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During the century XIX Switzerland still he was one of the poorest countries of Europe. Because of unemployment, many Swiss were themselves forced to emigrate. As opposed to this situation Carl Elsener, a Swiss manufacturer of pocketknives and knives, he wanted to create jobs, but not creating an industrial company, but that founded the Swiss Association of Cutlers.

Its objective was based on the joint creation, in Switzerland, of the knife for soldiers, destined basically to I exercise Swiss. The first delivery was made in the 1891, for I exercise Swiss.


Swiss Pocket Knives, of VICTORINOX of economic rank. Its handle is of red nylon and its length of 91 mm. In addition to its 12 typical additional characteristics account with multipurpose scissors and a hook.

In the foundation of the Swiss Association of Cutlers collaborated a total of twenty-five manufacturers of Swiss knives, that resigned after a year because of a German company able to construct them more sales than they. Only the promoter of the idea, Carl Elsener, continued, thus losing all his savings but helped by some relatives who avoided the bankruptcy to him.

But, after years, his "Swiss knife type official" it had harvested as much success that Carl Elsener wanted, voluntarily, to compensate with all the interests his previous creditors. By those dates the passage of the crafts to the industrial company was quite dangerous and required a great will of certainty that Carl Elsener obtained creating the company of knives and knives VICTORINOX.


Swiss Pocket Knives, of VICTORINOX of economic rank. Its handle is of red nylon and its length of 91 mm. In addition to its 12 typical additional characteristics account with a mountain range for wood.

The knife for soldiers was very robust and heavy, for that reason VICTORINOX developed light and an elegant one much more that offered, also, more possibilities of use. The result was a new model of pocket knife multipurpose just by two means for the utensils, denominated "Swiss knife type official", registering it legally the 12 of June of 1897.

I exercise Swiss that had accepted the knife multipurpose for soldiers did not accept east model. "Swiss knife type official" it did not enter to comprise of the prescribed equipment of the Swiss soldiers but that did not prevent its success, since the officials acquired them of particular way in stores, soon knife multipurpose VICTORINOX, so heterogeneous, found great acceptance.

With it, it was increasing the fame of multipurpose knives VICTORINOX and little by little arriving more requests from the foreigner. After World War II, stores PX of I exercise, American navy and aviation sold great amounts of "Swiss Army Knife" to its officials and soldiers.

To "Swiss knife type official" new useful tools throughout the years were being gotten up him, that caused that the functionality of practice VICTORINOX Multi-Tools did not let improve.


SwissChamp, of VICTORINOX. The practical knife multipurpose but, completes and elegant of the world.

"Swiss knife type official", nowadays, it can be acquired in more than 100 different models and combinations. The superior model of the series is multipurpose call VICTORINOX "SwissChamp" with 33 functions, 64 pieces and 185 grams of weight, with a size so reduced that it fits perfectly in the hand. For their manufacture 450 stages are needed work.

Multipurpose knife VICTORINOX "SwissChamp" it has been including in the collections of "Goods Designs" of the Museum of Modern Art of New York and the State Museum of Arts Applied of Munich, by own initiative of these museums.


SwissChamp, of VICTORINOX. The knife multipurpose with the survival kit more useful to travel, to practice sports and camping.

Examples of the importance of these multipurpose knives VICTORINOX are the diverse demonstrations of confidence towards their creations. "Swiss Army Knife" of VICTORINOX she is one of the prescribed elements in the team of the crew of the space shuttle. The American presidents give knives of pocket VICTORINOX to their guests to the White House. "Swiss Army Knife" it has been proven successfully in expeditions by the Arctic ice, Monte Everest, the amazons forest, etc. Giving great results in situations of extreme necessity being, even, "life-guard".

Abroad copies are made constantly of low quality of "Swiss knife type official" of VICTORINOX. Often in those multipurpose knives of imitation, the flag of Switzerland is gotten up, which has been able to prohibit by means of judicial interventions


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