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  • Cuchillo Fällkniven Tf1Z Taiga Forester Desert Iro

Fällkniven Knife Tf1Z Taiga Forester Desert Ironwood

The Fällkniven TF1 Taiga Forester is a very cool outdoor knife. When camping, hiking, hunting, or bushcrafting - this is an amazing knife. As can be expected from a Fällkniven fixed knife, the blade is enhanced with a convex cutting edge. As such, it"s awesome to use. Less resistance to cutting, more fun!

The blade is made of the renowned CoS steel. This means that the CoS core is sandwiched between two softer stainless steel layers. Therefore, the sheet can resist much more. You can easily sharpen the CoS core, which will retain its sharpness for a long time.

Fällkniven"s convex sharpening
Like all Fällkniven fixed knives, this knife was improved with a convex sharpening. This has important advantages. For example, a convex cutting edge can be very sharp, is relatively strong, and offers less cutting resistance. The "shoulders" that are usually attached to a normal V-edge at the transition from the edge to the side of the blade are not present. So using a convex cutting edge is absolutely amazing.

The handle is made from Desert Ironwood. An extremely heavy and hard type of wood. The impressive fibers of the wood are often highly visible and can range from straight to curly like roots. The most remarkable thing about this Desert Ironwood is that it often contains a nice deep sheen. As if there was depth in the wood. Impressive. This version is also numbered on the spine of the blade.

This Fällkniven Taiga comes with a Zytel sheath. Fällkniven has improved it with an additional retention lever. With it you can secure the knife to the sheath. It won"t shake or lose it.

- Blade length: 12 Centimeter
- Weight: 230 Gram
- Handle material: wood, desert ironwood
- Type steel: CoS
- Sharpening method: convex
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Fällkniven Knife Tf1Z Taiga Forester Desert Ironwood

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