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  • Tk Fulcrum C Extrema Ratio
REF: 04.100.0150-TK

Extrema Ratio Tk Fulcrum C

Our restyled series of training knives are manufactured in a wide range of models of diverse size and shape. They enable martial arts practitioners and professionals to train different combat techniques with an appropriate and dedicated tool. All training knives are produced in a metallic blue colour which makes them easily identified even when sheathed. The blades are produced from anodized aluminum and have the very same shape and size of the Extrema Ratio standard production models. The handles are the same used in our production models. The sheaths, sold separately, are the same used for the real knives. The stiff blade allows for training complex defensive and disarming techniques. We recommend the use of appropriate protective gear when training.
Weight g.:127
Weight oz.:4,5
Blade Length (mm):107
Blade Length (in):4,2
Total Length (mm):211
Total Length (in):8,3
Blade Thickness (mm):6
Blade Thickness (in):0,24
Handle Material:FORPRENE
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Extrema Ratio Tk Fulcrum C

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