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The sword of magicias Merlín and its magic.


Famous magician of the artúrico cycle also call Myrddinl.

Its magic was so powerful that a medieval tradition attributes the construction to him of Stonehenge, the impressive megalítico monument that has survived the passage of time. Also the creator of the famous Round Table of king Arturo considers itself him, whose retort we can find nowadays in Winchester.


Famous Round Table of King Arturo.


The birth of Merlin was object of a strange history. 

It seems that at the British the news that arrived to them a great strength which they had constructed in the plain of Salisbury, probably near Stonehenge, would not be safe until the land where it was based was watered with the blood of a boy whose father was inmortal. It seemed impossible to make such sacrifice, until one knew that a beautiful girl fertilized by a devil was on the verge of giving light. The boy turned out to be Merlin that, even baptized like Christian, followed in possession of fabulous powers inherited of its father. One thinks that it was not necessary to sacrifice it to protect the strength, since the own Merlin solved the problem using itself its magic.


Merlin sword with different finished.

This preChristian and Christian myth mixture does not fit with later supported by Merlin king Arturo very well, of whose father Uther Pendragon it said that it had been able to invade Great Britain at that time. The magician helped to Uther using his powers so that he could lie down with Igraine, the wife of a nobleman of Cornualles, doing to him to adopt the appearance of the husband. As result of this stratagem were born Arturo that, when it ascended to the throne, had in Merlin to its advisor of more confidence and, often, messenger, since just as many deities celtas could adopt the form that it wanted.


Merlin magician next to King Arturo.

Several versions of the death of Merlin exist. According to the one them magician one forgot that a seat of the Round Table was destined exclusively to sir Galahad, since was the only horseman who could see Santo Grial. So, when it occupied it, it was swallowed by the Earth immediately like other pecadores that it had tried antes.Otra history attributes his death to the passion that felt by the women. It is possible that Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, or Nimue, daughter of a siciliana siren, jailed to him in an enchanted forest after the magician divulged the secrets to him of his knowledge. So and as it said Merlin to sir Gawain in an occasion: "Soy also most stupid. Master to another person more than to same me, I have taught loved my how to tie me to her and, now, nobody it can release to me".


 Merlin dagger  with different finished.

Wizard Merlin´s Sword


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