic sapphires

- Both sides are affixed with 3M tape

- Used dry, but you can use a little soap and water to clean the surfaces.

- If you are right handed, take the tool with your left hand, push forward the catch lever at the top and press the metal button. A metal spring ejects the two sides sharpener, which is locked in position for use. To collect it, again press the metal button and close by hand to block sharpener. To prevent accidental opening, retract the upper lever.

- Closed Length: 98.7 mm

- 25 micron diamond grain

- Grain Ceramic 1 micron

- Zytel handle and stainless steel metal parts

Length: 18 Cm.
High: 2 Cm.
Width: 9 Cm.
€ 20,66 Euros
($ 24,64 USD)

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fallkniven d12 pro sharpener
(ref.: D12PRO)
Shipping 8-10 days

-Total length: 300mm
- Diamond sharpener and high quality steel

€ 70,25 Euros
($ 83,78 USD)

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fallkniven ceramics sharpener cc4
(ref.: CC4)
Shipping 8-10 days

- Dimensions: 32 x 100 mm

- Combines two sides of a very thin ceramic sharpening.

- The white face of CC4 has a surface of superfine ceramic (0.1 microns) and the gray portion is formed of synthetic sapphires (1 micron)

- No lubrication is required during sharpening and cleaning is enough water and some liquid soap.

Length: 14 Cm.
High: 1 Cm.
Width: 5,5 Cm.
€ 16,53 Euros
($ 19,71 USD)

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