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Medieval recreation helmets.

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roman helmet
(ref.: 5387_ESP)
Roman helmet
Immediate shipping
Stock: 2
Beautiful Roman centurion helmet in natural size.

€ 90,85 Euros
($ 101,17 USD)

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1716901900 roman centurion helmet
(ref.: 8005_ESP)
1716901900 Roman centurion helmet
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1
"Impressive full-size helmet inspired by those used by the Roman centurions in the time of the empire.

€ 78,21 Euros
($ 87,09 USD)

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1723805202 hundsgugel helmet, 2 mm steel
(ref.: 13227_ESP)
1723805202 Hundsgugel helmet, 2 mm steel
Shipping 8-10 days
"The Hundsgugel is the shape of the helmet preferred among the noblest knights, its characteristic design of the visor helped this helmet to its name Hundsgugel (= hood dog / head of dog) and to its wide distribution in all Central Europe.

The original of our fully battle ready replicas was probably around 1400/1410 in the north of Milan, Italy, made of hand-made 2 mm thick steel plate, riveted and welded, it ensures due to its robustness and good protection during the battle recreation.

The helmet has a hinged visor and two supports also with hinges on the neck with padded fabric and a leather chin strap.

The sides worked on the lower edge of the hull holes are used to ensure "

€ 158,00 Euros
($ 175,95 USD)

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1780000200 infantry skewers helmet of 1889 of prussia
(ref.: 13257_ESP)
1780000200 infantry skewers helmet of 1889 of Prussia
Shipping 8-10 days
"Replica of a Prussian also called Punta's helmet made of leather After the original from 1889.

It has in front the Prussian heraldic eagle with ribbon for hair with God for King and attached country.

The helmet has a comfortable leather inlay for height adjustment.


€ 102,70 Euros
($ 114,37 USD)

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200114 medieval european kettle functional helmet
(ref.: 7288_ESP)
Shipping 8-10 days
"Epic Armory's Kettle Hat is a steel helmet inspired by the infantry armor used during the Middle Ages.

The wing of the Teapot Hat is wide and inclined to protect the head and face of weapons, projectiles and the sun.

This helmet with a metal cap for additional protection of the neck and cheeks.

€ 74,26 Euros
($ 82,70 USD)

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300018 gothic armor
(ref.: 13539_ESP)
300018 Gothic armor
Shipping 8-10 days
Plate armor was very popular in the mid-13th century and was successful with full plate armor at the end of the 14th century.

Germany and Italy were the main centers of armor production.

The armors were made mainly in "gothic" style.

This replica has been reproduced in Italian Gothic design.

The armor offers great protection and comfort and was well acclaimed throughout Europe.

It provided a rounded surface for the spear and the sword.

€ 1.263,21 Euros
($ 1.406,71 USD)

Product added
ulf-hm-35b 14th century bascinet helmet with chainmail
(ref.: 12435_ESP)
ULF-HM-35B 14th Century Bascinet Helmet with Chainmail
Shipping 8-10 days
The bascinet, also the bell of the caldera or bascinet, developed at the beginning of the 14th century of the cervelliere and until the propagation of the 15th century.

€ 117,71 Euros
($ 131,08 USD)

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ulf-hm-09 schaller german helmet, 2 mm steel
(ref.: 13240_ESP)
ULF-HM-09 Schaller German helmet, 2 mm steel
Shipping 8-10 days
"Our very faithful reconstruction of a German Schaller combines both authentic representation and maximum security.

The original probably goes back to a Nuremberg gunsmith and will fold to 1480, its visor is lockable by a padlock riveted laterally on the lowest step.

The helmet has a very comfortable padded fabric inlay and a solid chin strap with brass buckle.


€ 133,51 Euros
($ 148,68 USD)

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roman helmet arena model. ref. h25
(ref.: H25)
Shipping 15-20 days

- Roman gladiator helmet.
- Made of lacquered iron.
- Interior lacquered black.
- It includes stand of metal (different from that shown in photo).
- Battle ready.

Length: 30 Cm.
High: 26 Cm.
Width: 24,5 Cm.
€ 55,50 Euros
($ 61,80 USD)

Product added
marshal historical recreation medieval barbute helmet
(ref.: MH-H0910-M)
Shipping 1-3 months

- it is said of the barbuta that it is a question of a romantic form of helmet that it tries to imitate the style of the Greek hoplitas.

- it is not difficult to understand this idea on having seen one of these hulls of Italian origin.

- the barbuta differs from the hoplita in covering up to the nape, doing the use of a high gorgeret as something optionally.

- some of these hulls have nasally and reinforcements in the edges of the visor.

- his visor in the shape of T or of And it is different of the habitual characteristics of this type of helmets.

- fact in steel of 1.6mm

- includes barbuquejo of leather.

- SIZE M diameter of 60-61 cm

- SIZE L diameter of 63-64 cm

Length: 33 Cm.
High: 25 Cm.
Width: 33 Cm.
€ 103,60 Euros
($ 115,37 USD)

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corinthian helmet with plume
(ref.: 5418_ESP)
Corinthian helmet with plume
Shipping 8-10 days
Beautiful Corinthian helmet with plume and tail, replica of those worn by the Athenians in the movie Troya.

€ 88,48 Euros
($ 98,53 USD)

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1723090110 athenian helmet
(ref.: 11453_ESP)
1723090110 Athenian helmet
Shipping 8-10 days
"Attic helmet with crest, 1.

6 mm steel.

This complex replica follows the example of the helmets used around 300 BC in ancient Athens.

The flexible protections of the cheeks are covered with leather inside.

The pen can be mounted separately.

The delivery includes a hood to the side.

" "

€ 133,51 Euros
($ 148,68 USD)

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1716637500 helmet roman cavalry auxiliary
(ref.: 11587_ESP)
1716637500 Helmet Roman cavalry auxiliary
Shipping 8-10 days
"At the beginning of the Roman Empire, this new type of helmet appeared for the cavalry.

This reconstruction is based on the findings of a hull dome in Northwich (in Cheshire, United Kingdom) and cheeks (Gloucester).

This replica has beautiful stamps, probably a "curly head.

" The ornament of the cheeks represents the god Neptune.


A cotton cover " " "

€ 177,75 Euros
($ 197,94 USD)

Product added
1716673000 coppergate helmet viii century
(ref.: 11663_ESP)
1716673000 Coppergate Helmet VIII Century
Shipping 8-10 days
"Copper helmet, with unreasonable chain bronzes, 1.

6 mm steel, fit for battle.

Prototype of this replica of helmet ready for battle is in 1983, York, England called Coppergate helmet.

It dates from the 8th century and is, as one of the few discoveries of Angelsäschichen helmets, of great archaeological importance.

The helmet has decorative brass applications with engravings and has a chain of galvanized rings.

A comfortable leather inlay with chin strap fits the helmet.


€ 117,71 Euros
($ 131,08 USD)

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1716631601 roman helmet coolus -d- haltern, brass
(ref.: 13189_ESP)
1716631601 Roman helmet Coolus -D- Haltern, brass
Shipping 8-10 days
"First class reconstruction of a typical Coolus helmet found in the old Roman camp near Haltern am See (Germany).

There were 2000 years ago one of the most important Roman military complexes on the right bank of the Rhine Germania.

One of the most famous legions was there: the 19th legion, which was completely destroyed in the year 9 AD at the Battle of Varus.

Therefore, the original of this helmet also dates from the first century Christian and can be visited today in the Roman Museum of Haltern.


€ 150,10 Euros
($ 167,15 USD)

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1716620800 thracian gladiator's helmet, brass
(ref.: 13205_ESP)
1716620800 Thracian Gladiator's Helmet, Brass
Shipping 8-10 days
"Thracian Gladiator's Helmet This replica is based on an original find from Pompeii (AD 79).

A neck hood is included.


€ 227,52 Euros
($ 253,37 USD)

Product added
1716388000 italian iron hat 1.6 mm steel
(ref.: 13228_ESP)
1716388000 Italian iron hat 1.6 mm steel
Shipping 8-10 days
"This replica of an Italian aconite is 1.

6 mm thick steel, not only used in Italy, but also for example in Switzerland and southern Germany, especially in the infantry.

head but also the shoulders, chest and back of the dangers that come from above, like the thunderstorm arrow of late medieval archers.

In the wing are crossed, corrugated steel strips consisting of two parts welded centrally, the thickness of the material is 1.

6 mm Includes a high-quality padded leather inlay and chin strap for a perfect hold.


€ 75,05 Euros
($ 83,58 USD)

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1716603501 helmet with prussia tip 1889 helmet cuirassier, steel
(ref.: 13258_ESP)
1716603501 Helmet with prussia tip 1889 Helmet cuirassier, steel
Shipping 8-10 days
"Replica of a Prussian also called Punta hull made in steel, After the original from 1889.

It has in front the Prussian heraldic eagle with ribbon for hair with God for King and attached country.

The helmet has a comfortable leather inlay for height adjustment.


€ 122,45 Euros
($ 136,36 USD)

Product added
201229 morrion functional helmet xvi century
(ref.: 7289_ESP)
Shipping 8-10 days
"Epic Armory's Morion is a steel helmet inspired by the Spanish conquerors of the 15th to the 16th centuries who conquered the world for Gold, God and Glory.

The edge of the Morion has a shape to protect the head and face without obstructing the vision, curved Along the front and back The skull cap is reinforced with a long comb extending from the forehead along the apex of the helmet The riveted cheek protections fit the helmet, adding additional protection to the face .

Secure Morion by tightening the leather strap under the chin, keeping the helmet in place.

Made of 1mm soft steel and top-grain leather straps and accessories, this piece of armor is made to withstand the abuse of a LARP or recreation with the usual care of leather and metal armor.


€ 66,36 Euros
($ 73,90 USD)

Product added
300447 helmet ricardo corazón de león
(ref.: 8682_ESP)
300447 Helmet Ricardo Corazón de León
Shipping 8-10 days
"Impossible helmet replica of the one used by King Ricardo Corazón de León.

It is a life-size helmet, with adjustable interior, aged metal and brass crown.

It measures 66 cm in circumference.

It comes with a decorated display to have a decoration "

€ 165,90 Euros
($ 184,75 USD)

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