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  • Spray Teflon Ballistol - 200 ml en caja de 12 uds.
REF: L415.C12

Teflon Ballistol Spray - 200 ml in box of 12 units

- PTFE Teflon spray dry lubrication
- PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a lubricating and anti-blocking agent, which can be used even in places where dry lubrication is required for better cleaning.
- For permanent lubrication a clean and natural alternative.
- Provides clean, dry lubrication without dirt sticking and leaving hands oily.
- Stops squeaks and rattles.
- Ensures effective reduction of sliding friction and rolling friction.
- Adheres to all materials such as metals, plastics, rubber, wood, etc.
- Sticks even to small bumps.
- Repels water and protects against corrosion.
- Reduces friction and wear.
- Ideal for the friction of different materials with each other, for example, Rubber on wood or glass.
- It is ideal for wheels, running bearings, slides, guide rails, telescopic guides and much more.
- It is resistant to temperatures from -50 to + 280 ° C
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Teflon Ballistol Spray - 200 ml in box of 12 units

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