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Nieto knives is dedicated to make bowie knives, mount knives, hunting knives, desoil knives, survival knives, big knives, scuba diving knives,...

Nieto knive, two essencial piece for your collection

With the presentation of this catalogue, Nieto knives it offers an ample range to them of knives and pocket knives destined to satisfy to all its clients by its quality, design and functionality. These same clients who with their confidence and exigency make of the company a great competitive company of knives and pocket knives and leader in the market of the sport cutlery in different countries by all world.

Nieto knives  with steel leaf 440, finished brass ferrule and handle in different

Again Nieto knives put before you the fruit of years of work and dedication. 

Nieto camouflaje knive

With a good handful of new creations and a harmonization still but it needs between technology and vanguard, Nieto knives it tries to strengthen the mighty position that professional and markets, national as as much international, has granted to him lately

pocket-knives with proper character faithful to your style


From the city of Albacete (Spain) Nieto knives present to them with renewed last illusion their works. 

Nieto axe, to face to the most adverse situations


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