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Medieval recreation helmets.

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881003 casco del rey leónidas
(ref.: 881003)
881003 Casco del rey Leónidas
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1
Casco del Rey Leonidas made of the best authentic materials, this incredible helmet is made of steel and bathed in aged brass.

It is completely lined in leather, with an adjustable lining and carries a genuine ridge of horse hair.

119,00 €   148,75 €
($ 144,60 USD)

20% OFF
Stock: 1

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1716901900 roman centurion helmet
(ref.: 8005_ESP)
1716901900 Roman centurion helmet
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1
"Impressive full-size helmet inspired by those used by the Roman centurions in the time of the empire.

66,48 €   78,21 €
($ 80,78 USD)

15% OFF
Stock: 1

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roman helmet
(ref.: 5387_ESP)
Roman helmet
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1
Beautiful Roman centurion helmet in natural size.

77,22 €   90,85 €
($ 93,83 USD)

15% OFF
Stock: 1

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1716384200 germanic helmet high middle age
(ref.: 11597_ESP)
1716384200 Germanic helmet high middle age
Shipping 8-10 days
This helmet replica is modeled after the Germanic spangenhelmen around 500 AD.

Typical for this era is the shape of the pointed hull, as well as the nasal fins and cheeks.

The helmet is equipped with a very comfortable leather inlay with chin straps.

Due to the processing method (overlapping clips), we classify this helmet as ready for conditional battle.

€ 62,41 Euros
($ 75,83 USD)

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1723083900 cross helmet 1180
(ref.: 12091_ESP)
1723083900 Cross helmet 1180
Shipping 8-10 days
Very nice reconstruction of a Crusader-Topfhelmes around the year 1180 AD In the competition, the helmet is a very comfortable riveted leather inlay.

In addition, a chin with buckle is attached.

€ 117,72 Euros
($ 143,04 USD)

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1716605901 helmet imperial gallic -i- mainz, brass
(ref.: 13199_ESP)
1716605901 Helmet Imperial Gallic -I- Mainz, brass
Shipping 8-10 days
Spectacular Imperial Gallic helmet made of brass.

€ 205,40 Euros
($ 249,58 USD)

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1716413300 german schaller helmet, 1.6 mm steel
(ref.: 13221_ESP)
1716413300 German Schaller helmet, 1.6 mm steel
Shipping 8-10 days
"Authentic reconstruction of a German Schallers of 1.

6 mm thick sheet steel, and riveted with neck strips with a visor with beautiful united hand-forged clover rivets.

The mobile visor is blocked by a fixed pin at the lowest level.

The helmet has a comfortable leather inlay and a solid chin strap with buckle.

The late medieval helmet type Schaller and Schallern was usually used together with a matching Helmbarte or Halsberge.


€ 109,81 Euros
($ 133,43 USD)

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1716163010 english bow helmet, 1.6 mm steel
(ref.: 13237_ESP)
1716163010 English bow helmet, 1.6 mm steel
Shipping 8-10 days
"The English archers, were in the late Middle Ages, this replica of the helmet is very authentic of a Schaller typical of archery since the 15th century.

This helmet is made of 1.

6mm thick steel, has an adjustable leather lining that is riveted on the helmet with a leather chin strap provided in addition to brass buckle.


€ 75,06 Euros
($ 91,21 USD)

Product added
201230 barbuta functional helmet
(ref.: 7282_ESP)
Shipping 8-10 days
"Epic Armory's Barbuta is a helmet style inspired by the Italian soldiers of the 15th century.

Designed to protect the head during combat, the Barbuta is elegant and functional.

The helmet covers the head, neck and most of the face, while offering a clear view through the Y-shaped visor of the helmet, which has been reinforced with additional laminated steel and rivets, enjoy this elegant and easy-to-use design, which demands attention on the battlefield with details such as the curved crest that goes from the front to the neck.

€ 63,21 Euros
($ 76,81 USD)

Product added
200108 200107 raven helmet
(ref.: 11326_ESP)
200108 200107 Raven helmet
Shipping 8-10 days
€ 90,06 Euros
($ 109,43 USD)

Product added
ulf-hm-55-m roman helmet montefortino brass
(ref.: 11446_ESP)
ULF-HM-55-M Roman helmet Montefortino brass
Shipping 8-10 days
The Montefortino, the name of the site near the modern city of Fermo (Italy), is the most common type of helmet used by the Roman legions and was (in various stages of development of the Punic wars around 260 BC).

) until the time of Augusto César (63 BC
- 14 AD).

€ 157,21 Euros
($ 191,03 USD)

Product added
ulf-hm-31 cross helmet, 2 mm steel
(ref.: 13212_ESP)
ULF-HM-31 Cross helmet, 2 mm steel
Shipping 8-10 days
"copy of a helmet Kreuzritter as used towards the end of the 12th century, for example, of Johannitern and wurden templar.

It is a flat helmet with large Gesichtsplatte.

Die individual parts of the helmet are made 2 Steel sheet of mm thick manually operated and connected by rivets.

The helmet has a high quality, adjustable along with sturdy chin strap from the leather and brass buckle.


€ 150,10 Euros
($ 182,39 USD)

Product added
ulf-hm-24 swiss iron hat, 14th century, 1.6 mm steel
(ref.: 13250_ESP)
ULF-HM-24 Swiss iron hat, 14th century, 1.6 mm steel
Shipping 8-10 days
"Replica of a Swiss iron hat from the 14th century.

Iron hats enjoyed great popularity in the 14th and 15th centuries in Central Europe, especially among foot soldiers.

, Made of 6 mm thick sheet steel made by hand.

It includes adjustable, high quality and adjustable quilted inlays and leather chinstrap.

The sizes are intentionally chosen generously to leave the user space for the waistband and / or the hood of the chain.


€ 86,91 Euros
($ 105,60 USD)

Product added
medieval recreation german sallet helmet h0863
(ref.: MH-H0863-M)
Shipping 1-3 months
Dating back most of the final period of the fifteenth century. 

- They have drilled viewers to improve breathing in a variety of designs. 
-Designs like this are exposed in museums, for use in the war. 
Made of steel 1.6mm. 
Includes leather chin strap. 
Size M = diameter of 60 ~ 61 cm

Length: 40 Cm.
High: 27 Cm.
Width: 27 Cm.
€ 116,24 Euros
($ 141,24 USD)

Product added
wenceslao helmet
(ref.: 5411_ESP)
Wenceslao helmet
Shipping 8-10 days
San Wenceslao helm made of life-size lacquered iron.

€ 56,88 Euros
($ 69,11 USD)

Product added
1723092602 ork helmet
(ref.: 8415_ESP)
1723092602 ork helmet
Shipping 8-10 days
"This Orkmaskenhelm based on a bascinet medieval helmet.

" Both the lower jaw and the upper face mask can be folded.

The helmet is made entirely by hand of 1.

6 mm thick steel.

" "

€ 125,61 Euros
($ 152,63 USD)

Product added
1716672201 helmet roman intercisa hungarian
(ref.: 11467_ESP)
1716672201 Helmet Roman Intercisa Hungarian
Shipping 8-10 days
"Authentic late Roman replica based on a 3rd century advertising helmet found in intercisa, Hungary.

The helmet has a padded lining of high quality leather, adjustable, adjustable.

" "

€ 101,91 Euros
($ 123,83 USD)

Product added
1716380300 casco rey arturo
(ref.: 11598_ESP)
1716380300 Casco Rey Arturo
Shipping 8-10 days
"King Arthur, it is said, was the perfect king.

" In times of peace, he took care of the interests of the people.

In the war, a brave leader who united and led the Celtic tribes of Britain in the 5th century against the assailant Saxon Angel Replica in the style of Spangenhelms from the beginning of the Middle Ages with nasal, ideal for LARP, theater and costumes.

This helmet is made by hand, the helmet cap, the protection of the cheek and the neck are hand-operated and riveted together.

The helmet has a high quality adjustable leather inlet and a chin with buckle.


€ 46,61 Euros
($ 56,64 USD)

Product added
1716611000 templar helmet 1200
(ref.: 12092_ESP)
1716611000 Templar helmet 1200
Shipping 8-10 days
Steel replica of a crusader's helmet, like those made by the Knights Templar at the end of the 12th century.

It is a flat pot helmet with a long front plate.

A very similar helmet is represented in Maciejowski's illustrated Bible.

€ 78,21 Euros
($ 95,03 USD)

Product added
1716630401 hull italic -h-, steel and brass
(ref.: 13200_ESP)
1716630401 Hull Italic -H-, steel and brass
Shipping 8-10 days
"Continental classification helmet: Weisenau type
- Niedermörmter / Guttmann faithful reconstruction, AG 800 'from the famous former Guttmann Axel Collection, which was dissolved a few years ago and sold at auction.

It is said that the discovery of the river comes from the Balkans, but the exact location is unknown.

After the figurative decorations, the helmet is also called "mouse and loaf".

While the typical loaf shape is known for the findings of a bakery in Pompeii, mouse or rat was a frequently encountered icon that occurred in lamps or knife handles.

The hull corresponds to a similar finding in the Lower Rhine city of Niedermörmter (Germany).

Compared to the previous models of 'Weisenau', the neck protector is now particularly expansive, a response to the opponents of then and their armament.

The original absent cheeks were reconstructed in extensive investigations.


€ 236,21 Euros
($ 287,02 USD)

Product added
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