Hunting knives and collecting knives 

made artesan in Spain.

Bowie knives

Combat knives

Bowie knives as well as Ranger, Muela Big mountain, Alce knife, Hunter and Comand knife Combat knives as well as Muela Scorpion knife, Hornet, Warrior knife and Vivac

Survival knives

Mount knives

Survival knives as well as Aitor Jungle King knife, Jungle King Black and Camo. Mount knives as well as Muela Magnum knife, Alcaraz, Serreño knife and Gredos

Luxe knives (Limited series)

Remate knives

Luxe knives. Limited series knives as well as Muela Aguila knife, Caprice and Rebeco knife Remate knives as well as Duque knife, Magnum, Alcaraz and Montero knife

Bayonet knives

Skinner knives

Bayonet knives as well as Muela Stag knife, Skinner, Horn and Nieto Wood knife Skinner knives as well as Comand knife, Adventur and Joker Hunter knife

Pliable knives

Desoil knives

Pliable knives as well as Muela PL knife,  Folding and Nieto mount knife. Desoil knives as well as Muela Viper knife, Sabueso, Criollo, Sioux and Grizzly knife

Scuba diving knives

Throwers knives

Scuba diving knives as well as Marine, Submarinisme Aitor knife and Amphora knife Throwers knives as well as Joker Alce knife, Nieto, Muela and Andujar knives

Canarian knives

Big knives

Canarian knives as well as Andujar Wood knife, and White knife. Big knives as well as Muela Campero big knife, Caña and Bolomachete big knfe.

Miniature knives

Kangaroo knives

Miniature knives as well as Muela Alamo, Joker Leñador, Berrea and Colibri knife Kangaroo knives as well as Bowie, Combat, Mount and Muela Camo knife

Cook knives

Kitchen knives

Knives of cook, specially designed for the professionals of the kitchen. Domestic knives, designed with different forms, materials and styles. Kitchen knives

Butcher knives

Various knives

  Butcher knives as well as knives of hamp, knives for bread and cheese knives,... In this section you can found covers, exhibitors and stones to sharpen


We have selected for you, knives and pocket knives of crafts and series of between the manufacturers and Spanish craftsmen, who enjoy international prestige like Muela knives, Aitor knives, Exposito penknives, Andujar knives, Joker knives among others

Our knives and penknives will make the delights of any fan, as well as bowie knives, throwers knives , skinner knives, survival knives, scuba diving knives, mount knives, canarian knives, hunting knives, kangaroo knives, remate knives, pliables knives, combat knives, bayoneta knives, butcher knives, cook knives,  domestic knives,...

Once the metals of our knives are chosen agrom the foundry depending on the different models, all the main processes needed to produce each knife are carried our in the factory.

Modern machines execute steps ranging form the cutting of metal sheets, the differente mecanised septs foreseen in the knives design, grinding, polishing as well as the different heat and finishing treatment.  Many fo theses are assisted by computerised technology and controlled by hingly qualified staff.

Many models of the knives have the atractive accessory of deer horn handles. This material is also selected, prepared and adjusted at our own premises.  The factory also has a trimmings department where the skings that are later to vecome the knife cases that come with the different models are cuet, sewn and finished.

Once the manufacturing process is finished and the differente quality control checks passed, the pieces go the department in charge of finishing the knives.  There they are marked with their distinctive name.  Finally they are individually packaged and go to the warehouse to be paclaged in sets to go to our customer.

The knives and penknives, we can send them with its full name engraving of a gratuitous form.

If you want you can see a list of our products wich our caracteristics and big photos:


If you need any additional information you can contact with us in:

Aceros de Hispania
C/ Subida al Cabezo, 2
44630 – Castelserás
Teruel      España
Telf: 34 978 87 70 88
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