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  • Alfanje Árabe Oro
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Gold Arabian Cutlass

Cutlass from the Hispanic Arabic al-janyar, "the dagger", designates a sword with a wide and curved blade, with an edge on only one side (or counter-edge in its last third) used in the Iberian Peninsula, part of the Mediterranean and Italy during the Age Middle and up to the Renaissance. In old vulgar Castilian it was also known as "tertiated".

Several forms were given in past times to these cutlasses, of which there was abundant Toledo production during the Arab invasion. A sample of these Moorish cutlasses is in the Army Museum in Madrid.

Its main characteristics, the guard that rises towards the fist on one side falling towards the blade on the other, and the widening and curvature of your sheet. It remains in this stylized Moorish cutlass of our production, recalling that Toledo, also during its Arab period, was a very important center of swordsmanship.

"I did not mean to say cutlass, because if cutlass named without saying Damascene, cutlasses will get angry"

In Don Quixote it is stated:
"-«You are the one who needs it», replied the manchego, and opened the battle with such an excessive cut, that if the weapon were a cutlass , there will be the Portuguese for the bone"

- Gold Finish
- Length: 84 cm
- Width: 15 cm
- Weight: 2.8 kg

A high quality sword from the exclusive Collection "Historical, Fantastic and Legend Swords" manufactured by MARTO.

Certificate of Quality and Origin, Made in Toledo.
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Gold Arabian Cutlass

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