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Spyderco penknives and Spyderco knives.

To speak of Spyderco and its founder and proprietor Salt Gleser is to speak of mythical names in the world of the knives and penknives. 

The factory of Spyderco knives and Spyderco penknives this located in Golden, Colorado, the U.S.A. and is internationally considered as the first world-wide company in design and quality.


DODO NEGRO Spyderco penknife famous for its little dimensions.


The mark of Spyderco penknives and Spyderco knives is innovating par excellence, invented the system of opening of the knives with a single hand and the sawn leaf Spyderedge. The materials that it uses are of first quality and have been selected for the specific use that is going away to give to him each model.


PACIFIC SALT Spyderco pocket knife made in H1 steel with the Spyderedge blade.


The collectors of knives are fans of Spyderco not only, but also the members of Armed Forces, organizations of rescue and all the professionals and men and women of action that need an instrument of the higthest quality and totally trustworthy. 

The Spyderco knives and penknives have taken part in scenes from action of many films and novels.


Spyderco military penknife with the blade made in CPM-S30V steel.


Their designs are spectacular and futurist. Its classic blade with antiflood aspect of bird is easily identifiable. Before a Spyderco knife the indifference does not fit, the master or is detested it.

Between the Spyderco products we can find the following models:



The first Spyderco butterfly is called "SpyderFly". 

This pocket knife is equipped with a handle of blockade that allows to block the knife once closed for a safe transport. The handle unblocks when pressing handles. In the end of handles, two round holes facilitate a handling surely.

Blade characteristics: 

* VG-10 steel * Length: 105 mm. * Thickness: 3 mm. * Smooth edge. * Edge length: 94 mm.

Penknife characteristics: 

* Weigth: 167 gr. * Open length: 248 mm. * Close length: 152 mm.


Spyderfly Spyderco penknife.  The first butterfly pocket knife of Spyderco.



The penknife Spyderco Dragonfly hides a power of amazing cut in tiny dimensions. Extremely light, the design allows a total control on the layout of the cut.

Blade characteristics: 

* ATS-55 steel. * Length: 58 mm. * Thickness: 2.5 mm. * Diameter of the hole: 11 mm. * Smooth edge. * Edge length: 48 mm. * Hardness: Rc 59-60.

Penknife characteristics: 

* Weight 73 gr. * Open length: 138 mm. * Close length: 82 mm.


Spyderco Dragonfly penknife famous for its little and light design.



This penknife is a mountain range of 12.4 cm that can be opened with a single hand. Specially designed to cut wood, bone or fibrous material.

This penknife is made specially for the fans to kayak or rafting: hung of the life jacket, he is very useful to cut the low branches of the trees that hang on the river.

Blade characteristics: 

* AUS-6 steel * Length: 124 mm. * Thickness: 1.5 mm. * Diameter of the hole: 15 mm. * Edge of range. * Edge length: 119 mm.

Penknife characteristics:

* Weight 84.5 gr. * Open length: 265 mm. * Close length: 151 mm.


Spyderco Sierra penknife very useful the lovers of rafting.



Different elements indicate the Military penknife like a pocket knife of survival characterized by the following characteristics:

Ergonomics: Protection of the forefinger by the moustache support, grooves in the part of the back near the handle that increase the control exerted by the thumb, orifice of opening of generous dimensions to allow the drive with gloves.

Design: The blade leaves from a pattern of fallen end, modified. The locking mechanism Walter LinerLock is integrated in the handles, so that it maintains all the resistance with the mini weight and volume. The space between the handles prevents that the dirt is accumulated.

Quality of materials: Resistant G10 handle to the impacts, the chemical contact and the cold or heat. The blade is made in CPM-S30V steel, stays sharpened during long periods.

Blade characteristics: 

* CPM-S30V steel. * Length: 102 mm. * Thickness: 4 mm. * Diameter of the hole:  14 mm. * Smooth edge. * Edge length: 94 mm.

Penknife characteristics: 

* Weight: 120 gr. * Open length: 242 mm. * Close length: 139 mm.


Spyerco military penknife.  Special for use in survival situations.



This pocket knife initially was designed for the martial arts and like tactical penknife, the Chinook penknife can be used outdoors also like field pocket knife, fulfilling without effort with all the requirements of the life.

The Bowie blade is done with steel CPM-S30V. The handles of G-10 lock up a wider handle of the habitual thing since it contains one of the locking mechanisms stronger than they are possible to be found in a Spyderco pocket knife. The prominent moustache support and the grooved zone of the back provide protection and control at the moment of the cut.

Blade characteristics: 

* CPM S30V Steel * Length: 95 mm. * Thickness: 4 mm. * Diameter of the hole:  14 mm. * Smooth edge. * Edge length: 85 mm.

Penknife characteristics: 

* Weight 169 gr. * Open length: 218 mm. * Close length: 123 mm.


Spyderco penknife design for practice oriental swords.



The handle of this pocket knife of kitchen is of Sermollan, a polymer that has the property to repel the bacteria and the blade is semi-flexible.

Knife characteristics: 

* Blade of MBS-26 steel * Blade length:  162 mm. * Total weigth: 57 gr * Edge SpyderEdge. * Total length of the knife:  275 mm.


Spyderco kitchen knife with semi flexible blade.



The wide and flat form of stones to sharpen of Spyderco of series 302 makes ideals for the sharpened one of ample tools.

Like all stones to sharpen of Spyderco, droughts are due to use, without adding to oil nor water.

Each stone is sold separately. One appears in a rigid case equipped with rubber feet to use upon the work bank.


Stones to sharpen knives and pocket knives.



The Spyderco Merlin pocket knife seems the tip of an eagle. For that reason it allows so precise cuts. The origins of this penknife are in the industry of the fishing, where fast and effective cuts to a very short distance are needed.

Blade characteristics: 

* ATS-55 steel. * Length: 70 mm. * Thickness: 2.5 mm. * Thickness of hole: 12 mm. * Smooth edge (Spyderedge) * Edge length: 82 mm. * Hardness: Rc 59-60

Penknife characteristics: 

* Weigth 71 gr * Open length: 164 mm. * Close length: 99 mm.


Spyderco Merlin penknife with blade as well as a tip of an eagle.



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