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Fantasy swords

Fantasy swords from Swords from Toledo, Gladius, Acero Toledano, etc.

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sword 15961
(ref.: 15961)
Sword 15961
Immediate shipping
Stock: 5

Sheet: 67 cm  Total: 100 cm

€ 49,50 Euros
($ 59,03 USD)

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official united cutlery uc1264 lotr sting - the frodo sword
(ref.: UC1264)
Official Replica Sting of Frodo from The Lord of the Rings UNITED CUTLERY
Immediate shipping
Stock: 2
Official replica of the movie The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by Peter Jackson.
Dardo is a magical sword given to Frodo by his uncle Bilbo and that was made by the elves in the old days.
Bilbo took the sword initially when he took the ring from Gollum.
The blade shines in the dark when there are orcs lurking.
It has an Elvish engraving on steel.
  • Total length: approximately 55.9 cm
  • Length of the blade: about 38.1 cm
  • Thickness of the blade: 6.4 mm
  • Blade material: 420 J2 stainless steel, hardened
  • Handle material: Hard wood handle with elven ornaments. Guard and knob are made of solid steel with antique finish.
The sword comes with a decorative wall plate for mounting and a certificate of authenticity.

Length: 56 Cm.
High: 5 Cm.
Width: 20 Cm.
€ 177,44 Euros
($ 211,61 USD)

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united cutlery black forest official sword from the hobbit
(ref.: UC3043)
Official Replica Black forest sword from The Hobbit UNITED CUTLERY
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1
The Black Forest is located in the north of Middle Earth, east of the Anduin River.
Previously it was Grünwald big known, but after the end of the war of the Last Alliance in which Sauron lost a ring, his mind settled on the one located in the southern part of the forest fortress of Dol Guldur. From now on the forest was no longer safe and was only called Black Forest. In the northern part of the forest is the kingdom of Silvan, commonly known as forest elves, to which King Thranduil himself and his son Legolas belong.
The soldiers of the same king are known as the Woodland Guard. They have pledged to watch over the great Black Forest, the kingdom of Thranduil. These mortal warriors are experts in dealing with different weapons, including antler weapons. This weapon consists of a wooden handle and two arched, forged blades of Elba steel tanned with high-strength steel edges, Silvan cut.
This replica of United Cutlery is a beautiful collector's item. The antler weapon has blades made of cast stainless steel with a bronze finish and a hardwood tree.
The package includes a wooden wall screen with Waldelb graphic motif, and a certificate of authenticity.
  • Material: stainless steel sheets, wooden handle
  • Total length: approx 183.2 cm
  • Length of the blade: about 53.7 cm at each end
  • Incl. Wooden wall mounting and certificate of authenticity

Length: 184 Cm.
High: 5 Cm.
Width: 30 Cm.
€ 247,12 Euros
($ 294,72 USD)

Product added
hadhafang sword of arwen. ref. 226
(ref.: 226)
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1

- Hadhafang sword of Arwen.
- Length: 110 cms.
- Sheath includes.
- Not official copy.


Length: 105 Cm.
High: 6 Cm.
Width: 14 Cm.
€ 51,00 Euros
($ 60,82 USD)

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sword fo the king with stand. ref. 230
(ref.: 230)
Immediate shipping
Stock: 1

- Anduril sword.
- Total length: 134 cms.
- Blade lenght: 104 cms.
- Includes support wooden wall.
- Not official copy.


Length: 140 Cm.
High: 9 Cm.
Width: 33 Cm.
€ 72,00 Euros
($ 85,87 USD)

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connor macleod red katana collection of highlander
(ref.: HI8180)
Connor MacLeod Katana Sword, immortals movie
Shipping 15-20 days
Highlander, The original film tells the story of immortal humans who can only die by decapitation and have existed throughout the ages. They are like a family scattered around the world throughout all ages of history. Hosting disciples, teaching in the arts of killing and also live along time, assuming the loss of family, friends and loved ones.
The Samurai sword is a symbol of justice, nobility and is considered an extension of the soul of the Samurai. When Cersei Hideo Kato gave Duncan the Dragon Katana not only gave him a sword, but happened ancient traditions, lethal skills and noble values ??of the Samurai warriors.
  This is the Katana of Duncan Macleod was inherited after her friend and mentor Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez was beheaded by the fearsome Kurgan in the Highlands of Scotland.

- Connor MacLeod Katana, imitation of the original sword in the movie Immortals.

- Blade of stainless steel

- Length 104 cm.
- Decorated in red.

- Handle teminación in ivory dragon head.

Length: 110 Cm.
High: 10 Cm.
Width: 10 Cm.
€ 149,24 Euros
($ 177,98 USD)

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latex sword 10196
(ref.: 10196)
Latex Sword 10196
Shipping 8-10 days

Total: 110,5 cm.

€ 23,06 Euros
($ 27,50 USD)

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fantastic sword s3003
(ref.: S3003)
Fantastic Sword S3003
Shipping 8-10 days
Total: 94 cm Blade: 68 cm
€ 46,20 Euros
($ 55,10 USD)

Product added
fantastic sword s3002
(ref.: S3002)
Fantastic Sword S3002
Shipping 8-10 days

€ 85,87 Euros
($ 102,41 USD)

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charlemagne sword damascened
(ref.: AC0400)
Charlemagne Sword damascene, polished steel finishes and 24 carat gold
Shipping 15-20 days

Charlemagne, Charles I or Charles the Great, united the Frankish kingdoms where he was declared King of France in 768 and extended his reign by West and Central Europe, proclaimed Emperor in Rome by Pope Leo III.

- 440 Stainless Steel Sword 57-60 hardness, hardened steel without air channel. 
- Length 98 cm. 
- Save chiseled steel. 
- Details damask gold 24/22 K. carat embedded on steel.
- LIMITED EDITION and numbered certificate of authenticity

Length: 109 Cm.
High: 11 Cm.
Width: 28 Cm.
€ 327,60 Euros
($ 390,70 USD)

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fantastic sword 13166
(ref.: 13166)
Fantastic Sword 13166
Shipping 8-10 days

Sheet: 43 cm. Total: 58,5 cm.

€ 23,97 Euros
($ 28,59 USD)

Product added
fantastic sword s3004
(ref.: S3004)
Fantastic sword S3004
Shipping 8-10 days


Total: 104 cm Blade: 76 cm

€ 89,17 Euros
($ 106,34 USD)

Product added
1- bronze robin hood sword
(ref.: 8436015022034)
Shipping 15-20 days

- Mythical sword of the English hero distinguished by its fierceness and honesty, fighting against the slavery of the man: Robin Hood.

- In the grip of the fantastic sword we can read two phrases ”Robin of Locxsley” and ”Earl of Huntington”.

- Measures: 121 x 23,5 cms.

- Color: bronze.
Length: 115 Cm.
High: 8 Cm.
Width: 29 Cm.
€ 131,00 Euros
($ 156,23 USD)

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conan sword atlantean bronze
(ref.: 60116)
Atlantean Sword of Conan the Barbarian movie, bronze and silver finishes
Shipping 15-20 days

- Sword of special hardened steel. 

- Handle with rustic rope greased. 

- Handle cast bronze human skull termination 

- Cross carved metal, with double-headed serpent. 

- Blade of the original piles with details. 

- Weight 2,670 Gr. / 5,80 Lb.

- Length 96cm. / 38 Inch.

- Certificate of authenticity with serial number engraved on the blade.

Length: 112 Cm.
High: 10,5 Cm.
Width: 26 Cm.
€ 273,00 Euros
($ 325,58 USD)

Product added
fantastic sword 13167
(ref.: 13167)
Fantastic Sword 13167
Shipping 8-10 days

Sheet: 43 cm. Total: 58,5 cm.

€ 23,97 Euros
($ 28,59 USD)

Product added
fantastic sword 12745
(ref.: 12745)
Fantastic Sword 12745
Shipping 8-10 days

Sheet: 82,5 cm. Total: 100,5 cm.

€ 52,81 Euros
($ 62,98 USD)

Product added
decorative sword 49-126
(ref.: 49-126)
Decorative Sword 49-126
Shipping 8-10 days

89 cm.

€ 58,35 Euros
($ 69,59 USD)

Product added
1- barbarian sword. gold
(ref.: 228)
 Barbarian swords
Shipping 15-20 days

- Barbarian sword with gold finish.
-stainless steel blade

-Total length: 125 cm (49 1/4”)
€ 102,00 Euros
($ 121,65 USD)

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united cutlery lotr official sting sheat frodo sword
(ref.: UC2893)
Official Replica Sting Sheat of Frodo from The Lord of the Rings UNITED CUTLERY
Shipping 8-10 days
Authentic and detailed replica is a reproduction of Requisits from the movie The Hobbit
- an unexpected journey, which was created by Weta Workshop in New Zealand.
Covered States, industry leader in the manufacture of film-reproductions has, this pod meticulously recreated and with the best and highest quality materials. The priority was in the exact reproduction of all the details.
The stitch shell is suddenly changed with leather and has the Zierornamentik solid metal visor.
  • Solid metal mouth and the tip of antique finish with elven ornaments. High quality leather winding.
  • Total length: approximately 47.62 cm

Length: 48 Cm.
High: 3 Cm.
Width: 10 Cm.
€ 65,31 Euros
($ 77,89 USD)

Product added
latex sword 10197
(ref.: 10197)
Latex Sword 10197
Shipping 8-10 days

Total: 114,5 cm.

€ 24,71 Euros
($ 29,47 USD)

Product added
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