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Rapier swords and cazolet

The best rapier and cazolet swords

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aguas silver spanish cazolet
(ref.: 20146)
Shipping 15-20 days

- Spanish cazolet sword, the continuation of one of the swords of Carlos V battle.
- The use of this Spanish swords extends in XVI and XVII centuries.

- Color: silver.

Length: 122 Cm.
High: 18 Cm.
Width: 31 Cm.
€ 192,48 Euros
($ 229,55 USD)

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1- spanish cazoleta. bronze
(ref.: 273)
Spanish Cazoleta, XVI century
Shipping 15-20 days

- Spanish Cazoleta of XVI century, with bronze finish.

- Total length: 114 cm (45”)

Length: 118 Cm.
High: 16 Cm.
Width: 33 Cm.
€ 136,73 Euros
($ 163,06 USD)

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1- musketeers swords. brass
(ref.: 275)
Musketeers swords
Shipping 15-20 days

- Musketeers sword with brass finish

- Total length: 114 cm (45”)
Length: 115 Cm.
High: 8 Cm.
Width: 29 Cm.
€ 124,27 Euros
($ 148,20 USD)

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500094 rapier hilt rapier with bone handle
(ref.: 500094)
500094 Rapier Hilt Rapier with Bone Handle
Shipping 8-10 days
The design of this rapier was quite popular in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. This model is hand forged by the skilled craftsmen at Windlass Steelcrafts and features a high carbon steel blade with a diamond cross section.

This gives the blade firmness, but allows it to be flexible in action. The steel guard and decorated pommel are accented with a polished and bleached bone grip.

NOTE: The bone in the hilt is a natural product and may have slight shade variations, giving each handle a one-of-a-kind finish.

Includes a full leather sheath with steel throat and tip.

Total Length: 111 cm
Blade Length: 98 cm
Blade Width: 2 cm
Grip Length: 9 cm
Weight: 965 g
Material 1055 Carbon Steel

€ 224,10 Euros
($ 267,26 USD)

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501544 late scottish broadsword
(ref.: 501544)
501544 Late Scottish Broadsword
Shipping 8-10 days
Circa 16th century

A replica of this magnificent sword is in the Royal Armories in Leeds. Swords of this type were used by countless highland clans.

Our late Scottish broadsword design has an intricate metal basket hilt which provides considerable protection. The pommel is lined in natural leather for excellent grip and beautifully decorated with wound thread. The high carbon steel blade is lavishly engraved double fluted with an intricate design.

The sword comes with a matching black leather sheath that has its metal throat and tip decorated with hand engraving. set.

Comes complete with a sheath

Length: 98 cm
Blade: 81 cm
Weight: 1,985 g

€ 265,60 Euros
($ 316,75 USD)

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501545 schiavona style basket spade
(ref.: 501545)
501545 Schiavona Style Basket Spade
Shipping 8-10 days
The magnificent Schiavona-style sword was quite popular throughout Europe, although it was also the favorite weapon of Venetian mercenaries.

Hand-forged from carbon steel, our design is a true work of art. The guard and scabbard accessories have been darkened to mimic battle wear. Smooth, rich black leather wraps the pommel which is finished in antique brass trim. What really sets this sword apart are the 26 intricate antique brass florets that adorn the middle of the basket hilt.

A beautiful floral engraving on the throat and tip of the black leather scabbard is a beautiful final touch.

Total Length: 100 cm
Blade Length: 85 cm
Blade Width: 4 cm
Weight: 1,250 g
Material: 1065 Carbon Steel

€ 240,70 Euros
($ 287,06 USD)

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