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Battle ready medieval axes

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ctk-60907 viking battle ax valhalla
(ref.: 9243_ESP)
CTK-60907 Viking battle ax Valhalla
Shipping 8-10 days
"Impressive Viking battle ax called as the paradise of the Nordics, Valhalla, it is a beautiful and functional ax, valid for cosplay and historical recreation, as well as for combat.


€ 94,02 Euros
($ 113,98 USD)

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600968 medieval hunters ax
(ref.: 13556_ESP)
600968 Medieval hunter's ax
Shipping 8-10 days
This impressive ax has a thick wood shaft to prevent the ax from slipping out when riding.

The steel ax head grips securely to the hardwood handle.

Made of high carbon steel by craftsmen.

€ 63,21 Euros
($ 76,63 USD)

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ctk-63817 indian tomahawk spike
(ref.: 9248_ESP)
CTK-63817 Indian Tomahawk Spike
Shipping 8-10 days
The head in the Condor Tool & amp; The Spike Tomahawk Indian Knife is made of high carbon 1060 forged steel and is heat treated and annealed at approximately 50-55 Rockwell hardness with a Condor Classic finish.

€ 86,11 Euros
($ 104,39 USD)

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uc2765 tomahawk ax m48 tactical united cutlery
(ref.: 8138_ESP)
UC2765 Tomahawk ax M48 tactical United Cutlery
Shipping 8-10 days
The Tomahawk Tactical Hawk M48 ax is manufactured by United Cutlery and is the ideal companion for survival and rescue situations.

€ 54,51 Euros
($ 66,08 USD)

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great axe marshall historical
(ref.: MH-W1105)
Shipping 1-3 months
The hatchet is a tool with a metal blade that is securely attached to a handle, the purpose of which is cut by blows. This hatchet has no handle, just the head.

- Dimensions of head: 35'1cm x 22cm.

- Measures socket (oval foot holder): 4cm x 3'2cm.

Length: 32 Cm.
High: 6 Cm.
Width: 26 Cm.
€ 78,77 Euros
($ 95,49 USD)

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uc2820 yellow tactical ax united cutlery
(ref.: 8146_ESP)
UC2820 Yellow Tactical Ax United Cutlery
Shipping 8-10 days
The M48 survival command ax manufactured by United Cutlery is the ideal companion for survival and rescue situations.

This ax has a low weight, so it is manageable and precise.

The material of the head is 2Cr13 steel so it has a formidable cut.

€ 51,35 Euros
($ 62,25 USD)

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xh1072n hanwei viking ax
(ref.: 8626_ESP)
XH1072N Hanwei Viking Ax
Shipping 8-10 days
"The Hanwei Viking ax has a typical pattern, capable of splitting rudders or armor without mercy, with a forged head with a sharp tempered edge and a hardwood tree.

Main features:
- Forged head and tempered edge
- hardwood handle
- Finished aged Details:
- Total length 85.

5 cm
- Shaft length: 81 cm
- Length of the blade 21.

5 cm
- Thickness: 13 mm
- Weight: 1,300 g "

€ 103,50 Euros
($ 125,47 USD)

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uc2905 ax m48 commando united cutlery
(ref.: 8153_ESP)
UC2905 Ax M48 commando United Cutlery
Shipping 8-10 days
Light ax that can be worn all day without muscle fatigue and its 2Cr13 steel head offers a wide blade, with raised edges to cut any material.

€ 106,65 Euros
($ 129,29 USD)

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hammer-axe horseman xvth century marshall historical
(ref.: MH-W1101C)
Shipping 1-3 months
It's an ax-hammer cavalry, ax-hammer was a very important tool in the Middle Ages war, you can cut and crush. Heavily used by the peoples of the north, this weapon came to be very important in battle. This has everything to offer that calls for an ax-hammer functional, for medieval recreation. 

- Dimensions of head: 12cm x 16'2cm. 

- Total Length: 74cm.

- Not include the handle

Length: 68 Cm.
High: 4 Cm.
Width: 17 Cm.
€ 38,72 Euros
($ 46,94 USD)

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xh1073n hanwei barbed ax
(ref.: 8627_ESP)
XH1073N Hanwei Barbed Ax
Shipping 8-10 days
"" The Hanwei bearded ax has a typical pattern, capable of splitting rudders or armor without mercy.

It features a forged head with a sharp tempered edge and a hardwood handle.

Main features:
- Forged head and tempered edge
- hardwood handle
- Aged finish Details:
- Total length: 77.

5 cm
- Length of the sheet: 15.

2 cm
- Thickness on guard: 15 mm
- Weight: 1984 g "

€ 87,69 Euros
($ 106,31 USD)

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uc2962 hatchet survival with handguards united cutlery
(ref.: 8167_ESP)
UC2962 Hatchet survival with handguards United Cutlery
Shipping 8-10 days
"This heavy duty tool is ready for any challenge that can face you.

The sharp stainless steel blade 420 is deep grooved and the ergonomic handle portion is equipped with a guard.


€ 59,25 Euros
($ 71,83 USD)

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footman axe xii-xiiith century marshall historical
(ref.: MH-W1101B)
Shipping 1-3 months
This ax is light and effective, ideal as a secondary weapon for the battlefield. It was common for archers or infantry carry a weapon of this kind once desicieran spear or bow would use as a weapon to defend themselves. Perfect for your medieval recreation. 

- Total Length: 43cm. 

- Head size: 11cm x 10'5cm.

Length: 44 Cm.
High: 4 Cm.
Width: 13,5 Cm.
€ 30,98 Euros
($ 37,56 USD)

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xh1074 hanwei double ax
(ref.: 8628_ESP)
XH1074 Hanwei double ax
Shipping 8-10 days
"The legendary double ax has long been associated with heroes and heroism, and the hero's ax by Hanwei perpetuates the legend: with its polished edges of 25 cm long, its elegant and fearsome lines, but its studded decoration, this ax It is the perfect combination of form and functionality.

It comes with leather case Main features:
- double sheet
- Forged head with tempered edges
- Balanced Details:
- Total length: 76.

2 cm
- Length of the sheet: 22.

2 cm
- Handle length: 67.

3 cm
- Thickness: 6 mm
- Weight: 1814 g "

€ 175,38 Euros
($ 212,61 USD)

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89pa medieval steel cold steel ax (video)
(ref.: 8472_ESP)
89PA Medieval Steel Cold Steel Ax (VIDEO)
Shipping 8-10 days
"Today's breastplate ax still has the same characteristics that made it famous on the battlefields of yesteryear, only to be able to defeat modern armor today as the old knight, is true performance demonstrated.


€ 117,72 Euros
($ 142,71 USD)

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ax smooth of marto 8632
(ref.: 4738_ESP)
Ax smooth of MARTO 8632
Shipping 8-10 days
"Spectacular metal and wood ax with a lot of detail of the house MARTO
€ 47,40 Euros
($ 57,46 USD)

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89va cold steel viking ax (video)
(ref.: 8473_ESP)
89VA Cold Steel Viking Ax (VIDEO)
Shipping 8-10 days
"The Viking Ax of Cold Steel is impressive long and thin blade is polished and sanded by hand for an incredible sharpness.

It has a blade, about 25 cm long sturdy cut, ending with two sharp horns or tips.

, upper usually is used to stab or stop while the slightly shorter, lower tip serves to capture an enemy shield or to capture and immobilize the opponent by the neck, arm or leg.


€ 157,21 Euros
($ 190,59 USD)

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marto double ax
(ref.: 8651)
MARTO double ax
Shipping 8-10 days
Spectacular ax of double edge of metal and wood of the house MARTO
€ 56,42 Euros
($ 68,40 USD)

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medieval pica marto 8503
(ref.: MT-8503)
Medieval Pica MARTO 8503
Shipping 8-10 days
Pica medieval wooden and metal brand MARTO.

It measures 205 cm

€ 70,32 Euros
($ 85,25 USD)

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90pth ax hawk cold steel (video)
(ref.: 8475_ESP)
90PTH Ax Hawk Cold Steel (VIDEO)
Shipping 8-10 days
"Cold Steel ax Hawk is the battle ax of the future, its strong impact edge and wedge-shaped tip offer a variety of combat capabilities for the modern warrior.


€ 62,41 Euros
($ 75,66 USD)

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601005 battle of the orléans ax
(ref.: 8688_ESP)
601005 Battle of the Orléans ax
Shipping 8-10 days
Orleans Battle Ax belongs to the exclusive Battlecry Collection manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts, designed to be used and manufactured in 1065 high carbon steel with a darkened finish, hardened for battle, extra wide spike and tempered at 50 RC.

Sharp has passed rigorous tests, hand-made by master forges that make this exclusive product.

Includes certificate of authenticity signed by the master craftsman who forges the sheet.

Total length: 80 cm Length Sheet: 19 cm Width Blade: 11 cm Weight: 1.360 gr 1065 Carbon Steel Edge: Sharp

€ 94,02 Euros
($ 113,98 USD)

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