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Celebration swords

Variety of swords to celebrations

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sant george medieval silver sword
(ref.: 594)
Sword St. George, silver finish and blue velvet. Stainless Steel Sheet
Shipping 15-20 days
- Sword of St. George, the legendary sword I use with the lance St. George to kill the dragon. 
- Made of stainless steel, the blade has a deep engraving, approximately half of the sheet. 
- The handle is blue velvet, and has a crosshead engraved dragon in lying position.
- Total length 120 cm/ 48 inches.
- Silver finished.

Length: 120 Cm.
High: 8 Cm.
Width: 25 Cm.
€ 173,80 Euros
($ 188,83 USD)

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damascened templar sword
(ref.: 597)
Damascene Templar Sword, sword of the Order of the Knights Templar.
Shipping 15-20 days

In 1118, nine Knights founded by the Religious-Military Order of the Poor Knights of Christ, once installed in the Temple of Solomon were known as Knights of the Temple of Solomon or Templars. In 1139 Pope Innocent II would recognize the Order and would grant the Templar seal, insignia of the Order which includes two mounted knights on horseback represents the dual mission of the order, religious and military.

- Medieval Templar Sword with Pommel, handle and cross damascened of the Knights Templar.

- Stainless steel blade holey.
- Pommel with the seal of the Knights Templar, and recorded on two golds and bronze.
- Cross with the inscription of the Knights Templar in Latin Sigillum XPISTI militum (SEAL OF THE MILITIA OF CHRIST).
- Handle with inscriptions in golden brown.
- Length of the handle 120 cm / 48 inches from the tip of the sword.

Length: 132 Cm.
High: 8 Cm.
Width: 30 Cm.
€ 267,28 Euros
($ 290,40 USD)

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eduard of woodstock sword, silver black prince
(ref.: 599)
Black Prince Sword in silver finish with blue detail in the handle
Shipping 15-20 days
- Silver Black Prince Sword, medieval sword Eduardo de Woodstock.
- Blade of stainless steel. Has recorded the name of Eduard of Woodstock.
- Handle of blue velvet, on the cross and pommel contains details recorded.
- Total length 118 cm.
- Finished in Silver.

Length: 115 Cm.
High: 8 Cm.
Width: 29 Cm.
€ 190,91 Euros
($ 207,42 USD)

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catholic kings sword damacened
(ref.: AC0600)
Damascene Catholic Kings Sword, with details on the handle
Shipping 15-20 days
The Catholic Monarchs, Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon, after her marriage, produce the union of the crowns of Castile and Aragon, and the beginning of the unification of the Kingdom of Spain, later to make the promotion progress and nation building Spanish, a modern nation with a government of great diplomatic and military activity. 
The two-handed sword of the Catholic Kings, is one of the most famous in the history of Spain, was used in the solemn acts of the court for the appointment of gentlemen. With her I was appointed to Cristobal Colon at the Royal Palace in Barcelona, ??Admiral of the Ocean and Viceroy of the Indies.

- 440 Stainless Steel Sword 57-60 hardness, hardened steel without air channel. 

- Length 120 cm. 

- Save chiseled steel 

- Details damask gold 24/22 K. carat embedded on steel

- LIMITED EDITION  numbered and certificate of authenticity.

Length: 132 Cm.
High: 6 Cm.
Width: 30,5 Cm.
€ 400,00 Euros
($ 434,60 USD)

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