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  • Cuchillo Fällkniven Tf2Z Taiga Forester Coslam The

Fällkniven Tf2Z Knife Taiga Forester Coslam Thermorun Funda Zytel

The taiga knives are distinctive hunting and all-round knives for the demanding user. A strong blade in laminated cobalt steel does not only mean a stable function, you notice quite quickly that the edge holds the sharpness really well without being brittle. The reason is the fine, well heat treated and tempered steel but also the convex shaped edge that is not only strong but also wood-sharp. The ergonomic shape of the handle provides a secure grip regardless of weather and wind.

If you look at function and most value for money, the rubber-handle Taiga blades should be preferred. Regardless of the weather and wind, the rubber handle gives a really good grip and when it comes to the steel properties they are of course as good as the knives with wooden handles.

The sheaths: What is a bit special about these knives is the very secure plastic sheath where a specially designed locking system ensures that the knife is properly locked when it is placed in the sheath. It works regardless of weather and wind, sand or snow.

- Steel: Lam. CoS
- Stiffness of the blade: 60 HRC
- Shape: Convex
- Handle: Thermorun
- Sheath: Zytel
- Tang: Broad Tang
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Fällkniven Tf2Z Knife Taiga Forester Coslam Thermorun Funda Zytel

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