The sword of Nabucodonosor directed a great army.


Nabucodonosor II, king of Babylonia (605-562 a.C.), pertaining to the Babylonian dynasty or heat, that conquered great part of the southwest of Smaller Asia; also known like great constructor in the main cities of the Empire of Babylonia.

Image of Babylonia.

First-born son of Nabopolasar, Nabucodonosor, sword in hand, sent a Babylonian army at the end of the reign of his father, and in the 605 a.C. prevailed on the Egyptian forces in the decisive battle of Karkemish in Syria, that turned to Babylonia the main one to be able military man of Near East.

handle of the Nabucodonosor sword.

From 568 a.C. the relations between Egypt and Babilonia seem stable, respecting their respective areas of influence. In the inner aspect, the reign of Nabucodonosor was quite favorable since it started up a policy of national recovery, after ten years of internal wars. 

The conquests of Nabucodonosor thanks to their good handling of a weapon, and of its sword, obtained great amount of booties and tributes, creating a period of prosperity in Babylonia. 

Daga Nabucodonosor.

It undertook an ambitious program of construction and irrigation, reconstructing the temples of the important religious centers and renewing the capital of Babylonia. The channels were rehabilitated, restored agriculture and the reconstructed cities. A period of prosperity is opened for the country, sprinkled of shaken moments of tension caused by the sporadic ones. 

During the last part of its reign, to the time that the kingdom of Average increased to its power in the north and the east, Nabucodonosor constructed a wall, well-known like Meda wall, to the north of Babylonia, to maintain remote to means.

Later, the legend attributed the construction to him of one of the seven world wonders, the hanging gardens of Babylonia, for its wife Meda Amyitis.

 Nabucodonosor died at the beginning of October of the 562 a.C.

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