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 Genghis Khan was born near the Baikal lake (in present Russia), in 1167. His true name was Temojin. He was son of Yesugei, head and leader mongol,  and great-grandchild of Kabul Khan, leader of mongoles that, supposedly, poisoned by the Tartars.

 Early age he was left orphan  and the age of thirteen years it happened to its father like tribal head. During its early reing he had to face the revolts of his tribes and besides to put under in his subjects won his hostile neighbors and after twenty- five  years of bloody fihgts, in 1206  he dominated almost all Mongolia  and he was named in the assembly of the dominated tribes like Genghis Khan, universal leader, (ch�ng-sze, in Chinese 'valient soldier' in Turk khan, 'Sir'), the city of Karakorum (Karakoram) was designated like his capital.

Genghis Khan in his horse

 Genghis Khan transformed Mongolia, a nomadic nation, in a a State seemed to the feudal system. One the main qualities like leader of Genghis Khan was his personality and his presence of leader , one tell that he was taller that normal stature, he had the wide head, strong jaw and penetrating eyes o grayish green color and in addition the cruelty that he distributed whit his sword instilled the fear in his enemies.  

 Genghis Khan initated the conquest of China, with the reason to look for a grass place for his horses and in 1208 he had already established a strongpoint  whitin the Great Wall, in 1213 he directed to his armies  ej�rcitos towards the South and the West and he was entered in the territory dominated by Chin (1122-1234) and in 1215 he surrounded the Chinese capital, at the moment Beijinj, and he conquered it. Genghis Khan continued his advance and in 1218 the Lorean peninsula feel in his hands. 

 In 1219, a caravan of mongol retailers was assassinated by people of Persian Sha Muhammed II Ali ad-Din,  he also kiled  to the mongol ambassador. In revenge by  the masacre, he sent to his army towards the west, he invaded Jwarizm, a big Turk Empire formed by the present countries or Iraq, Iran and part of  western Turquestan. Genghis Khan sword continued istributing fear ande his armies devastated Turkestan and  they sacked Bujara and Samarkand. In the present north of India and Pakistan, they conquered the cities of Peshawar and Lahore and their nearest zones.

 Genghis khan sword

 In the summer of the same year of the defeat of the Sha, in 1219, Genghis Khan persecuted the Sha's son, Jalal ad-Din, that he was forming a army to make opposition los mongoles. Genghis Khan shipment an expeditionary army of 40,000 men, los cuales they fell before the Isamic forces.cayeron. Genghis Khan, after whit a army of 5,000 men, travelled whit much effort and he reached to enemy in the Indo valley, that gave rise to the battle of same name.

 The Islamic opposition was strong, it had a troops similar to the mongol army, to his left a mountainous mountain was located and to his right was located Indo river. Mongol army avanced to the dawn, but Jalal ad-Din attacked first whit his right flank, that made back down to the army of Genghis Khan in his left flank. Jalal when discovering the effect of his attack retired forces of his left flank to reinforce his attack by the right, after that he sent a offensive by the center treating to eliminate the own Genghis Khan. But, Genghis Khan didn't do what was frecuent to hope before this situation: to fortify the fronts that were falling, if no, he maintained them in their position, los mantuvo en su posici�n, that it was delicate and he sent an army that advanced by the mountain  of the left flank of his enemy and where he was able to take them by surprise, then, Genghis Khan commanded to his imperial guard to attack by the left flank, surrouding the forces by the first attack of Jalal and locking up them in a circle.

 Jalal managed to along logr� with save trhoug the Indo river about 700 of his men.

 Genghis Khan in the battle of the Indo valley

  The triumphs that he obtained  had to the magnificent organiazation, discipline and maneuverability of his armies.

 His death, which had to a fever or a wound, happened the 18 of August of 1227, divided to the mongol Empire that was distributed between his three children. Genghis Khan was buried his sword along with. The mongol empire disappeared in1368. 


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