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Battle ready medieval axes

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ctk-61306 ax double thrower
(ref.: 9242_ESP)
CTK-61306 Ax double thrower
Immediate shipping
Stock: 2

The ax head on the Condor tool and Double Bit Throw Ax knife is made from 1075 high carbon steel and is heat treated to approximately 50-55 of Rockwell hardness.

€ 75,67 Euros
($ 90,24 USD)

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ctk-60907 viking battle ax valhalla
(ref.: CTK-60907)
CTK-60907 Viking battle ax Valhalla
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1

"Impressive Viking battle ax called as the paradise of the Nordics, Valhalla, it is a beautiful and functional ax, valid for cosplay and historical recreation, as well as for combat.


€ 94,78 Euros
($ 113,03 USD)

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medieval pica marto 8503
(ref.: MT-8503)
Medieval Pica MARTO 8503
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1
Pica medieval wooden and metal brand MARTO.

It measures 205 cm

€ 70,89 Euros
($ 84,54 USD)

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600054 english warhammer
(ref.: 600054)
600054 English warhammer
Shipping 8-10 days
With the increasing robustness of plate armor, the sword became less effective against a fully armored knight. Hammers, axes and maces soon became the weapon of choice for close combat for the mounted knight.

The warhammer quickly evolved and became one of the main weapons. It was generally lighter and faster than the mace. It was often made a bit longer, so the range could be extended, but could be shortened as well if needed. We came across this in a private collection and fell in love. Light and fast.

€ 64,74 Euros
($ 77,21 USD)

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600242 competition tomahawk
(ref.: 600242)
600242 Competition Tomahawk
Shipping 8-10 days
With a 10 cm blade forged by hand by Windlass Steelcrafts ® that makes this tomahawk stronger and more resistant. It can be easily sharpened.

Its rounded shape allows you to comfortably hold the saman hardwood handle. Ideal for recreation. Chosen by lovers of outdoor activities.

Total length: 48 cm
Blade: 10 cm
Weight: 624 gr

€ 19,92 Euros
($ 23,76 USD)

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600366 german war hammer
(ref.: 600366)
600366 German War Hammer
Shipping 8-10 days
The proliferation of plate armor throughout medieval Europe was overshadowed by the development of weapons such as this war hammer. Since swords were virtually useless against plate armor, hammers, axes, and short maces were used by horse-mounted knights to fight against the opponent's enhanced protection.

This impressive weapon is a reproduction of an original from the German National Museum in Nuremberg. The steel head is secured to the hardwood shaft with steel pins. The brass studs provide a more secure grip.

Total Length: 55 cm
Blade: 13 cm Length,
Weight: 907 gr

€ 52,49 Euros
($ 62,60 USD)

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600624 16th century italian mace
(ref.: 600624)
600624 16th Century Italian Mace
Shipping 8-10 days
The mace developed as man's oldest weapon: from a stick topped by a stone, to an elaborate weapon for fighting armor. For an opponent without armor, the mace was extremely powerful. For centuries, the mace has been a symbol of power. European maces gave power and status to their owners, however, their use was not exclusive to the privileged.

This excellent design has 8 edges and is made of steel with a colored rust protection coating. black to mimic the original color. The lower part of the handle is wrapped in black leather for a better grip.

Length: 61 cm
Weight: 1,815 g

€ 87,15 Euros
($ 103,94 USD)

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600626 german mace from the 16th century
(ref.: 600626)
600626 German mace from the 16th century
Shipping 8-10 days
By the 15th century, armor had developed so much that it was almost impervious to a sword cut and even thrust. Evolved from man's oldest weapon, the club, this heavy German mace could damage armor and lead the enemy to defeat

This excellent design has 8 edges and is made of steel with a Black rust protection to mimic the color of the original. The lower part of the handle is wrapped in black leather for a better grip.

Length: 61 cm
Weight: 1,815 g

€ 81,92 Euros
($ 97,70 USD)

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600640 functional antler ax
(ref.: 600640)
600640 Functional Antler Ax
Shipping 8-10 days
Pole Axe, (antler or horned axe), long ax for two hands, is a replica of a design found in a Private Collection.

This type of long axe, to be used with two hands, was very popular in combat and the winner was decided by the number of hits given. It was quite popular for use on the battlefield. With a good sharp point, it could be used as a short spear and for piercing armor.

Excellent copy, with a high carbon blade and handle guards. A magnificent example of a polearm.

Total Length: 172 cm
Point of Head: 25 cm
Weight: 2.155 g

€ 122,01 Euros
($ 145,51 USD)

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600642 danish ax
(ref.: 600642)
600642 Danish ax
Shipping 8-10 days
Danish Hand Axe.
All the victims of the Vikings were Danes, that's what they called them: it didn't matter if they came from Norway, Denmark or Sweden, they called them Danes. Most of them are familiar with the impressive Danish Axe, with its enormous blade, sometimes over a foot wide. But the smaller axes were more popular for all kinds of work such as cutting tree limbs. They could be thrown if necessary, but were more useful in close combat with or without a shield.
Blade made of high carbon steel.
Total length: 53 cm
Weight: 680 g
Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®

€ 64,49 Euros
($ 76,91 USD)

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600652 bar hammer
(ref.: 600652)
600652 Bar hammer
Shipping 8-10 days
Remains of such a mace were found in the River Thames, but it was carried throughout Europe. It was used in close combat.

Made of steel with a wood and leather handle and a long steel pommel to provide balance.

Total length: 72 cm
Blade Size: 51 cm x 5 cm x 0.47 cm
Weight: 2948 gr

€ 104,58 Euros
($ 124,72 USD)

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600684 heavy war hammer
(ref.: 600684)
600684 Heavy War Hammer
Shipping 8-10 days
Heavy war hammer: Medieval war hammer based on a historical design. Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Wooden handle and lateral reinforcements. This heavy war hammer has a solid steel head and is pointed on one side. This weapon has a very strong wooden handle with steel side reinforcements.
Total length: 60 cm Width: 18 cm
Head: 19 cm x 3 cm x 2.5 cm
Weight: 1,450 g
Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®

€ 78,44 Euros
($ 93,55 USD)

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600796 dragon viking ax
(ref.: 600796)
600796 Dragon Viking Ax
Shipping 8-10 days
The Norse warrior carried his ax in great reverence and often decorated it with impressive designs.

Our replica features an elaborate Viking dragon knot design. It is the perfect size to carry in your hand along with a shield in combat. The decorated head is made of tempered steel and the handle is made of resistant wood.

A great choice to complete your Viking equipment. The equipment of a Viking consisted of a sword, axe, spear and a round shield, the quality of which indicated the social status of a warrior.

Length: 67 cm
Blade: 18 cm
Weight: 795 g
Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts®

€ 69,72 Euros
($ 83,15 USD)

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600754 double battle ax
(ref.: 600754)
600754 Double Battle Ax
Shipping 8-10 days
The ax is almost as old as the mace. Metal ax heads were the first handicrafts made during the Copper Age. With all its history, it is easy to understand why a medieval warrior would choose a good ax for battle. This axe, from around the year 1100, has a pickaxe that increases its effectiveness as a weapon of war. The steel head of this one-handed ax is attached to a hardwood handle that is curved at the end.

Total Length: 59 cm
Weight: 680 g
Head: 16 cm x 24cm wide, 0.47cm thick

€ 104,58 Euros
($ 124,72 USD)

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600756 war hammer with spike
(ref.: 600756)
600756 War hammer with spike
Shipping 8-10 days
By the mid-1400s, armor had become so perfected that it was almost impervious to a sword blow. That's when the knight or man-at-arms saw the need for a solid, solid warhammer that could damage armor. This hammer has a large beak as well as small spikes on the sides. The rear spike is thick and capable of piercing armor. The head is secured with steel pins to the hardwood shaft which is also studded for a secure grip.

Total Length: 67 cm
Blade: 3 cm x 12 cm
Weight: 1020 gr

€ 92,96 Euros
($ 110,86 USD)

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601064 viking nobles ax
(ref.: 601064)
601064 Viking Noble's Ax
Shipping 8-10 days
This Windlass hand ax features many traits common to the Nordic axes we have loved through the years. The solid one-piece forged head is made of stainless steel. high grade X46Cr13 with a 52 RC. The comfortably contoured handle is made from Sissoo, a North Indian hardwood, and finished off with a beautiful genuine bone finish. To highlight the exclusive Nordic engravings of this ax that are deeply engraved on both sides of the handle. At the end of the bone there is a representation of Thor's mighty hammer, Mjolnir.

Includes leather belt sheath. Practical in size and gorgeous on display.

Comes in a faux fur lined box.

Total Length: 25cm
Ax Face: 6cm
Manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts ®

€ 83,00 Euros
($ 98,99 USD)

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601065 ax of the crusades
(ref.: 601065)
601065 Ax of the Crusades
Shipping 8-10 days
The ax was the hand weapon of choice for the medieval knight, especially during the Crusades. This sturdy weapon features a large, expertly sharpened blade that is pierced with a large cross. The blade has been riveted to the hardwood shaft and has tabs on both sides for additional protection. The handle has been smoothed and lined with smooth black leather. All metal parts have been blackened, including the hanging rings at the bottom.

Comes complete with a leather sheath to protect the ax head.

Total Length: 76cm
Blade length: 24 cm
Weight: 1,420 g

€ 122,01 Euros
($ 145,51 USD)

Product added
601121 ragnars ax
(ref.: 601121)
601121 Ragnar's Ax
Shipping 8-10 days
Ragnar Shaggy Breeches was a legendary Viking hero who, according to Norse sagas, "was the greatest and fairest of men that the human eye has ever seen." He "won" his first wife by killing a giant snake guarding his home. From a later marriage were born future conquerors Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn Ironside, and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye.

Whether myth or legend, Ragnar would surely have appreciated this handsome and fearsome axe.
This ax is manufactured with a resistant ash wood handle and a stainless steel head. 2Cr13. The hilt is lined with leather for better handling and the handle is dyed in an elegant dark tone.

Includes belt hook.

Total length: 63 cm approx.
Blade length Axe: 15 cm approx.
Weight: 1,020 g approx.

€ 99,60 Euros
($ 118,78 USD)

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601030 viking throwing ax
(ref.: 601030)
601030 Viking throwing ax
Shipping 8-10 days
This Viking-inspired ax features a knotted dragon's head etched into a rough, blackened steel blade. Darkened wooden handle, perfect for throwing.

Vikings were popular for their ax throwing prowess. This piece, made by Windlass Steelcrafts, is perfectly balanced for launch. An elegantly decorated ax with an engraved dragon head on rough blackened steel on a wooden handle perfect for any throw.

Total Length: 49 cm
Head Length: 16 cm
Handle: 48 cm
Weight: 907 gr
Material: 1065 Carbon Steel

€ 43,58 Euros
($ 51,97 USD)

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600728 mace stick
(ref.: 600728)
600728 Mace stick
Shipping 8-10 days
This simple and elegant Medieval walking stick has a sturdy solid wood shaft and is topped with a heavy solid brass hilt fashioned after a medieval walking stick head.

Length: 91cm
Weight: 565g

€ 34,86 Euros
($ 41,57 USD)

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