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Medieval recreation helmets.

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1716901900 roman centurion helmet
(ref.: 8005_ESP)
1716901900 Roman centurion helmet
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1
"Impressive full-size helmet inspired by those used by the Roman centurions in the time of the empire.

€ 78,21 Euros
($ 93,27 USD)

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roman helmet
(ref.: 5387_ESP)
Roman helmet
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1
Beautiful Roman centurion helmet in natural size.

€ 90,85 Euros
($ 108,35 USD)

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881003 casco del rey leónidas
(ref.: 881003)
881003 Casco del rey Leónidas
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1
Casco del Rey Leonidas made of the best authentic materials, this incredible helmet is made of steel and bathed in aged brass.

It is completely lined in leather, with an adjustable lining and carries a genuine ridge of horse hair.

€ 148,75 Euros
($ 177,40 USD)

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1716901500 helmet sugar loaf templar
(ref.: 12093_ESP)
1716901500 Helmet Sugar Loaf templar
Shipping 8-10 days
"Helmet with the typical shape of a boat hull or bathtub with brass fittings manufactured by about 1330.

It is made of steel and riveted brass cover.

Includes a comfortable and adjustable leather inlay.


€ 54,51 Euros
($ 65,01 USD)

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1716671300 ribchester cavalry helmet, brass and steel
(ref.: 13201_ESP)
1716671300 Ribchester cavalry helmet, brass and steel
Shipping 8-10 days
Ribchester cavalry helmet, brass and steel.

This replica is based on the Cavalry sports helmet that is located in Ribchester (Lancashire), United Kingdom.

The original is now displayed in the British Museum, London.

The beautiful work of relief in the helmet calotte shows exercises of athletic training of soldiers.

€ 236,21 Euros
($ 281,70 USD)

Product added
1716679216 closed helmet, english style, 16th century
(ref.: 13223_ESP)
1716679216 Closed helmet, English style, 16th century
Shipping 8-10 days
"Visor helmet, developed in the 16th century of the Italian helmet Armet offered here .

The consists of the headrest with the typical head and chin shield, the neck is front and behind each, a visor of two parts is mounted On the pivot pin of the height of the temple and can be pushed completely on the forehead.

The inside of the leather inlay can be customized for the user.


€ 114,55 Euros
($ 136,61 USD)

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1716901700 german morion helmet, 1.6 mm steel
(ref.: 13253_ESP)
1716901700 German Morion helmet, 1.6 mm steel
Shipping 8-10 days
This helmet is a German replica jersey helmet of the second half, wearing a chin strap comfortable velvet leather inlays.

€ 55,30 Euros
($ 65,95 USD)

Product added
200127 besterker s, xii and xiii functional helmet
(ref.: 7284_ESP)
Shipping 8-10 days
"The Berserker Helmet by Epic Armory is a closed helmet designed to protect the entire head while intimidating enemies on the battlefield.

" The fixed nose and cheek guard of the Berserker Helmet give the appearance of an animal snout growling, reinforced by the dazzling eye slits in the face shield, many details have been dedicated to this helmet, including hammered rivets and ventilation around the mouth.

€ 70,32 Euros
($ 83,86 USD)

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20012250 roman trooper helmet with red feather
(ref.: 11332_ESP)
20012250 Roman trooper helmet with red feather
Shipping 8-10 days
Roman centurion helmet,
€ 109,81 Euros
($ 130,96 USD)

Product added
ulf-hm-54-m corinthian a bronze helmet
(ref.: 11455_ESP)
ULF-HM-54-M Corinthian A Bronze Helmet
Shipping 8-10 days
"The Corinthian helmets, which bear the name of the ancient Greek city of Corinth, were developed in the first half of the 7th century BC It was the most common helmet of ancient Greek and was even popularized in Italy.

Our replica is based on the Corinthian 'A' type.

The helmet is made of solid bronze.

It has no coating since the rivets would have damaged the hull cap.

But we will add a soft padded cap to each helmet.

A perfect piece for collectors of the classical Greek era, like the hoplites.


€ 188,81 Euros
($ 225,17 USD)

Product added
ulf-hm-14 clasp helmet with front plate, 1.6 mm steel
(ref.: 13214_ESP)
ULF-HM-14 Clasp helmet with front plate, 1.6 mm steel
Shipping 8-10 days
"Complete battle helmet-ready in the form of a Norman clasp helmet 1180 AD, made from 1.

6mm to 3.

2mm thick steel .


The two halves of the helmet are firmly welded, the band accessories They are riveted in both the helmet and the front plate, which guarantees maximum strength and great protection during the fight.

Including an adjustable and high quality padded fabric inlay, riveted, and leather chinstrap.


€ 142,20 Euros
($ 169,59 USD)

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armour head 905,2
(ref.: 905.2)
Shipping 15-20 days

- Height: 35 cms.

- Armour head with red, yellow and blue plume.

€ 362,18 Euros
($ 431,94 USD)

Product added
marshall medieval recreation infantry sallet
(ref.: MH-H0854)
Infantry sallet helmet
Shipping 1-3 months

This helmet can be seen in representations of season

interior padding

made of steel, 1.6mm

Standard size = 63~64 cm diameter

Length: 35 Cm.
High: 26 Cm.
Width: 24 Cm.
€ 93,33 Euros
($ 111,31 USD)

Product added
helmet sugarloaf metal
(ref.: 5413_ESP)
Helmet Sugarloaf metal
Shipping 8-10 days
Beautiful medieval helmet made of lacquered iron, fully functional and life-size.

Delivery time 8-10 days

€ 60,04 Euros
($ 71,60 USD)

Product added
1716605802 italo-corinthian helmet
(ref.: 11449_ESP)
1716605802 Italo-Corinthian helmet
Shipping 8-10 days
Faithful replica of an Italo-Corinthian steel helmet with leather accessories ready for combat "
€ 46,61 Euros
($ 55,59 USD)

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1716605701 roman brass helmet
(ref.: 11469_ESP)
1716605701 Roman brass helmet
Shipping 8-10 days
Authentic replica based on a first century advertising helmet found in Cremona, northern Italy.


€ 125,61 Euros
($ 149,80 USD)

Product added
1716673300 viking or norman nasal helmet
(ref.: 11599_ESP)
1716673300 Viking or Norman nasal helmet
Shipping 8-10 days
"Reconstruction of a primitive medieval nasal helmet from the 10th century.

These helmets were used equally by Vikings, Normans and first crusaders, often in conjunction with a chain hood.

Done after a find in Prague.

The helmet is made of approximately 1mm thick steel and has an adjustable leather inlet and chin strap.


€ 43,45 Euros
($ 51,82 USD)

Product added
1716630100 medieval helmet with visor
(ref.: 12094_ESP)
1716630100 Medieval helmet with visor
Shipping 8-10 days
"This medial bucket helmet is a modification of the sugar loaf helmet.

It is made of sheet steel about 1.

6 mm thick and has a folding visor.

In addition, the helmet is equipped with a comfortable adjustable leather inlet and chin strap.

It is equally suitable for recreation and LARP.


€ 70,32 Euros
($ 83,86 USD)

Product added
1716621000 ceremonial helmet of the roman praetorian guard, brass
(ref.: 13202_ESP)
1716621000 Ceremonial helmet of the Roman Praetorian guard, brass
Shipping 8-10 days
"Ceremonial helmet of the Roman Praetorian Guard, Bronze precursor of the Roman Praetorian Guard (in short, the Praetorians) was already introduced in the Republican era.

The company was later augmented and enlarged by the Roman emperors.

Therefore, the praetorians served the emperors as guard and bodyguards and were often used in internal politics to secure the rule.

Made of sheet brass with richly ornamented ornaments, this helmet is a true success today as it was then.

It has two brass cheeks and a red horsehair helmet.

In addition, the helmet has an adjustable leather entry.


€ 304,15 Euros
($ 362,73 USD)

Product added
1723090602 gothic helmet schaller 1.6 mm steel
(ref.: 13224_ESP)
1723090602 Gothic helmet Schaller 1.6 mm steel
Shipping 8-10 days
"Replica of a Gothic Schaller from around 1495.

The original is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and was designed by German Plattner Lorenz Helmschmied, Hofplattner Emperor Maximilian I angefertigt.

So both Halsberge and the viewfinder have hinges and can be closed by locks.

The helmet does not have integrated Inlett.

However, there is a separate upholstered hood, attached to each helmet.

We recommend, if necessary, place a custom fill.

Inside, in front of the display slot, a wire mesh mesh is attached, which can be easily removed, for example, with a side cutter if you do not like it.


€ 197,50 Euros
($ 235,54 USD)

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