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  • Espada Colada De Cid Latón
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Brass Colada De Cid Sword

The COLADA is one of the two swords, along with the Tizona, that legendary tradition attributes to the Cid, until he gave them to his sons-in-law, the Infantes de Carrión. The sword had been won in combat by the Burgos warrior from the Count of Barcelona and, despite the fact that it was given, along with the Tizona, to his sons-in-law the Infantes, it was returned by them after the affront committed against his daughters, Doña Elvira and Doña Sol in the town of Corpes and which gave rise to the name of the affront recounted in the song of Mío Cid.

After the incident, El Cid had been disgraced and asked the king for justice. The trial ends with the "riepto" or duel in which the representatives of the cause of the Cid defeat the infants. They are disgraced in a public fair and their weddings are annulled, also returning the swords. Being Colada once again given by the Cid to his knight Martín Antolínez.

“Martín Antolínez, my vassallo de pro,

take Colada, win her as a good lord”

The name according to Sebastián de Covarrubias, may owe its etymology to -Cast Steel-, or what is the same, clean and absent of impurities. Like the Tizona, in the Song of Mío Cid, the sword frightens unworthy opponents if it is wielded by a brave warrior.

Historians also doubt that the one guarded in the Royal Palace of Madrid and displayed as the real Colada sword is indeed the authentic one.

Replica of the Colada del Cid Sword.

Length: 100 cm / 39 inches
Colada del Cid Sword - Brass
A high quality sword from the exclusive “Historical Swords” Collection manufactured by MARTO.

Certificate of Quality and Origin, Made in Toledo.
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Brass Colada De Cid Sword

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