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  • SH2212 Quandao Hanwei
REF: HN-SH2212

SH2212 Quandao Hanwei

"The Quandao (as Guandao, Guan Dao or known Kwan Tao) is named after its creator, the great General Guan Yu, named and was originally a powerful weapon of war, which caused the balance to exceed 45 Kg.

the time, however, these Polearm became a weapon of martial arts with a significantly lower weight (the one presented here by Hanwei Hsu Quandao weighs approximately 2.

5 kg).

The carbon steel blade is tapered distal for better balance and decorated with engraved dragon motifs.

A traditional tassel is attached to the hook of the blade.

The wooden shaft ends with a tip of the stem of every four adjustment.

The guard is recycled old.

Paul Chen Quandao is easy, perfectly balanced, making it ideal for all martial artists who want to work with such an impressive weapon.

An adequate display stand for this Quandao is also sold separately (item No.


The stand is made of solid oak and presented the weapon in a beautiful way in the vertical position.

From the Hanwei house.

Special features: - Carbon steel blade - wooden shaft - for the martial artists designed details: - Blade material: carbon steel - Total length: approximately 201,9 cm - Length of the blade: about 65.

5 cm - Length: approximately 138,4 cm - Weight: approx 2495 g "
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SH2212 Quandao Hanwei

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