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One of the Spain’s best known knife manufacturers is Cudeman. This blade weapon maker has more than 25 years’ experience at the service of enthusiasts of Spanish made knives and blades. Cudeman knives and blades are not only marketed in our country, but are also available in other countries. Thanks to the experience which has been attained throughout its professional development, Cudeman has succeeded in manufacturing a range of knives and blades which are excellent in their design, combining technology with quality.

Cudeman, whose headquarters are in Albacete, makes its pieces using an artisan process. The knife-making tradition in Albacete is more than well-known, in fact from the Albacete artisan workshops of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries have emerged true works of art, many of which we have had the good fortune of maintaining until the present day. Albacete’s traditional blade and knife-making forge dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries has direct links with current times, as various knife manufacturers have devoted their efforts to using this to manufacture their products with the high quality of the original knives. One of these is Cudeman.


The cutlery company Cudeman is internationally recognized

Factory knives Cudeman offers a complete catalog, where the users can choose from a wide variety of knives, hatchets, daggers, nails, stocks, ... as well as covers, key chains and exhibitors.

Among their knives, there are different types that respond to different user needs: hunting knives, bowie knives, hunting knives, knives, skinners, boatmen knives, hunting knives, tactical knives, survival knives, hunting daggers, ... Among the models of traditional knives and developments like users can highlight the following:

Bowie 107


The Bowie type knife is one of the best known in the whole world since, in the 19th century, the American Jim Bowie used a knife with particular characteristics to defend his life. The essential characteristics of the Bowie knife are summed up in a robust knife which is very wide with very long blades. Since then, one of the knives Cudeman has offered us has been the Bowie 107 model with a blade measuring 20 centimetres long and 5 millimetres thick. The blade is made of 440 steel, whilst the guards on the Cudeman knife are made of 420 steel. This model of knife also includes a cover. The handle of the Bowie 107 comes in three different materials: deer horn, olive wood or stamina wood.


The Bowie knife is a piece of high strength and hardness

Montero 127


Also known as Villegas knives in honour of General Vicente Díaz Villegas, this Cudeman knife, designed in the eighties, has a 17.5 centimetre long blade made of 440 steel. The thickness of this is 5 millimetres.


"Montero" knife manufactured by Cudeman

Survival knives: MT1 y MT2

These knives are one of the latest inclusions in the Cudeman catalogue. The name MT refers to Manuel de la Torre, whom, along with César Sanchéz, managed the Cudeman factory, and designed this knife. The blade of this piece is made of 440 high-resistance steel. This knife is available in two versions, the MT1, with a 10 centimetre blade, and the MT2 with a 15 centimetre blade. As regards blade thickness, the MT1 has a 5 millimetre blade, while the MT2 has a 4 millimetre blade. It is a robust and powerful knife which can be used for various activities such as hunting or adventure. The handles of the knife are made from dark grey Micarta, something which gives the piece a certain elegance and simplicity.


Survival knives are an essential piece of adventurer equipment

Cudeman 299 Boina Verde knife:

This knife is one of the Cudeman knife company’s most recent innovations. It has been well received by enthusiasts, thanks to its quality and practical design. As regards its characteristics we can define this as a 19 centimetre long knife, made of BÖHLER N-695, which is 5 millimetres thick. This model includes a leather cover with a sharpening stone.


Green Beret knife by Cudeman

As discussed above, the Cudeman catalogue is extensive, and besides the knives already indicated, we can find many more with various characteristics to adapt to the differing requirements of the users. In addition, we can purchase pieces such as the following:

167 "montería" hatchet:

Hunting hatchet made from 440 steel, which is 35 centimetres long and 5mm thick. It comes in a leather cover. The hatchet is available with either a stamina wood or olive wood handle.


The hatchets are really useful for hunting enthusiasts

Skinner 139


This knife is useful for tasks such as skinning and dissecting animals when hunting. This knife is small but powerful. The 440 steel blade is 8 centimetres long and comes in a leather cover. As well as a wide range of knives, we can choose from different types of handle: olive wood, rubber or stamina wood.


Skinner knives for hunting-related activities


Paper knives:

Also available from Cudeman are letter openers as part of its product range. These are 11 centimetres long, with a 2.5 millimetre thick 440 steel blade, whereas the bolsters of the letter openers are made of A-304 steel. The handle is available in four different finishes: deer, horn, Onda-cryl and Phenolkraf wood.


Cudeman letter opener with classic designs

505 Ranger Razor:

This very well-known type of knife is characterised by a handle which is divided into two halves. The Cudeman knife company offers a wide variety of fan knives, as well as other types of knives such as stiletto knives, hunting knives, classical knives, camping knives, vendetta knives…

With regard to the 505 fan knife, this can be described as a knife with a blade ranging from 10.5 centimetres to 8.5 (according to the model) made from 420 steel. The handles are made from Zamak.


The fan blades are a very practical piece

Bullfighting Swords:

Cudeman also cater for the requirements of the bull-fighter, for whom they make swords and spears of different types: three groove and four groove swords and swords for delivering the “coup de grace”. They can also supply 440 steel 14 centimetre long daggers.


Bullfighting swords manufactured by Cudeman

As you can see the variety of items related to the world of the knife that offers Cudeman is really large, adapted to all tastes and needs. Without a doubt the Cudeman knives and blades have won over a great number of enthusiasts, many of whom include one of these prized pieces in their collection.


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